Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi Ep. 6: Another big ol’ shrug from me

I watched this episode five hours ago, but I found it hard to put any thought to words. In the end, I just decided that I had to write something down. Alright, so Orphen ends up getting captured by a guy named MacDougal, the one with the gun. He used to belong to the Kimluck Church but left them for reasons unknown. Right now, he’s currently looking for a weapon even greater than the gun in his possession, and he thinks he can find it in the heart of the forest. Why does he hate sorcerers so much? Well, the best I can figure out is that certain folks don’t like those with mixed blood. This is essentially genocide, but it’s treated like an aside within the plot. Plus, he hates sorcerers, but the Kimluck Church hates sorcerers too? But he and the villagers are a different faction from the church…? Then we also got the royal family that we know nothing about? Huh?

Then we have Salua, an asssassin from the Kimluck Church. He’s came to the village to take out MacDougal, but since Orphen is here, he might as well kill him too! But again, I don’t know anything about the Kimluck Church. I barely know anything about the Dragons-that-don’t-look-like-dragons. We only did just learn about them near the end of last week’s episode. And last but not least, we have shrine maiden Fiena who refuses to escape with the good guys because… it’s like… her duty to stick with village or something…? As soon as she’s about to give us any information, she just trails off! Because there is such a dearth of information, everything ends up being boring. I can’t get emotionally invested when I have no context! About the only amusing thing about this show is how out of place the fashion seems. Is MacDougal wearing a tactical vest? Are these rangers literally dressed like real life rangers?

Our heroes aren’t any better. Hell, they’re arguably worse off! At least MacDougal has a goal even if we don’t know how it came to be. On the other hand, I don’t even remember where Orphen was originally headed before he got caught up in this village people drama. Majic is just tagging along because he wants to study under Orphen. Now that he’s met Fiena, however, maybe he’s in love? No, not really. At best, it’s a passing crush. Plus, side characters rarely get a happy ending. Even if she survives, she’ll probably stay in the forest. But I digress. We then get to Claiomh, who’s only here for a bit of fun. These characters are one-dimensional as hell. To cap it all off, the vast majority of this episode takes place between two main locations: Fiena’s room and the jail cells where Orphen and those idiot dwarves are imprisoned. Talk about exciting.

Eh, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d figure out something new to do on Tuesdays. I did think about covering old series, but eh… I somehow lost passion in the idea after a while. I thought about writing up about video games I love and controversially don’t love. For example, I don’t understand why so many people worship at the altar of Legend of Dragoon. And while I may have loved NES games back when I was five, I can’t say the same now for a vast majority of them. But again, I’m still not too sure if I want to do a weekly post about this on an anime blog. Oh well.

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