Pet and pets, week 6

Man, it sucks to watch the bad guys win over and over. Hayashi isn’t a saint by any means, but at least he tried to get out after the whole “babies” business. Everyone else just sucks, so it dampens my mood even further when Hiroki manages to save Tsukasa. Of course, I expected it. One of the main characters is not going to become and stay a vegetable six episodes into the series. Nevertheless, I can’t help but shake my head at the idea that Hiroki saving Tsukasa is a good, wonderful thing for their creepy, co-dependent relationship. Am I supposed to be elated that Hiroki pulls it off? How can I? As a character, Hiroki has the depth of a puddle. After six episodes, he’s still just a whiny, emotionally-stunted child. Tsukasa is hardly any better after what we learned last week; he was willing to crush both himself and Hayashi just to get back at his former mentor for “abandoning” him. And even if some small part of him does genuinely care for Hiroki, he has admitted to emotionally manipulating his friend. But again, this week’s resolution is treated like a good thing: “Yay, these two shitty characters are reunited!”

These people are either evil (e.g. Tsukasa and Katsuragi) or childishly ignorant of the situation they’re in (e.g. Hiroki and Satoru). Sometimes, shows aren’t about the good guys. Sometimes, they’re about the bad guys. That’s fine, but that doesn’t mean the bad guys should always be rewarded for their bad deeds. I just want these characters to get their comeuppance, but I don’t know if that’ll ever happen. Well, maybe we can get a Banana Fish ending where one of them dies and the other moves on. But hey, at least that series had characters worth rooting for.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 6

— A panda joins the cast, and apparently, she’s a super spoiled idol who likes to go around wreaking havoc. I guess this is meant to represent how pandas are perceived as lazy in real life. Needless to say, it’s up to Jin to tame the shrew panda.

— The new girl has a red panda for a manager. Fun fact: red pandas are closer to raccoons than bears.

— So are pandas truly lazy? People blame this on their diet. See, we humans are pretty lucky. We can be vegans without severely compromising our nutrition. On the other hand, pandas eat bamboo and only bamboo. It’d be like trying to subsist on a bowl of salad everyday. You’d feel dead tired on that diet, right? Of course! After all, our bodies need carbs and protein! So there’s one reason why pandas are lazy.

— At the end of the day, wild animals aren’t meant to be kept in tiny enclosures. Captive animals don’t necessarily behave normally and for good reason.

— Last but not least — and this has nothing to do with the episode — pandas have a hard time mating in captivity. So you know what we did for them? We made panda pornography. That’s right. There’s literally smut for pandas. Considering how this show hasn’t been too shy to mention koala bears eating shit or female hyenas having pseudo-penises, I’m quite disappointed that this episode never brought up panda pornography! I thought we were trying to educate the kids!

— Plot-wise, there isn’t much to say about this episode. Like I said, Jin has to tame the panda girl, which just boils down to forcing her to do her own cooking if she wants to join the cooking club. In the end, it turns out she is turned on by being abused. Who knew pandas were into light S&M play?

— There’s a short bit about how the cat is wary of strangers, which I find kinda odd. She didn’t act that way with any of the other characters. Nevertheless, they stuck the panda in a cage in order for the cat to feel “safe.” Eventually, the cat comes around so Jin’s furry harem grows once more.

— So for people who have never had cats, this is how you introduce a new cat to a home that already has one. No, you don’t stick them in a cage in the middle of the room. Rather, the new cat usually gets to chill in one room for a week or two until both cats get used to (i.e. tolerate) the other cat’s scent.

— Hm, what else to mention…? Oh yeah, the lion gets NTR’d.

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