Fairy Gone Ep. 1: At least it’s not Killing Bites

When I read the show’s synopsis, I thought people would turn into weird animals to do battle:

“The story takes place in a world where fairies possess and dwell in animals, giving them mysterious abilities. By removing the organs of a possessed animal and transplanting them into humans, fairies can be summoned as an alter ego and be used as a weapon.”

But what we have here instead is kinda like Personas (or Stands). Characters would just touch their chest and summon forth a CGI “fairy.” They don’t look anything like fairies, but just go with it. Apparently, our alter egos always look mean and badass. I also thought everyone would have to undergo a painful medical procedure to gain fairy powers. But as it turns out, our protagonist lucks into one when a fairy simply flies (flows?) into her body. Anyways, said alter egos can then do battle… and then the people summoning them can also do battle simultaneously. In this episode, you keep seeing the fairies get summoned over and over within the same battle, so I guess they can’t stay out for very long. But seeing how this is the first episode, very little about this whole fairy stuff has been explained. Not that I mind it. I think opening with an action-filled episode is fine for now. Once people get excited, you can inundate them with the details.

The story begins with the village of Suna being burned to the ground by one of their own during a massive war. Veronica and Mariya managed to escape, but the former decided instantly that she would live a life in pursuit of vengeance. As a result, she ditched her friend Mariya. Years later, Mariya is still searching for Veronica. She has even joined the mafia in order to do so. This takes her to an auction of presumably illegal fairy-related goods, and sure enough, Veronica shows up to steal one of the highly sought after items (it ends up being a fake). A former fairy soldier by the name of Free tries to apprehend Veronica, and at some point during the chaotic battle, Mariya gains a fairy of her own. Apparently, all it takes is for a fairy to go inside you. She tries to reunite with her childhood friend, but at best, she can only break up the fight between Veronica and Free. Her friend eventually slips away. At the end of the episode, Free reveals that he actually works for Dorothea, an organization that investigates fairy-related crime. Being able to use a fairy is illegal, but you can avoid getting into trouble by working for the government (of course). In any case, Free offers to let Mariya join Dorothea, which the latter quickly accepts. After all, she hasn’t given up on Veronica. Throw in a cute mascot character ’cause why the hell not?

Being an action-filled first episode, there isn’t really much else for me to go on. We barely know these characters beyond the fact that Veronica is cold and determined. Unfortunately, her determination is fueled by hate for the man who destroyed her life. Similarly, there isn’t much to say about Mariya either. She might be a bit of a tomboy? I suppose I’m curious as to why she hasn’t moved on from Veronica after all these years. I guess we’ll find out just how close they used to be (and will become). My biggest qualm right now is that in general PA Works anime tend to be too sterile for my liking. Like they’re competently made, but they’re just not memorable. For instance, this show might end up being another Sirius the Jaeger, i.e. good action, good production values, but not enough heart. Not enough depth to truly stand out. It’s been half a year since I watched Sirius the Jaeger, and I barely remember anything about its characters. Vampires and werewolves fighting each other, basically. I hope Fairy Gone doesn’t go down that same road, but PA Works’ track record says otherwise. Plus, the animation here can look a bit awkward. Oh well, at least this show isn’t imprisoned on Netflix like Sirius the Jaeger was.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Ep. 1: At least it’s not Killing Bites

  1. Xistence

    Yeah I didn’t like it much either. We really only have vague archetypes to attach to the characters, is Marlya a tomboy like you say? Who knows.
    I thought it was pretty funny that Ver and Free had 2 separate fights when Ver could have just ran from the start. Just padding for Marlya to get superpowers. And idk about you but I dont watch anime for CGI fights lmao.

    1. Sean Post author

      I thought the CGI was whatever, and the designs made them look particularly muddy. Hard to notice any details. I feel like I should expect more from PA Works.


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