Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 16: Chicken on chicken crime

Sure, sure, the fat chicken is fighting a dragon. Whatever you say, anime.

— There’s not much to say in the early portion of the episode. The dragon/dinosaur/past-chicken is on a rampage, and the group decides to split up. Bowl cut dude will take the injured demi-humans with him. Meanwhile, Naofumi and his loli gang will lure the monster out of the city where they can safely fight it.

— Elsewhere, we see a girl pet another chicken and talk about how they’ve just found the next candidate to be their queen. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that she’s talking about Filo.

— It turns out the monster is after Filo, because she ate that dragon core from episodes ago. Remember that? Barely. Just barely.

— I love how the roof just breaks into neat little cubes. See? This is like a video game!

— Anyways, they drag the monster to a nearby lake and start fighting it. Unfortunately, they can’t dent the damn thing.

— Oh look, Melty can suddenly cast spells again. Funny how she was so useless against Fat Evil, but when faced with a monster that is a billion times more dangerous than Fat Evil, our damsel is no longer in so much distress. Hmmmm.

— Eventually, Naofumi decides that he’ll have to pull out his trump card: Edgy McRage Shield. But just as he’s about to do so, a voice tells him to stop. ‘Cause, y’know, being edgy is bad for you. Even this shitty anime about enslaving lolis knows that.

— Out of nowhere, a fog rolls in along with an army of chickens. Then an even bigger chicken shows up. This one is gargantuan. It’s Godzilla size.

— At first, the fat chicken, the queen of all chickens, tells the monster to back down. I can only assume that the monster can somehow understand her. Personally, I’m still scratching my head over the idea of a fat chicken the size of a skyscraper sounding like a cute, little girl.

— It then proceeds to make short work of its ancient brethren, and on paper, this is fine. But in practice, we literally see the fat chicken pull that shounen anime move where a combatant suddenly appears behind someone. It’s already something that looks stupid by itself, but the silliness is just amplified with a fat chicken.

— In the aftermath, the fat chicken turns back into her human form. She still looks like a loli, but I guess she’s a little older looking than Filo. Not only that, she’s been alive for centuries, so she’s a loli with an old soul. A lolibaba, if you will.

— It also turns out that Melty had run into this chicken episodes ago. I dunno why this matters, but there you go.

— So queen chicken takes the group to a chicken sanctuary where they get to eat and sleep safely. Naofumi, however, doesn’t sleep. He goes off to have an important conversation with the queen chicken alone.

— She drops a few knowledge bombs on the dude. First, she and Filo are only special because they’re being raised by a hero. So… if the other three heroes raised chickens, they’d have their own talking loli bird too? Spear Jerk is missing out, then.

— As for the second knowledge bomb, there are waves all around the world. Queen chicken wonders why the heroes aren’t actually showing up to fight the other waves. Well, this is all news to Naofumi. We already know that the humans are a bunch of jerks, so it’s no surprise to learn that Melromarc is hogging all four heroes when it should be sharing them. This all assumes that queen chicken is telling the truth, but why would such a cute loli lie to Naofumi? Only grown up bitches like Malty would lie!

— Queen chicken then tells Naofumi that he’s gotta start working with the other heroes, because saving the world is so important blah blah blah. Unfortunately, the guy still has a chip on his shoulder so he refuses. This is when she tells him that if they continue to butt heads, she’ll be forced to kill them all. Well, considering how she defeated that monster singlehandedly when Naofumi and lolis couldn’t dent it, this wouldn’t be a very fair fight.

— But honestly, I doubt her threat is very credible. Lolis aren’t allowed to be mean in this story. Only grown up bitches like Malty!

— Elsewhere, we see Sword Jerk and Bow Jerk poke their heads around an archives belong to the Bad Religion. It sounds like they might have stumbled upon evidence that Bad Religion is bad! Remember, kids: nature-based religion equals good. Bad Religion with Evil Catholic Pope Man equals bad! So sayeth every JRPG ever.

— Speaking of grown up bitches like Malty, she’s not happy to see Sword Jerk and Bow Jerk poking their noses around her business.

— We can already see, however, the groundwork being laid for the heroes to get over themselves and start working together. Maybe. Knowing how this show is like one big revenge fantasy for people who identify with Naofumi, the other three heroes probably have to hit rock bottom first. Like maybe their parties lose faith in them or something, so they’ll come crawling for the Shield Hero’s help. But I’m just speculating. I just feel like the story desperately wants to humiliate Malty. The other three heroes won’t share a fate that bad, but I doubt they’ll be spared completely.

— On an unrelated note, I’ll save Kenja no Mago for tomorrow.

1 thought on “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 16: Chicken on chicken crime

  1. Vulcanos4267 (@vulcanos4267)

    Ah, you poor bastard. Always stuck having to review dumb revenge fantasies or otaku masturbation aids.

    The problem with a character like Malty is (based off of all of the incarnations of said character) that while the character is, on paper, supposed to be a deconstruction of all that is evil and wicked and horrible and she is the bitch to end all bitches (given how, spoiler alert, in the original web novel, she’s merely a component of an even more malevolent diety that the hero overcomes a one-hit KO to come back and one-hit KO), the problem is at what point does it stop being storytelling and does it become more of just seeing these things you personally dealt with in your life manifested into one character and wanting to see that one thing suffer for your own amusement? This isn’t to absolve the character of any wrongdoing, since she does earn the nickname “Bitch”, but given what the main protagonist originally was, and the fact that Japan has a much more casual approach to rape allegations and slavery in fiction… Well…


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