Pet and pets, week 11

It seems like the only thing I actually enjoy about Pet these days is the OP. Alright, let’s talk about this week’s developments. I thought for a second that Satoru might be smart enough to see through Tsukasa’s lies. After all, he’s right about one thing: why would Hayashi not teach Meiling how to create a lock? But when Tsukasa and Katsuragi show Satoru a fake memory of Hayashi, he totally buys it. Man, doesn’t he know that memories can be altered? Even normally, memories are unreliable. Nevertheless, Tsukasa and the Company manage to convince Satoru that Hiroki had crushed Hayashi out of justice… which is another thing I wanna gripe about. If Hayashi was truly responsible for the creation of babies like Meiling — even though we know he’s not — then isn’t Hiroki doing the right thing? Shouldn’t we stop a man who would create obedient slaves like the poor girl? Well, some would say I’m being too harsh on Satoru. He’s emotionally fragile because his mentor-slash-father-figure is now more or less a vegetable. He feels powerless, so he needs to find some way to reclaim his agency. But if you’ve been following my posts on this series, then you already know how I feel. I just want someone to rescue Meiling and get her out of this mess. Since Hiroki is still mostly obsessed with saving/freeing Tsukasa from the Company, it seems as though Satoru is the only person who might care about Meiling. The only trump card we have is her giving Hayashi’s message to Satoru — something about a carrier pigeon. I have no clue what that means, though. Plus, with everyone cornering Hiroki at the end of the episode, it doesn’t seem like Satoru has paid the message any mind.

Alright, onto something far more light-hearted…

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Ep. 11

— The cultural festival is here and it has some cute, wholesome events. For examples, the moles are running a whack-a-mole booth. Get it? Hah, so clever. On the other hand, some events are not so wholesome.

— Not surprisingly, the Cooking Club is opening a restaurant. This involves cooking ginormous hunks of meat in a tiny pan.

— Jin continues to have delusions of grandeur. Luckily for us, his expectations often fall woefully short of reality. Well, luckily for me, because I kinda despise this dude. Week in and week out, I see very little to redeem this harem lead.

— Anyways, he’s not the only person vying for Hitomi’s affections. He’s got major competition. Y’know, I thought Anne had groped Hitomi in last week’s episode because she was curious about the human body. But nope, she’s straight up just into girls.

— Hitomi’s mega oblivious, though. She hasn’t noticed Jin’s crush on her all season long, so she’s not gonna start noticing Anne’s crush anytime soon. As a result, Anne decides to go through with her plan to get revenge, and this involves kidnapping her crush. I guess if Hitomi had responded to her feelings, then everything would be peachy. But friendship is not enough! Geez, don’t be such a nice guy, Anne. Oh well, Yena is at least here to delay her from getting away with Hitomi.

— Oh yeah, Anne’s buddies have also arrived at the cultural festival to crash the party. But like her, they’re pretty much idiots.

— This leads us to a subplot where the stupid koala bear brings a huge pot of rabbit shit to the cooking club. It’s literally marked as a biohazard, which means it shouldn’t come anywhere close to a kitchen, and yet here we are.

Well, that’s not a face you want to see in your sleep…

— What does a pot of rabbit shit have to do with the extinct animals? Well, one of them — apparently, some species of dolphin — shows up and pretends to be friendly. This means eating the koala bear’s food, which she has no problems chowing down because dolphins have lost their sense of smell. When she finds out what she just ate — how can you not know? — she has the expected response. I dunno, man… I guarantee you that if I lost my sense of smell, I still wouldn’t eat shit.

— Alright, back to the stupid Hitomi subplot. Jin is searching for her, but he still mistakenly believes that Anne likes him. As a result, he starts fantasizing about how the two girls might be having a fight over him… a sexy, lesbian fight. This guy is the worst. But I guess it kinda makes sense. In most harem anime, all of the girls have to like the harem lead. As a result, you have to justify why they like him. He has to be super wholesome, super selfless, super nice, etc. But let’s be honest, the only girl who actually likes Jin in Murenase! Seton Gakuen is Ranka. Hitomi is only nice to him. That’s why he can be such a shithead. The dumb mutt doesn’t know any better.

— Alright, Jin gets attacked by one of the extinct animals, but it’s a barbary lion. Um, those aren’t extinct. They’re just regionally extinct. In any case, Jin’s lion friend is here to save him.

— At first, King gets his butt kicked ’cause we’re following shounen convention. Shiho, the impala, tries to defend King, but she gets smacked around. As a result, King goes SSJ. It’s just like when Frieza killed Krillin.

— Midway through the fight, Jin finally explains that barbary lions aren’t extinct, so there we go. Again, Team Extinct is kinda stupid.

— Finally, Ranka catches up to Anne and Yena fighting over Hitomi. She shows up just in time too, ’cause Yena ain’t doing so hot.

— Ranka insists that Anne doesn’t really wanna hurt Hitomi, because she can smell the sadness within her. Shrug, I’m not a dog person, so I can’t verify this. I know your pets can try and comfort you if you’re distressed, but I didn’t know it was due to a scent. I suppose I could google it, but meh. I don’t really care enough to do so, I guess? Man, the past few days have been exhausting. Global pandemic, economic collapse, dying a billion times in Nioh 2… I just don’t have as much energy as I would like.

— But I digress. Anne starts to hesitate, but then her leader shows up. I think it’s supposed to be a mammoth. Yeah, I remember it being a mammoth from last week’s episode. Huh, a neanderthal being bossed around by a mammoth. Isn’t that kinda ironic? In any case, since we’re nearing the end of the series, I guess he’ll be the final boss for the series.

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