Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO Ep. 1: Caught in a time warp

Actually, this show doesn’t appear to be about time-travel at all. Instead, our protagonist is bestowed with the ability to jump one from one parallel world to the next. Nevertheless, the experience of watching this show feels like being stuck in a time warp. I am thus not surprised at all to learn that this is an adaptation of a adult visual novel that originally came out in 1996. What clues me in on this? Well…

— First, our protagonist Takuya is rather brazen. Naturally, he is a harem lead in his own harem anime. He also doesn’t hesitate to hit on his haremettes. He’s also the type of guy who is unashamed to order JAVs through the mail. Well, maybe they’re just gravure videos. Even so, when a cute transfer student arrives, he exposes himself to her and their class as a joke. Lulz, so funny. Needless to say, this ain’t your pure pure boi who doesn’t have a single sexual urge in his entire body. Better not sass him ’cause he’ll just joke about you being on your period. Haha, women and their mood swings! Am I right, fellas?!

— Y’know, I just feel like in the last ten years, we’ve moved more and more towards dense nice guy protagonists who would never do anything to offend anyone. They just accidentally offend people. To be fair, these protagonists have always existed, but not quite so predominantly as they do nowadays. As a result, Takuya feels like a bit of a dinosaur. It’s only been twenty-odd years, but the times have changed. Cultural attitudes have shifted somewhat.

— So what’s the gist this show? Eh, Takuya’s mother died when he was young. He keeps dreaming about her, but hey, nothing wrong with that. Oedipus turned out well, didn’t he?

— We also learn right off the bat that Takuya’s father Kodai, an archaeologist of some sort, recently died in a cave-in. Our protagonist doesn’t appear to be too torn up about this, but who knows? Maybe he’s hiding his true feelings.

— Ryuzoji, this evil-looking dude, wants to take over Kodai’s research. Like every harem anime ever, if you’re a male character and you’re not the protagonist or the protagonist’s dopey best friend, you’re probably up to no good. So sure enough, we’ll eventually see Ryuzoji threaten Takuya with a gun.

— Look, you guys know how it goes. You follow your late father’s instructions, you meet a mysterious naked girl, you get threatened by the evil dude, then you wake up in a parallel world! Happens all the time!

— But let’s back up a bit. What does Ryuzoji want? Well, mysterious events have been happening lately. Mysterious events like random lightning strikes in and around a construction site on the beach. Takuya soon receives two packages in the mail from his maybe-not-so-late father. One of them contains a research paper on parallel worlds. The other one grants him a device that allows the wielder to travel to said parallel worlds. Ryuzoji is willing to commit murder for said device, but it remains to be seen why he so desperately wants it.

— A harem anime with a plot is still a harem anime, so you get all the usual bullshit like every woman being extremely hot and fuckable. You’re only disqualified if you’re literally a baby or an obasan (and even then…). The only small difference here is that a lot of the women in Takuya’s life are exactly that: women. Like his hot teacher who doesn’t dress inappropriately at all…

— Or his hot stepmother Ayumi. She exudes a bit more class and charm than his teacher. Plus, you can’t really nail your stepmother since you might stumble upon a parallel world in which your father has not died. Boy, that would be awkward. Unless she’s into that kind of thing… quick, what’s the opposite of an oyakodon?

— But let’s move on. How ’bout a hot teacher turned secretary? On the one hand, she works for the evil Ryuzoji. On the other hand…

— Throw in a hot reporter as well!

— So are there any girls in this story around Takuya’s age? Of course. We got the tsundere Mio, who can’t suss out her true feelings for the harem lead. She runs a club that likes to investigate paranormal stuff or something. Takuya’s best friend Yuki is in love with her. Sorry bud, but harem rules are in effect.

— We also got Kanna, the mysterious transfer student who looks to know a lot about the plot. I expect her to take a steaming dump on us at some point in the near future. She is even present when Takuya gets sent to another world. Hell, maybe she saved him somehow. We’ll see.

— Last but not least — and also previously mentioned — the mysterious naked girl. She’s the most important girl, because her name is in the title of the anime. Not only that, she’s got elf ears. She also dissipates into golden foam after planting a kiss on the guy. What is she? A mermaid?

— So yeah, that about sums up this first episode. Not much to say about it other than that Takuya still seems like a huge dork even if he has enough guts to hit on his haremettes. Amusingly enough, this is a source of pride for the director:

Hirakawa vowed that the anime “will outdo the game in dirty jokes,” that Mio “will be even more tsundere,” and that Kanna “will be even more mysterious.” (source)

Alright then.

— More importantly, this is going to be a 26-episode series. Holy moly, that many episodes for this shit? Ugh, we’re going to get an arc for every haremette and everything.

— Am I going to keep blogging this? Shrug. We’ll give it the ol’ 3-episode college try.

Your moment of zen.

1 thought on “Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO Ep. 1: Caught in a time warp

  1. whentheloliscry

    I played the VN because it had one of the highest ratings in either the western or Japanese VN surveys. Every fan with nostalgia goggles would rant for pages about how this NTR porn was actually Shakespheare tier. (Spoiler: its just not. ) And the mechanics were atrocious, you had to click on every single thing in the screen multiple times to progress, and not only were your saves limited, but you had to drop as ball to use one.

    Maning you spent half the game “save scrubbing” and trying to pick up balls you left in rooms across time to reuse them as bookmarks. It got so tedious I cheated so I had all my balls and could cut to the part the fan boys called epic.

    All told, the first two thirds of the story were a meh mystery with random gratituous sex thrown in. Only near the end is there a sudden genre-shift, and the second part of the story felt like a totally different game. Sadly that was also when the story forgot what it had been doing and became a completely linear branch with completely different characters. The two halves were so different and you didn’t need to write the first half, they’re basically separate games with separate stories. (I think they should have been!) The only thing they had in common is some mysterious foreshadowing, and Sega Genesis tier chip tunes.


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