Plunderer Ep. 11: And just like that, we can time travel

I bet you’re excited to find out how our heroes ended up in the past, right? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this week’s episode is 90% fanservice and exposition. Speaking of fanservice…

— …the episode begins with every single girl being molested by the Althing. Well, almost every single girl. The creepy hands stop just short of groping Hina. Apparently, our heroine is spared because her boobs aren’t big enough. Why are the shadowy hands going after the girls? According to Licht, they’ve become buddies after the last incident? Man, I don’t know. Look, this is by the Sora no Otoshimono guy. That explanation alone is good enough for me.

— Instead of being happy that she isn’t being molested, Hina is sad. So sad that she goes and stuffs her chest with apples. Yo, that’s not how it works. You can’t make your boobs bigger with apples. Nevertheless, Licht sure likes dem apples.

— Alright, time for the serious stuff. Jail leaves the group temporarily to have a chat with the supreme commander. Said man also happens to be his foster father. Wow, Alexandrov Grigorovich looks badass, doesn’t he? Surely, he’s here to insert some seriousness into this anim–… nope, that doesn’t happen either.

— What the supreme commander does provide is a bunch of exposition. It’s boring exposition, but considering how I have no clue what this story is really about, I guess we’ll take what we can get.

— Remember the blond bad guy introduced at the end of last week’s episode? He reports directly to the royal family, and they do shady stuff like assassinations and abductions. This doesn’t really explain everything, of course. After all, they want Licht on their side, and they want him specifically to plunder this kingdom. I guess they secretly want to bring down the royal family. But then… why?

— You can’t fly, but gravure magazines still exist!

— Our next bit of exposition is all about how Aces like Licht were surgically altered to become super powerful and also immortal. And well, that’s it. Nothing super interesting here.

— Back in the cabin, the molestation party continues. The worst part is that the girls can’t even fight back, because it’s illegal to strike an Althing. It’s like somebody took a look at shounens and noticed a gap in the market: “Gosh, all of these heroes are so wholesome. Why can’t at least one of them be a rapey creep? Why can’t Mineta be the hero instead of Deku?!”

— Luckily, when Jail returns, those creepy hands finally calm down. After all, he has bad news. He initially had no intention to turn Licht over; he even lies to protect his new buddy. But when they threaten to arrest his men for attacking the Althing — b-b-but I thought all you had to do was close your eyes! — Jail quickly changes his tune.

— Jail’s logic is obviously faulty anyways. If the bad guys get their hands on Licht, then a lot of people will die. If he wants to protect his men, his only choice is to protect Licht.

— Notice the difference between how a man and a woman gets restrained. Even Jail can’t help himself.

— Finally, it takes Nana of all people to slap some sense into Jail. She gets him pretty good, too. For a dude who drones on and on about his ironclad conviction, he sure does fold like a lawn chair when the chips are down.

— All of a sudden, Nana starts glowing. We’ve always known that there was something up with Nana — obviously, she’s not just a tavern owner — but her special ability is literally time travel. Wanna know what happened back then? Wanna know how Licht became who he is now? Wanna know how the world changed so completely? Let’s just go back in time and see for ourselves! I have to laugh, ’cause when I said “show, not tell,” I didn’t expect Plunderer to be this literal.

— So basically, we spent eleven episodes in fantasy land just to back to regular ol’ Japan. Oh boy…

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