Casual Friday Week 6: Freezing kisses and BFFS breaking bad

Capping off the workweek with two shows that I love so dearly.

— According to the new character, it’s not that she has a split personality. Oh no, it’s much worse than that. According to Sui, her brother Sota had died in an accident, but she somehow wished him back to life through the use of the app. The downside, however, is that he’s now stuck in her body and they often fight each other for control. I dunno, I’m still skeptical. On the one hand, this is a universe where people like Kaname can reproduce weapons outta thin air, so why wouldn’t I believe in ghosts and spirits? On the other hand, I bet Sui is just crazy.

— Elsewhere, Kaname is still trying to save his psycho waifu. If he needs to break through a wall of ice, I’m not sure why he didn’t conjure up something stronger than a handgun (which we’ve seen him do).

— I also don’t know why he thinks he can’t get her through the hole. Toss her over, then go through yourself.

— But we all know what this is leading up to. The girl’s unconscious, so it’s time for CPR! C-can you really perform CPR in that position though? I don’t actually know. I’ve never learned to do CPR. I just always thought that you needed to put the person flat on their back. I also thought you needed to do chest compressions. Ah well. When San Francisco goes underwater thanks to climate change, I’ll just die.

— As soon as psycho waifu regains consciousness, she starts talking about what truly matters. Um, I think we’re trapped in near-freezing water with barely any clothes on. Maybe we should leave first?


— Psycho waifu also has yandere qualities? I’m shocked! Also, hypothermia is setting in.

— What slays me is that I’m all about romance anime, but this is the one show I’m watching this season that actually has the big payoff kiss. The show about two scientists in love? Fat chance. Kotoko has been with Kuro for two years and I bet she has to beg him for a hug. But psycho waifu who kills people indiscriminately? Sure, why not! Anime is so romantic.

— Even though they still need to escape from their watery prison, Shuka decides that now is a good time to reveal her past to Kaname. Luckily, she doesn’t belabor the point. Her parents were killed by some kind of Japanese Freddy Kruger, and now she wants revenge.

— I guess the game is corrupting Kaname, ’cause he also wants to kill someone: the creator of the game. Even MC-kun can have a little revenge. Just a little, though.

— Yeah yeah yeah, you’re a real badass, Wang.

— We cut to Kaname and Shuka reuniting with Ryuuji and Sui. To nobody’s surprise, Shuka is no longer mad. See, this is yandere logic: by trying and failing to murder her, Sui/Sota brought her closer to Kaname! So all is forgiven! In fact, they even want to recruit Sui into their clan. These guys are so trusting. What if the killer side comes out again?

“B-baka, I don’t like her! She just does all the dirty work that I’m unwilling to do! In exchange, I give her the love and attention she has so desperately craved ever since her parents died! Don’t make me out to be a pervert!”

— Back at the hotel, we have The Florist yapping about how Rein reminds him of his daughter, and that he needs money from Darwin’s Game in order to save her. See, this is what millennials don’t get. They always want handouts like free medicare and free tuition! A real man earns his money by killing people in a game for the amusement of rich people! Stop being a buncha freeloaders and pick a sigil!

— A bunch of Wang’s men show up at the hotel, but The Florist gets rid of most of them without any effort. It’s pretty dull. Our dear Rein also unlocks the secret hidden in the rings, but whatever. The sad thing is that psycho waifu is the most interesting character in this story. Whenever she isn’t onscreen, all of the characters should ask, “Where’s Shuka?!”

Kabukicho Sherlock Ep. 18

The case of the week is sillier than ever. Crazed fans of Momotaro try to get their revenge on Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty, and this somehow involves murdering zoo animals and their poor zookeeper. They then attempt to stab our trio during an underground rock concert. But why would three girls go this far? Being fans of a band is one thing. Murdering for them is something else completely. So again, all signs point to Moriarty pulling all the strings in the background. And this time, he isn’t even hiding his evil from Sherlock anymore. He straight up torches those three girls after he’s done with them. It’s not like our eccentric detective can do anything about it either. Moriarty is the public’s darling right now. Combined with the fact that his father is a powerful politician, our archvillain is nigh untouchable. No, the time to do anything about this mess was episodes ago.

In a different universe — with a different protagonist — perhaps more could’ve been done to prevent Moriarty from killing Jack the Ripper. Perhaps more could’ve been done to help a minor deal with being trapped in jail. But we only have this universe and we only have Sherlock. And only now does he ask his former best bud what had happened in prison. Well, it’s too late for that. Moriarty points out that Sherlock has changed, but maybe he didn’t change fast enough. If our hero wasn’t so antisocial — if he wasn’t so selfish at times — maybe he could’ve done more for his friend. I’m not saying that Sherlock is at fault. Rather, this was a tragedy that simply couldn’t be prevented because these people are flawed in the exact way that they are.

On the plus side, at least Sherlock and Irene are still on relatively good terms. Also, it sounds like someone might try to expose the mayor. We have way too many episodes left, though. I think this person is about to get silenced real quick. Last but not least, I almost didn’t recognize Sherlock with his hair down.

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