Listeners Ep. 2: Taking the piss

I have no clue how I’m supposed to react to Echo relieving himself all over Duchamp’s “Fountain.”

— Starting from the top, old timers in LIverchester liked to scare young Echo with scary stories about the Earless. For example, people would wander into a nearby forest and turn into the Earless. Well, that pretty much means it’s true. The people part, that is.

— I kinda like the OP. The two kids get to look like huge dorks in it — huge dorks having fun.

— Fast forward to the present and reality is quickly settling in. The adrenaline was worn off for Echo, so he’s now in despair. I guess he’s worried that he may never get to come home and see his sister again. I doubt that, but you gotta put yourself in the kid’s shoes.

— Mu tries to cheer him up by telling him to look towards the horizon. After all, the world is their oyster and all that jazz. Too bad reality also settles in for her as well. Without her memories, she doesn’t exactly know what to do or where to go. I feel the same way when I try to play any sort of open-world game.

— Out of nowhere, the Earless attack. Well, not exactly out of nowhere. It quickly becomes apparent that these three weirdo sisters are able to control the Earless to some extent. They are probably responsible for the attack on Liverchester, too. Unfortunately, Mu is unsuccessful this time in driving the Earless away.

— Why didn’t her ultimate attack work? Echo thinks it’s because she hasn’t given it a name. Uh, I don’t think it had a name in the first episode, did it?

— There’s an odd moment during Echo and Mu’s conversation by the fire. He seems to know know what humming is. He acts like it’s something that other cultures might practice, but certainly not his culture. Huh? Surely, he’s heard music before. Don’t tell me he’s never tried to hum the tune.

— In any case, Echo hatches a plan: if they pay a visit to other Players, maybe one of them might recognize Mu. Well, it’s a start. More importantly, it’s not like they’ll have to go very far. Those three sisters are Players, and they certainly recognize Mu.

— Echo also starts talking about the Player from his memories — the one we saw rocking out at the very start of the series. Is he also the one responsible for Liverchester’s ruin? I don’t remember exactly. Nevertheless, he seems to have a necklace just like Mu. Hell, he might as well be a genderbent Mu, and there’s apparently a good reason for that.

— When Echo wanders off to take a piss, he finds a rather odd restroom in the middle of nowhere. The word “Dada” can be seen in the background. Is the architecture Dada-esque? I dunno, maybe. I’m not exactly an expert in art movements. My understanding of Dadaism is cursory at best, i.e. it’s a reaction against traditional rationalism. Nevertheless, the creepy building alone should give Echo pause, but a boy’s gotta piss when a boy’s gotta piss. It’s all in his head, though. The anime cuts to what’s actually happening, and we just see Echo standing in the middle of an empty clearing. I guess the three sisters have some sort of ability to make you hallucinate.

— The three sisters eventually confront Echo, and they continue to spew more cryptic stuff. They refer to Mu’s necklace as a “Core Part.” They ask if she’s a true successor or if she’s merely a “remnant of the Collapse.” Essentially, they are also a big fan of the Player — y’know, the one from Echo’s memories. I wonder what could possibly be Dada-esque about him, though. In fact, I don’t think I’ve listened to too many Dada-esque music.

— We then get this weird segment in which Echo geeks out over the three sisters because they are also found in the Players almanac. He proceeds to ask them for an autograph, and the three sisters are all too happy to comply. This boy has no sense of preservation. Even if they are Players, they just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a dark, scary forest. C’mon, man.

— Eventually, Mu wakes up to go look for Echo, and she too falls for the three sisters’ visual trickery. And again, they refer to her as the successor of the Dada world, which involves destroying the current world. If the current world is bound by logic and reason, destroying the world seems like the most extreme route you could take. But hey, that’s why these sisters are villains, right?

— The sisters summon forth a bunch of Earless, and confirm that the Earless are people. In fact, they are people who tried to become Players but failed. Well, I suppose I shouldn’t jump the gun. They haven’t really “confirmed” anything. We have no clue if we can really believe anything that the sisters say.

— I know that feeling.

— In any case, the attack triggers some of Mu’s dormant memories, so we get a better look at the Player. Yup, that’s a genderbent Mu. She’s related to him in some form or fashion. Reincarnation or clone, I have no clue.

— Mu is eventually provoked into punching what she believes to be Echo… but of course, if she really did punch him with their Equipment, he would’ve been obliterated. Again, it’s all just an illusion. But Mu is in shock, and as a result, she succumbs to the horde of Earless. Echo wakes up later only to find Mu unconscious just like he was.

— All of a sudden, a third party arrives. If you stick around for the next episode preview, the kids seem to be just fine. Sometimes, I feel like we should just get rid of previews because they tend to destroy any sort of tension the viewer might feel.

— Again, we certainly didn’t get a boring episode. I just don’t really know what to think of the three sisters and all this talk about Dada. It’s hard for me to think that the man they worship can possibly be Dada, but we’ll see.

1 thought on “Listeners Ep. 2: Taking the piss

  1. Akeem (@Akeem08113438)

    man I hear I was thinking dada was a made up word. hilarious, I gotta go do some reading. cute show so far and once I saw the preview I thought the same thing. if you’re gonna do them, why not be more obscure if the episode ended on a cliff hanger like this. maybe just say the title of the next episode with some narration or something


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