Sakura Wars the Animation Ep. 6: Willfully blind

The game isn’t bad, but after six episodes, the anime seems like a complete dud.

— As soon as the episode starts, the girls bump into Hakushu. I’m five chapters into the game, which is a little past halfway. At the moment, she barely has any role to play. You only know two things about her: 1) she is Sakura’s master and 2) she really, really likes omurice.

— Hakushu knows all about Klara, because she’s obviously White Cape. But of course, the girls are completely clueless. It’s just baffling. I’m not sure if this is lazy writing or maybe they actually think this is a funny joke.

— Sakura is asked to help clean out a storage room for a nearby temple, which is about as boring as a chore can get. Hakushu obviously intends to use Klara as a way to lure the bad guys out, but again, Sakura doesn’t know any better. Yup, we’re just gonna tidy up a temple! Nothing more!

— The temple houses a bunch of orphans, so Hakushu wanted to see if Klara is interested in hanging around kids her own age. This is pointless, though. If she’s been keeping a close eye on the Russian girl as much as we’ve been led to believe, she should know by now that Klara is basically attached to Sakura. Almost overly-attached.

— Oh look, it’s the bad guys doing ballet ’cause we all know how much Russians love ballet. Valery also seems to know a thing or two about Hakushu. What he knows, however, remains a secret for now.

— So in the game, the Moscow Combat Revue has only been mentioned once. They basically got their butts kicked by the German team in the first round of the big competition offscreen, so I don’t even know what they looked like back then. I’m not even sure if Valery was their captain back then.

— Speaking of the competition, I’m through the first round. I’m pretty sure that by the end of the game, the Flower Division will have defeated both the London and the German teams and thus rebuilt their reputation. This is why the anime feels so odd. It’s supposed to be a sequel to the game, but the girls look so weak here. How did they go from defeating top rival teams and saving the world to… well, this?

Black Mask predictably shows up, but Sakura doesn’t have her weapon. Why wouldn’t a soldier carry her sword with her at all times? If demons suddenly attacked, wouldn’t she want to be ready to jump into the frontlines?

— Before you know it, the entire team is here thanks to an anonymous tip. Gee, I wonder who could’ve sent it.

— At first, I thought it was overkill to sic five mechas on one human-sized baddie, but Black Mask is apparently that strong. At one point, he almost smashes his way into Claris’s mecha. Plus, if the bad guy had run indoors, what would the girls have done? It’s not like they can chase after him with their hulking mechas. I dunno, man. The writing here is just hella weak.

— After doing enough damage to Black Mask, we see that it’s really just a robot. A robot that can somehow transform into a demon. At this point, Hakushu decides that she needs to fight as White Cape for some reason. I have no clue why. After all, they’re the same person. If she can defeat the demon as White Cape, she should be able to do it as Hakushu. Why even bother? Is she trying to hide the fact that Hakushu is really this strong?

— So to the girls, Hakushu disappeared outta nowhere and White Cape suddenly shows up outta nowhere. Hmmm, that seems mighty suspicious!!! C’mon, it’s obvious that Hakushu and White Cape are the same person. But once again, Sakura is as dumb as a brick in the anime. I’m not saying she’s Einstein in the game, but she doesn’t have any of these moments. In the game, she’s just your typical genki girl who wants to do her best in order to follow in Shinguji Sakura’s footsteps (the OG Sakura, I guess).

— Wanna defeat the bad guy? Just target its weak point! It’s almost like this is a game!

— Defeating the demon triggers a huge explosion, which then triggers Klara. Womp womp.

— In the aftermath, the poor girls scratch their heads and wonder who was possibly in control of the robot. Gosh, who?! Who, you guys? Whoooooooo?!!! I wish we had a clue… like maybe there’s a group of people out there who really want to get their hands on Klara. People who have shown up to the theater recently… M…. Mosc….. Moscow something something… ugh, I guess we’ll just never know!

— Speaking of the Russians, we get to see a flashback. I guess Valery saw an angel or whatever. Shrug, we’ll see.

— I think they should’ve just adapted the game instead of creating this half-assed sequel.

2 thoughts on “Sakura Wars the Animation Ep. 6: Willfully blind

  1. 67dreams

    There’s a lot of 90’s anime writing in the game that reflects older shows and manga of the classic Sakura Taisen day. It’s nostalgic, even if cliche at many points, but it feels fun. Even comfy.
    However the anime seems like it was written by people trying to capture that feeling and failing miserably because they either didn’t know what they wanted to do or they just didn’t understand the appeal. Sakura’s triple digit IQ–on the wrong side of the decibel–is an example.

    Agreed with your last point. Would’ve been better to adapt the game than try to fill in/introduce plot elements with the anime. Either way it’s a vehicle to market the game and prolongue fan appreciation by keeping it in the public eye longer. Just would’ve been better if it was better written at least.
    lol but that can be said for anything

    1. Sean Post author

      There’s a lot of 90’s anime writing in the game that reflects older shows and manga of the classic Sakura Taisen day. It’s nostalgic, even if cliche at many points, but it feels fun. Even comfy.

      I’m enjoying the game overall, but I do have some serious issues with with the gameplay. I’m just holding off on a post until I beat it. I’m taking my time ’cause I’m also playing a few other games at the same time. Having said that, I hope sales were/are good enough to give the next entry a bigger budget. I can never get enough of my weeb games.


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