Pet and pets, week 10

So we learn this week that Tsukasa is responsible for the creation of “babies.” The Company was getting on his case about Hiroki, so he goes and just gives them this information without considering how terrible it is to doom someone to being a “baby.” Even Hiroki is against the idea. It’s kinda sad how Tsukasa’s pet has somehow emerged as the only character in this show with a moral compass. Man, I want Tsukasa to get his comeuppance even more now. He also insists that everything will be A-OK if they just crush Satoru! Sure, he’d get rid of one threat… one. I just don’t understand how this is supposed to work out for him. If Satoru shows up crushed one day, everyone would easily suspect Tsukasa. Why wouldn’t they? And they would then come to the conclusion that he is too far gone. Like Hiroki, he’s uncontrollable, and as a result, they would just outright eliminate him. The only way getting rid of Satoru works out for Tsukasa is if the former is literally the only person left who can stop the latter… which I kinda doubt.

Anyways, Hiroki is obviously disappointed in his buddy. He thought they were going to try and free themselves from the Company’s grip, but Tsukasa just went and crushed the one man who tried to do just that. So when Tsukasa threatens to alter Hiroki’s memories just to make him obedient, the latter runs away. Naturally, the entire Company is now on high alert. Again, the Company just wants to outright kill Hiroki. After all, he’s proven that he can’t follow their orders, and now he won’t even follow Tsukasa’s orders. This is exactly what I mean. If Tsukasa kills Satoru, wouldn’t the Company see him in the same negative light? Ah, I dunno. Maybe I’m missing something since I’m not exactly hooked on this anime. In any case, Tsukasa still wants to crush Satoru, who is now being led to believe that Hiroki had crushed Hayashi. What a mess… and all I want is for someone to save Meiling from her current predicament. Oh well, just a few more weeks before this adaptation is over…

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 10

— Just as I thought, Anne, the new girl, is a neanderthal woman. You can tell by the way she eats Flintstones-esque hunks of meat and uses primitive hunting tools. The meat part is a bit weird to me, though. I mean, neanderthals did eat plants…

— Anne has a bone to pick with humans, because she belongs to group of animals driven to extinction by humans… so then how are they still around? Shouldn’t they be, uh, extinct? Ah well, that t-rex is still around. Plus, we humans have probably driven thousands of animals and plants to extinction. I remember reading about how the Romans would use a certain plant in all of their cooking. They ate it so much that the plant is now gone for good. As a result, we will likely never know exactly what Roman cooking was like. It’s a shame.

— I don’t expect Anne to butt heads with Jin and friends for too long. After all, Hitomi is dead set on befriending the new girl even if Anne likes to grope her at night. I guess neanderthal women didn’t have large breasts? I wouldn’t know…

— For some odd reason, Hitomi claims that she has never met another human girl before. Huh? What kind of world do you guys live in?

— I’m also amazed that other cultures can get naked so easily around relative strangers. Yeah, yeah, I know Japan has communal baths. I don’t think I would ever visit one, though. I wouldn’t even go shirtless around my own family so forget doing so in front of strangers.

— So why did neanderthals go extinct? I brought this up briefly last week, but it’s worth getting into a little more detail just because I’m kinda bored with this show. One of the new popular theories is that we just fucked neanderthals until they became one of us. I guess that still makes their extinction our fault? Then again, wouldn’t you rather be a homo sapien than a neanderthal? After all, all of the other theories point to neanderthals dying out because they were simply inferior. First, it’s possible that we simply killed them. I guess that’s the worst outcome. Second, even if we didn’t kill them, we pushed them out of their hunting grounds because we were just better at it. Stockier builds meant they had to expend more energy in order to run, so they simply couldn’t compete with us. Third, there’s even a theory about how we have more whites in our eyes, and that aided us in the domestication of animals. Neanderthals couldn’t do the same, so they couldn’t have reliable hunting dogs…

— Like in most fields of study, it’s unlikely that there is one catch-all theory that can explain everything. Neanderthals probably died out for a variety of reasons, and sadly, humans probably did play a major role.

— Oh, now you bring up panda porn?

— Anyways, the other half of the episode concerns Jin and Ranka again. She’s gone into heat, so she’s spraying her wolfy pheromones everywhere. As a result, all of the nearby canine species want to bang her. Um, gross. Neuter and spay your pets, kids. It’s good for their health.

— We also get more tasteless jokes about how the male giraffe is still pursuing Jin. Bleh. That reminds me of the “censorship” controversy about how Persona 5 Royal removed a similarly tasteless joke. I can’t say I agree with the angry nerds on this one. It was a dumb gag, and it’s time for Atlus to get with the times.

— Somehow, Ranka being in heat also makes her pounce on Jin. So he pushes her off of him (reasonable), and flat-out tells the wolf that he hates her (not so reasonable). Naturally, this leaves the poor wolf in tears. This guy is such a miserable character. He’s so thoroughly unlikable for what appears to be a rather light-hearted series. I mean, look, you can dislike whomever you want — I’m not going to police anyone’s relationship — but he clearly doesn’t.

— Still, dogs are loyal, so telling Ranka that he hates her only makes her sad. She’s not gonna hate him back or anything. She’ll just pine for him instead. This reminds me of all those pets stuck with their abusive owners.

— In the end, when Ranka confronts Jin about his so-called hatred of her, he simply says that humans lie all the time, so he was just lying about hating her. That’s still terrible, though.

— Nevertheless, we’re supposed to believe that the dumb mutt is somehow worming her way into his heart. When Jin tells Anne that he only has his eyes for one girl, he of course pictures Hitomi… but somehow, Ranka’s tail sneaks into his mind’s eye. Gee, didn’t peg you for a dogfucker, man…

— In the after credits scene, the dumb lion is still trying to get with the impala. This time, he’ll have to prove himself against her father. Alrighty…

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