Plunderer Ep. 16: Flimsy convictions

Well, I decided to drop Tower of God, so at least I will only have to watch one boring show instead of two on Wednesdays.

— Licht will undergo the Aces operation, and naturally, Class A isn’t happy about it. They don’t want their newly appointed commander to put his life on the line. But hey, a shounen hero’s gotta do everything he can in order to save his friends, right?

Yo, he literally just said that.

— Hina wants to stop the operation, but again, Jail refuses. After all, if the future changes, this means Alcia might disappear! Isn’t that sort of asinine, though? I mean, let’s just think back to why Nana sent these idiots back in time in the first place. Three or four episodes ago — I forget the exact number — Jail had a conundrum. Even though Licht defeated the bad guys and protected civilians from that attack helicopter, the Special Service (a not-so-subtle reference to the SS) wanted Jail to hand our hero over. Otherwise, Jail’s men would die. Despite going on and on about his convictions, Jail didn’t even think of trying to save both his men and Licht. So Nana slapped some sense into him, and sent him and the rest of the team back in time. So what do we see now? We see Jail droning on and on about how he won’t trade one life for all the people in Alcia. Wow, it’s that easy to lose sight of your convictions, huh? I thought he would want to try and save both.

— Plus, it’s not even a fair comparison. If you change the past so that future events are altered, you’re not actually killing anyone. Those people will simply not exist. They will be replaced by new people who would exist in the new timeline. But whatever. I don’t subscribe to this time-traveling theory anyways. In the more tenable scenario in which the timeline splits in twain, you’ll get to keep your stinkin’ kingdom in the sky anyways!

— Jail’s bizarre code of ethics comes into question again in another scene. Without Licht to protect her, Sonohara gets bullied by that ugly bastard yet again. He even steals one of her stars. Jail walks in on this and basically does nothing. I thought he wanted to protect the weak. But instead, he pretty much gives her a stern talking to about how she needs to pull herself up by her bootstraps. There’s a middle ground between coddling someone and condoning a bully’s actions. I just think it’s kinda messed up that Jail pretty much lets the ugly bastard do whatever he wants.

— Meanwhile, Lynn feels guilty. Why? Because a part of her doesn’t actually want to save Licht. ‘Cause y’see, if Licht doesn’t become a Legendary Ace, then he won’t be able to rescue her in the future! Imagine that… future Licht was so fucked up by his traumas that he broke down in front of them. But golly, that romantic doki doki moment, though! I gotta preserve it!

— Then we get some bizarre scene in which Pele jumps on top of Lynn, stuffs a veggie down her throat, and tells her not to make him horny? Wha…?

— Ultimately, it’s up to Hina to save the day. She can’t stop the operation anymore. It’s too late for that. But even if Licht becomes an Ace, she argues that they can stop him from becoming the Ace that murders millions of people. All of a sudden, Jail shows up and agrees with her. Yup yup, we can totally try this! See, this is bizarre to me. Alcia only comes about if one side wins the war and fucks off with all the resources. You’ll still create a horrible solution where the victors get to run off and live in their magical fantasy land in the sky while everyone else suffers in the Abyss. But hey, as long as we get to protect Licht and our own people, who cares about the rest of the world, right?

— Won’t they lose the war if Licht doesn’t become that Licht? Hina nevertheless argues that regular Licht is stronger than edgy Licht anyways… but they were all gonna die to the SS until the latter showed up. Ah whatever.

— Right on cue, we are told that the operation is going well. Licht’s life won’t be in danger. I find it weird that Hina and the others are so happy to hear this. After all, nothing has changed. They are in the past. They are from a future in which Licht is alive. So of course the operation will succeed. It has to because nothing has changed.

— Lynn is now in good spirits again, so Pele decides to indirectly confess his feelings to her. I guess he’s always had a thing for her. Sure, whatever.

— All of a sudden, attack helicopters arrive and just starts murdering students left and right. It’s like they said last week: they’ve been betrayed by other countries. The date of the war got moved up, so now they have to fight. Firenda seems pleased, though. After all, she now gets to carry out her inhuman project.

— Not only are the foreign soldiers here to kill the students, they’ll molest the girls at the same time.

— Basically, the power’s been cutoff, so Licht’s life is back in danger. Hina tells everyone that they have to do everything they can to save Licht. Again, if we assume that past events have not been significantly altered — and there’s no reason to think that they have — then there also isn’t really anything to worry about. Licht can’t die, because his place in the future is guaranteed.

— Nevertheless, Class A tells itself that they will become the army that doesn’t kill! Now, I’m no medical expert, but it sure does look like this dude got killed!

— Some action follows, but they’re not very interesting. The only thing of note is we get to see exactly how Alan ends up with that massive scar in the future.

— Anyways, the episode ends with Hina praying that they can save Licht. I didn’t even bother to watch the previews. Who cares? Back to work for me.

2 thoughts on “Plunderer Ep. 16: Flimsy convictions

    1. Sean Post author

      Cause I’d rather listen to characters talk about their heavy-handed feelings than watch a bunch of random jobbers fight over bullshit I don’t care about.


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