Writing things off

I’m not a serious blogger anymore, so in this post, I’m going to write off a trio of shows I barely watched.

First up, we have this cutesy anime about two girls hoping to discover an asteroid. Why? ‘Cause they met way back when they were suuuuuper duuuuuper young, and as we all know, any sort of agreement made at that age is automatically ironclad and binding. Anywho, the girl who thought that she was the only girl made a promise to the boy she thought was a girl that she would discover an asteroid if only to name it after him, her, whomever. And what would be the hypothetical asteroid’s name? Ao. Ao makes me think of Io, which is at least a moon but this is neither here nor there.

Fast forward some indeterminate amount of years and the girl who thought she was the only girl back then is now in high school. She discovers that the astronomy club has merged with the geology club to form, um, the earth science club which doesn’t really make me think of astronomy at all, but again, my mind is wandering. Perhaps the greatest lesson to learn in the earth science club is that our planet is truly a very small rock floating in the endless expanse of space, because who should the girl find in that very same club?

Why, it’s that boy she met way back when! But the boy has boobs! And longer girly hair! Ahhhh, Ao was a girl all along. Quelle shock. The OP starts playing aaaand that’s where I called it quits. Not my jam. Not into it. Don’t really care. Wouldn’t spread it on my bread. Sure, it seems like a harmless show. Maybe it has yuri undertones, maybe not, but I wouldn’t give a damn either way. I just get the feeling that I’d be super bored with the anime before long.

It’s funny ’cause recently I have ended up not hating slice-of-life nonsense as much as I should. After all, I got into the Atelier JRPG series earlier last year, and those games are full of nothing but cute, genki alchemists constantly discovering and affirming the power of friendship. But to be fair, we’re also talking about a bunch of games with an addictive gameplay loop. Well, addictive to me. It’s like how you might get that “c’mon, just one more turn” syndrome from playing too much Civilization. With the Atelier games, I get the “c’mon, just one more craft” affliction, which then turns into “okay, just one more gathering session” because I just gotta have the perfect traits for my bombs or else that puni is gonna murder me on hard mode. Y’know how it is. As for the slice-of-life interruptions along the way, they simply serve as a way to delineate my progress from amateur to master alchemist… but I’ve rambled on enough about this.

Then I watched a bit of this show where the premise is about three girls teaming up to create an anime.

The main character has oodles of talent. I could spend a thousand hours and never draw something that looks as neat as anything found in her sketchbook. Speaking of girls who seem like boys, I thought Midori was a boy at first, but that’s my fault for adhering to gender stereotypes!

Moving on, she has a really tall friend who is probably really tall because she drinks four cartons of milk.

And if the premise didn’t already tip you off, Midori’s super mega passionate about anime (aren’t we all?). Her tall friend? Not so much at the moment. Maybe later, but sadly, I’m not gonna get that far.

They eventually bump into a rich girl who also loves anime, but her parents want her to be a normie actress instead.

And maybe she’s the school idol. I dunno, she’s clearly very famous. I called it quits around the halfway mark of the episode — somewhere shortly after Midori and her tall friend help the rich girl get away from one of her handlers. I’m not here to be fair. I’m here to see if I’m interested. And to be charitable, Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! does feel like it’s probably decently made. Unfortunately, it also feels like it isn’t my thing. I don’t recall ever getting into any “let’s make a thing” anime, where the thing can be anything from anime to VN game. That’s not a story that draws me in. Some people like country music, some people don’t. This type of story doesn’t draw me in. Something about the process of making anime just doesn’t enchant me. To be fair, I like films, but I wouldn’t really be interested in watching a movie about making a movie. Or playing a game about making a game. I’m not a builder nor do I want to watch people build.

Finally, there’s Magica Record which I watched for like a second until one of the disembodied voices mentioned something about magical girls making a bargain with a white fairy. Do you mean that white fairy? There’s only one white fairy that comes to my mind when we’re talking about magical girls. So I got suspicious; I looked up the anime and quickly learned it has some relation to Madoka. I’m a shithead so I immediately turned the anime off. I’m just predisposed to dismissing Madoka right off the bat. Am I an asshole? You betcha. And like that, we’re done.

My clumsy ass would’ve spilled water all over myself if I tried to drink while lying down.

Anyways, ciao.

3 thoughts on “Writing things off

  1. dsprizer

    I haven’t watched this new spin-off show yet, but did you really not like the original Madoka Magica? In my experience, it’s one of just a handful of anime that a non-anime watcher can not just enjoy, but actually be impressed by.

    1. NotOnThe InternetAgain

      The first Madoka was just okay, but it did manage to dupe everyone into thinking it was great because too many people think darkness (or sadness or irony) equals high quality.

      Also, I may be speaking just for people in the United States, but there’s no way in hell a non-anime watcher would be into any magical girl series.


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