Pet and pets, week 8

In this week’s episode of Pet, we are this close to one of these characters having some semblance of a conscience. This close. Hiroki and Satoshi are tasked with crushing yet another very important Chinese man. When the former realizes that they would have to destroy the victim’s mind right in front of the victim’s wife, he starts to hesitate. He’s evil, but he’s not that evil. Satoshi retorts with the obvious. He then admits that he doesn’t like doing all this dirty work either, but he follows orders anyway! He plays the obedient dog in order to distract himself from the reality that Hayashi is perhaps never coming back (well, he’s not). As a result, the two of them crush their victim anyway. Sigh. We were so close, man~! I will seriously pop a bottle of champagne if anyone in this show does something good for once.

Anyways, Tsukasa intends to destroy Satoshi next. I think this is supposed to build a sense of dread in the audience or at least increase the overall tension, but eh… I don’t really care if Satoshi makes it to the end of the series or not.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 8

— Before I even dive into this episode, I’m told that Beastars is the superior furry anime. So y’know, if that’s your thing, check it out.

— Don’t give chocolates to your dog (or cat).

— This ridiculous school has a branch campus just for the sea. Maybe this is where all the sea animals are at. Doubt we’re gonna see anything interesting, though. This ain’t The Lighthouse.

— But so far, we only get sea mammals. But of course, female whales are still petite and hot.

— Where are the fish people? Beats me.

— Nobody ever tells Jin to shove it when he’s being a buzzkill. This anime would be a whole lot more tolerable if anyone would just push back at him. But it never happens for some reason. Jin calls Ranka a dumb dog, and Hitomi just… ignores it. Either the girls are oblivious to his asshole personality or they’re too scared to speak up.

— Anyways, our harem lead sics Ranka on the beleaguered beluga, but not out of the goodness of his heart or anything. He just wants some alone time with Hitomi. So we get some bog standard plot about how the beluga doesn’t get to fit in with the cool ass dolphins. She doesn’t get to join their club! I dunno, man… dolphins ain’t that cool. They’re kinda jerks. You don’t wanna emulate dolphins.

— I guess it’s kinda of amusing to see Hitomi just flat-out not care about what Jin wants to do. As a result, he’s forced to come crawling back to Ranka and offer a helping hand.

— Still, this week’s subplot is right out of some generic idol anime. The dolphins’ synchronized swimming moved the beluga so much that she wants to be able to elicit the same emotional response from others. But she’s a beluga, so she can’t swim as elegantly. So Jin suggests that she sings instead. About that…

— Later that night, we learn that giraffes are… gay?! Well, not exactly… Still, that doesn’t stop the anime from making a tasteless joke where Jin faces unwanted advances from a male giraffe.

— We then see the formerly cool dolphin captain suddenly exhibit a completely different personality because the other half of her brain is now active. I don’t think the personality change is a thing, but whatever.

— So uh, eating these animals is A-OK? From a glance, it would seem as though this is a show for mammals only, but the t-rex ain’t a mammal. Neither is the headmaster. Nevertheless, we don’t get any fish students.

— The beluga sings terrible via her throat, but when Jin finally tells her that she should sing using the protruding “melon” in her head (which you can’t see in the anime because it would make the character not hot), it blows everyone away. But how is it that a beluga whale doesn’t know how to sing without a different species telling how how to do so? Shrug.

— Moved by the song, the dolphin captain finally decides to work together, so we get the happy ending. Yawn.

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