ID INVADED Ep. 10: Waking up from the pleasure machine

Good lord, we get yet another plot twist. Well, all I can do is sift through all these details from the beginning.

— When people arrive to kill Kiki, they bring their “feelings and plans about the future with them.” And somehow, this leads to Kiki’s dreams depicting the future. We learned last week that the girl has the ability to share her thoughts and memories with the people around her. She’s more than likely the basis for the whole Mizuhanome technology, so I guess it wouldn’t be impossible that the whole cognition sharing thing ends up being a two-way street. She shares her thoughts and memories with you, and you do the same with her. This ID Well feels like a shared hysteria between the “active” participants.

— By entering her unconscious world, did Narihisago bring his family back to “life?” It’s hard to imagine that they would exist in Kiki’s ID Well independently of him. The real Kiki should have no knowledge of Narihisago and his family, right? Well, crazier things have happened…

— Despite all the oddities of this world, Narihisago seems content enough. After all, he still has his family. He can still do his job, i.e. hunt down the serial killers. Still, there are two problems. First, we know that none of this is real. This is all just a dream. Narihisago knows that too… at least, I thought he did. The longer that he stays here, the more he will start to believe in this world. Second, he hasn’t really returned to his normal life as the upstanding police officer. He’s still “serial killing” serial killers. Sure, he’s investigating John Walker by hunting down Kiki’s torturers, but Narihisago certainly isn’t wielding the hammer of justice by any means. He’s helping them kill themselves just like in the real world.

— We eventually bump into this man who has been studying Kiki. I think he’s one of the lead researchers behind the Mizuhanome? Ah, I’m terrible with names.  Of all the people to interrogate, I feel like Narihisago should’ve paid this doctor a visit, but we never see him again for the rest of the episode.

— Our next conversation with Kiki takes the turn for the weird as if that’s possible. I mean, isn’t all of this dream stuff crazy enough? Nevertheless, she begs for him to kill her. Even if he has stopped the serial killers from going after her, she’s still having nightmares where she dies over and over. More importantly — and this is the truly weird part — the girl will eventually disintegrate and blend into the world. And in doing so, the world will become unstable. Wait, hold up… what? What does that even mean? Why would that happen? Sigh, I know I won’t get any answers right  now. Everything will be explained later. Whether or not the explanation is satisfying, however, is another thing. Let’s hope the author can somehow pull this off.

— In any case, Kiki tells Narihisago that if he wants to save this world, then he’ll have to kill her. Up until now, he has only killed serial killers, and that is apparently heinous enough according to his colleagues. Would he dare cross that final line and start killing innocent people? Does the act still count as heinous if the victim is begging for it? And lastly, if he wants to cling to this dream world where his dream family is alive and well, shouldn’t he take Kiki up on her offer? Hm. It’s tempting, isn’t it? Remember how Momoki claimed that this was all a trap? The mastermind wanted all of this to happen, right? He wanted to lead Narihisago to this exact situation. Is he trying to get our hero to break that last taboo and become a true serial killer?

— Nevertheless, Narihisago refuses to kill Kiki. He simply walks away and swears to never see her again. I guess his convictions are stronger than I had initially thought. It’s hard to imagine what I would do in that same situation. I mean, his family is right there. Even if it’s all a dream, he gets to finally protect them. All he would have to do is kill a girl who not only wants to die, she has died a hundred times over. Kiki is begging for mercy.

— Eventually, things play out as they did in the real world. Kiki mysteriously disappears from the hospital one day, and this is followed by all those nurses falling unconscious.

— One day, Narihisago spots one of The Perforator’s victims just casually crossing a street. He gets the idea to go after Dream Fukuda, but in attempting to do so, we finally bump into the person that we were originally looking for: Hondomachi. Finally, right? Gosh, where have you been all my life?

— Somehow, the girl still has her wits about her. After all, her perception of time is wildly different from Narihisago’s. She claims that she has only been here for twenty minutes… even though she entered this ID Well well before our hero. Narihisago, on the other hand, has been here for years, so he has forgotten that it is all a dream.

— The world starts to fall apart because Narihisago and Hondomachi aren’t supposed to have met like this. Hell, I don’t think they’ve even ever met. Nevertheless, the point is that she’s in 2019 when he’s still in 2018. So because it can’t resolve the contradiction, the ID Well comes to a demise? But what about Kiki telling us that the world will end once she becomes a part of it? Is this also what we’re seeing? Honestly, I have no clue…

— Still, we get a pretty gut-wrenching sequence in which Narihisago realizes that he has to say goodbye to his dream family. His married life starts to flash before his very eyes, and it’s not a fun watch. All those happy memories followed by his daughter’s battered face and his wife’s suicide are just… they’re too much for me. I easily get emotional about these things, so I had to skip through a bit of this sequence. As morbid as it sounds, stories about serial killers let us approach the topics of death and murder from a safe distance. We usually don’t know the victims. They’re just random people to us. But once it becomes personal, then it’s just too much… for me, anyways.

— After marveling at the world’s distortion, Narihisago suggests to Hondomachi that they try to find out as much as they can about John Walker before the dream falls apart. All of a sudden, his ten minutes are up. Back in the previous ID Well, Anaido extracts Sakaido as he had been instructed. All Narihisago can do is toss his notes at the girl and hope that she can finish the investigation that he has started. Hopefully, he tossed her the right black book. Jokes aside, the timing here is again so convenient. How unlucky is it that as soon as he meets Hondomachi, his time is up?

— When Sakaido regains consciousness, he has no memories of everything Narihisago had just experienced… which I suppose can only be a good thing.

— But the situation turns dire when Anaido explains how he found Narihisago’s precious picture of him and his family on the dead man’s body. Y’know, the person they had originally suspected to be the watch thief.

— We then get one startling revelation after another. Fukuda isn’t affected by the amnesia function, so Anaido still knows who he is. More importantly, he knows who Sakaido is, and he starts telling his buddy all about it. Togo and her team was so desperate for Fukuda’s help that they didn’t properly vet him for this process. They just stuck him into a Mizuhanome and hoped for the best.

— Things go from bad to worse when they realize that the dead body belongs to Narihisago of all people. They thought they were diving into Momoki’s ID Well, but they’re still in Narihisago’s ID Well. Welp, a well storm starts whipping up, and naturally, neither Sakaido nor Anaido can be extracted anymore. We’ve been told over and over that an individual should never enter their own unconscious mind. I wanted to see what this would look like, and I’m now getting my wish.

— All of this just makes Togo and her team seem so incompetent. They didn’t notice Anaido investigating the dead body and finding Narihisago’s picture? How could they not have noticed it? It’s not like they had anything else to observe. It’s not like they could see what Sakaido was seeing. Furthermore, it took them this long to ID the body? How convenient is it that by the time they ID the body, it’s too late to extract Sakaido and Anaido? This show relies on too many coincidences.

— Again, Momoki said that this was all a trap… so did he know that Narihisago would be entering his own ID Well? But if he did, why didn’t he say this to anyone? We also never got to hear why he thinks that this is all trap either. How did he know it was a trap in the first place? I hope this isn’t just bad writing. I hope the author fills in this plot hole at some point.

— Alright, so if this is still Narihisago’s ID Well, then where’s Hijiriido Miyo, i.e. Hondomachi’s alter ego? Didn’t she climb into the cockpit in order to dive into Kiki’s ID Well? So she should still be there, right? It’s possible that there is more than one cockpit in this ID Well, and as a result, we can still find the one with Miyo. Well, considering how this world is completely filled with sand, it seems like a lot of time has passed between when Miyo was here and what we see now. Man, I don’t know… I still don’t understand why there would be a Mizuhanome in an ID Well, and why it would function exactly like the ones in the real world. I’ll just have to see what happens in next week’s episode.

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