Plunderer Ep. 9: It’s all fun and games until someone goes yandere

By the way, I still don’t know what this show is about. But we’re getting there! We’re slowly getting there one inch at a time!

— When we last left off, a helicopter had shown up out of nowhere. For these folks, the sight of a modern weapon must be so bizarre and shocking that I can’t blame them for freezing in place. I’m not sure how I’d react either if something seemingly alien appeared in front of me.

— What is silly to me, however, is Jail taking exception to Licht barking out evacuation orders. C’mon, bro. Is protecting the townspeople really a bad thing?

— Not surprisingly, Jail shuts up when he learns that our hero is actually a colonel. He’s got a fetish for his very rigid conception of justice, so blindly obeying authority wouldn’t be far off.

— There’s always one crying kid who gets left behind. Always. What’s hilarious is how Hina runs to the kid then proceeds to do nothing. In the end, Licht has to save both of them. Is it too much to ask her to do something heroic?

— Anyways, Licht tries to go after the helicopter, but those weird hands start blocking his way for some unknown reason. Personally, I just wanna know who’s piloting the damn aircraft.

— Our hero tries to hack his way through the arms, but touching them gives him a strong electric shock. Hina starts begging for everyone to help Licht, but they can’t! Because, um, it’s apparently illegal. No, really.

— Eventually, Jail comes up with an “ingenious” solution. Look, it’s illegal to attack the shadowy hands, but if you can’t see what you’re hitting, then it’s A-OK! Pretty soon, everyone starts pretending that they can’t see. Yeah, I’ll be sure to try this excuse the next time I get into trouble. Officer, I didn’t mean to run those kids over. I couldn’t see them, so y’see, I didn’t break the law.

— Nevertheless, Jail and his men (and Lynn) do manage to help Licht reach the helicopter. Oooh, we’re only halfway through the episode. The conflict can’t be over already, right?

— Right! Meet Sonohara, the yandere girl from Licht’s past! Not only does she refer to him as her commander, she’s batshit insane! She immediately plants a bullet in Jail’s chest before turning her attention to the townsfolkwho still haven’t evacuated. What is wrong with you people?

— All I can tell is that Sonohara wasn’t always this murderous and now she is. And conversely, Licht was this murderous… and now he’s Pudding-san. So of course, crazy yandere girl wants her murderous commander back.

— And to do so, she’ll even murder a little kid. He can’t stop her in his current state. If he wants to prevent the kid from dying, he’ll have to tap into his murderous self or some bullshit. It’s your typical teen edgy garbage. Oooh, you don’t wanna piss me off! That kinda thing.

— Eventually, we hear a shot go off,  but few anime series are going to kill a child if they can help it. So as a result, we see a complete and utter massacre around the kid instead. Alright, sure, the kid didn’t die… but man, he’s not getting over this trauma anytime soon. Jesus Christ, can you imagine seeing this much death and mayhem at that age?

— So old Licht is back… and he doesn’t even have to attack Sonohara’s men. By simply walking past them, he somehow causes his enemies to disintegrate into red mist. Gosh, what a badass…!

— Not edgy enough? How ’bout this “We live in a society” mask! Badass yet?

— So then Licht starts talking to Hina. She had asked him earlier about himself, i.e. what are his goals, who is he, blah blah blah. The guy now replies that he is the… *drum roll*… Plunderer. Hey, that’s the title of the anime!

— But wait, what does a Plunderer do! Well, they plunder! Duh! Licht’s original job — y’know, before he got sidetracked by panties — was to come here and “take everything from this nation.” Um… okay.

1 thought on “Plunderer Ep. 9: It’s all fun and games until someone goes yandere

  1. Chand Dradas

    The “Modern Technology vs Magic” setting has a lot of potential to be utilised in interesting ways. I’m surprised there is almost no media that deals with this topic (as far as I know). Magic is almost all the time used in a medival setting, usually pitted against swords, spears and arrows. What what would happen if these swords and arrows were replaced by AR-15s and RPG launchers? What good is a witchs avada cadavera against a machine that technically dispenses death at a 1000 rounds per minute?

    But this being plunderer, I doubt they are going to use it in any meaningful way.


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