Plunderer Ep. 4: Still goofing off

It’s amazing how long it takes for anything to happen in this anime.

— Hina and Nana are going to go warn Licht about the soldiers headed his way, right? Not so fast, my friends! That jerk from last week’s episode destroyed Nana’s mobile tavern, so our girls have to rebuild it. Then they have to sell more beer. As a result, we’re back to square one.

— Didn’t we see Hina serve customers last week? Who cares! Just watch it again! We’ll watch it all again!

— We’ll also watch Lynn pass out these flyers again!

— Then we’ll make more jokes about her short skirt. Yeah, we joked about it last week, but surely we can do it again this week!

— If Lynn captures Licht, then she will get promoted. If she gets promoted, then she won’t have to wear a short skirt. You know what that means: time to chase Licht again! Let’s just watch this chase sequence…


…and over…

…and over!

— Phew, all that chasing has tired me out! I know, let’s take a break to joke more about Lynn’s panties. After all, everyone has seen them.

— As an aside, I should’ve known what I was getting into, because the creator of Plunderer is also known for Sora no Otoshimono.

— But hey, did you know that Lynn is a really good person? Did you know that she helps the villagers out with all their problems? You did?! You know this because you saw last week’s episode?!

You know what? I don’t believe you. So let’s watch her be nice to people… again!

— Then after we do that, we can chase Licht some more!

— It’s totally different this time, because he took his mask off!

This makes it new and exciting!

— Finally — finally — with only a few minutes left in the episode, the jerk from last week’s episode is here to subjugate Licht…

…but not before some awkward exposition from Lynn.

— Licht reveals to everyone that his count is really 5700. On the other hand, Jail’s count is only 900, so maybe he should just give up. Counts matter!

— But then Jail reveals that he is also hiding is true Count! OH MY GOD, IT’S OVER-… ahem, it’s 12500. Man, this is just power levels with extra steps. Next thing you know, Licht will charge up and reveal an even higher Count or something.

— Jail goes on and on about how his purpose in life is to subjugate evil, and that’s why he refuses to be promoted to a desk job. But here’s the thing: no one has yet to explain why possessing a Ballot is so goddamn evil.

— But whatever, the episode’s over and so is this post. Short and sweet.

2 thoughts on “Plunderer Ep. 4: Still goofing off

    1. Sean Post author

      I know what a Ballot can do. I want to know why Jail thinks he’s hunting down evil by going after Ballot Holders.


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