Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku… This Title Is Too Damn Long Ep. 11

Alright, it’s time for Kaede vs. Mii, the intense rivalry I never knew existed.

— Mii’s attacks have a knockback effect, which means Kaede can’t continue shielding the two sisters. Our heroine tries to use her cover ability to get back into position, but she’ll just get knocked back again. Sounds like they’re in a pinch, right? Well, not really. The two sisters could just make sure to stick with their tank. It shouldn’t be that difficult. C’mon guys, this is PvP 101.

— Nevertheless, Kaede resolves to protect Yui and May at all costs, so she has them retreat to her pet turtle high up in the sky. So uh… are they really not gonna do anything for the rest of the fight?

— As a result of the two sisters being completely useless, the fight becomes a stalemate. Kaede won’t die, but she can’t get close enough to use her skills. Mii and her buddies can keep chugging down all the potions they want, but they’re not making any progress either. In most MMOs, consumables have a huge cooldown to prevent people from doing this exact thing. i have no clue if New World Online is different or not. Still, this is why at least one person from Kaede’s side should’ve specialized in ranged attacks.

— Why does Mii have to be so mad? It’s only a game.

— Eventually, Mii decides to use her trump card, which is a prison made out of pink flames. The downside is that it takes forever to cast, so she needs her allies to distract the enemy. What’s funny here is watching Marcus and Misery — what kind of healer calls themselves Misery? — do everything they can to keep Kaede at bay. Meanwhile, the two sisters continue to chill out on the turtle, twiddling their thumbs. Man, if only Kaede had allies who could attack Mii right now and interrupt her spellcasting. Something heavy would do the trick… heavy like hammers…

— If Kaede didn’t have a trump card of her own, she would’ve eventually died to the flame prison. But as we already know, all she has to do is go Mecha-Maple. Isn’t that neato? She then defeats Marcus and Misery with her mecha laser. Mii tries to use a self-destruct ability to take our heroine down with her, but it’s no use. Hmm, for all the hype, Mii doesn’t even come close to the guys in Order of the Holy Sword. It’s kinda weird that she and her guild ended up being the penultimate boss.

— In any case, the Flame Emperors had the underlings run off with their orbs, so even though Kaede won the battle, they get nothing for it. Well, that sure was a waste of time and resources. She’s also disappointed that she couldn’t keep Mecha-Maple a secret, but I mean, she already used it to save Risa. Frederica has already seen what it can do.

— These sisters… so useful…

— Despite Kaede’s best efforts, Maple Tree is still stuck in tenth place. As a result, we see a montage of nearly everyone in the guild go on the offensive. Imagine a raid boss dropping from the sky.

— Everyone loves rooting for the underdogs. Order of the Holy Sword is like the Patriots. Nobody likes the Patriots.

— Especially when their leader says things like this. Geez, at least buy her dinner first.

— Finally, we’ve made it to the end of the line. I think there’s only one episode left after this one? So Payne finally has to get off his butt and do something, right? I mean, this is what we’ve been waiting for. Something something, unstoppable force meets and immovable object…

— Risa thought that Order of the Holy Sword would attack with their entire guild, which would take some time. Unfortunately, only the main guys show up, and they show up immediately. We then get a multi-front battle where Kaede is isolated against Payne. As a result, she can’t protect her allies; they’re gonna have to hold their own for now.

— Hell, Kaede should worry about her own hide, ’cause it looks like Payne might actually be able to break through all her defenses. I’m amazed it took this long to see someone use a defense down ability.

— Eventually, it looks as though Payne might have defeated Kaede, but like with dead bodies, all bets are off until that HP bar hits zero. Certainly, we don’t really know what Payne has been capable of. Hell, we’ve barely even heard the guy speak until just recently. Meanwhile, we know everything about Kaede. She hasn’t exactly gained a new skill since she acquired her Mecha-Maple transformation. We still have an episode left, but I wonder how she’s gonna pull her ass out of the fire this time…

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