Pet and pets, week 9

Not only do I not love the anime, reading its English subs can be pretty annoying whenever the characters are speaking Mandarin. It’s not unreadable, but I just expect better from Amazon. Anyways, let’s quickly get into this week’s important developments. Everything is pretty much falling apart for Tsukasa. He wants to crush Satoru, but the Company actually intends to use Hayashi’s disciple against him. Basically, if Tsukasa steps out of line, they’ll let Satoru know all about the crushing of Hayashi. The idea is that Satoru would get so mad that he’d go after Tsukasa… but I mean, the latter should be able to handle this, right? I am by no means rooting for Tsukasa. After all, I’ve voiced my objections against the jerks in this anime quite vociferously. I would not mind it at all if Tsukasa got his just desserts. Nevertheless, what is he scared of? I thought he was supposed to be one of the best at this mental manipulation game that they play. If he can handle Hayashi, shouldn’t he be able to deal with Hayashi’s disciple? Oh well. In actuality, Tsukasa’s completely losing it. He’s not as cool and collected as I would expect from someone who intends to take over the Company. Ultimately, Tsukasa is still too immature. He’s certainly not ready to execute his own grand schemes.

In any case, Hayashi isn’t actually dead yet. Hiroki actually finds him in the basement of a hospital when trying to find the source of a windy image. I wonder why the Company is even keeping him alive. Maybe to keep Satoru under their control? In any case, Tsukasa’s pet proceeds to learn a little too much. More importantly, he learns that Tsukasa is capable of crushing someone who shared a peak with him. So y’know, trust will be a bit strained between these two… for now. I bet Hiroki will forgive Tsukasa pretty easily since they’re supposed to be the main couple or whatever. Still, I’m holding out hope that Hayashi can somehow be saved, b ut considering how his image eventually disappeared, this probably isn’t possible. So actually, let’s just save Meiling. I really only feel bad for the little girl. I’ll even forgive Hiroki and Tsukasa for being such terrible leads if they can somehow escape with the girl and let her live a normal life. Hayashi could save her if Hiroki could somehow “uncrush” him, but it’s no guarantee. Plus, he’s not such a stellar guy himself. The only good thing I can say about him is that at least he tried to do what was right eventually. He just can’t go against the Company all by himself.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 9

— Our new character is a tarsier who keeps killing herself. She usually does this by pounding her head against a hard surface. So in the real world, they’ve observed tarsiers being suicidal in captivity. Well, this dumb school is kinda like a prison, so I buy it.

— Jin accuses the narcissistic panda of stressing the tarsier out, so she takes it upon herself to befriend the new girl. Mostly to prove Jin wrong, but also ~~~friends~~~ Somehow, destressing the tarsier involves looking like a bank robber, but I won’t question her methods.

— This story isn’t very interesting so just know that it all works out in the end.

— We get a brief intermission in which the female impala declares that she’s finally in heat, so the lion (who no longer looks like a lion) immediately drags her off to have some really disappointing sex.

— Luckily, the impala is very traditional! If you wanna bang her, you gotta get her parents approval! Man, what am I even watching?

— In the second half of the episode, a typhoon is flooding the campus, so students end up having to share rooms. Jin has to shack up with the naked mole rat, but she is having a bit of an existential crisis. She wants to give up her title as student council president because she doesn’t believe in interspecies relations, but Jin’s harem is working so well. So she no longer think she’s fit for the job. Ah, if only some of our politicians can take after a naked mole rat…

— She offers the job to Jin, but he would only use it to get rid of all the animals. That would mean no school, but hey, our harem lead was never the brightest bulb around.

— He also tries to force the naked mole rat to stop being practically naked all the time, so the anime gets to make it seem pervy to put on clothes. Then again, don’t we all agree that girls are sometimes sexier with clothes on? Y’know, leave some for the imagination…

— Aaaaaaanyways, the naked mole rat’s dilemma just solves itself. She thinks nobody needs her, but they do… for some reason. Don’t worry about it. It’s not like this show is supposed to have a good story.

— So in the end, the naked mole rat realizes that she practices her own style of interspecies relations. There is thus no reason for her to quit her job. If anything, she should get even more naked!

— Everyone else should get naked too! Well, as close as you can without breaking any rules. Ain’t like we’re Interspecies Reviewers. We can’t go that far!

— Right before the credits roll, some redhead shows up to the school looking for humans. She doesn’t look like an animal, though. Judging by the huge joint of meat in her right hand, maybe she’s a neanderthal or whatever. So where did all the neanderthals go? One theory is that homo sapiens, i.e. us, killed them all! ‘Cause humans love conflict! But another competing theory is that we fucked them into assimilation! ‘Cause if there’s anything humans love more than conflict, it’s sex! Alright, I’m out.

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