My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 6: The boys take their shot

But Catarina is too busy just trying to survive.

— I’ve never seen anyone with such an exaggerated leg kick, but I don’t watch Japanese baseball. Maybe there’s a kooky pitcher out there who does exactly this.

— Catarina is now pitching fake snakes in case Geordo ever tries to murder her. I guess if that fateful day ever comes, she’ll stuff her pockets full of fake snakes. Personally, I don’t think the humor is hitting home. I think the show should move on from this gimmick, because — and let’s be honest — Catarina is no longer gonna die to any of these boys. They’ll have to introduce a whole new villain if they wanna work the doom flag angle.

— For the first time that I can tell in this series, Catarina’s mom admits that the new Catarina has been an overall net positive to the household. She still flips out over her daughter’s “low class” behavior, though.

— The first boy to try and make a move is Keith. He used to suffer from nightmares, but thanks to Catarina’s help, he’s A-OK now. So he tries to lean in and kiss our sleeping heroine, but Catarina wakes up and is none-the-wiser. If this girl gets any denser, she’s gonna form a singularity.

— In fact, this episode pretty much runs this joke into the ground. Every boy makes a romantic gesture only for Catarina to remain blissfully unaware of their feelings. The next person to make a move is Geordo. He tries to organize a one-on-one date with Catarina by the lake. Unfortunately, Mr. Overly-Attached won’t let Katarina out of his sight, so she just invites him to join them. I would’ve made a stepbrother joke, but alas, he’s an adoptive brother.

— Not only has Keith tagged along, so has the rest of the gang. Minus Sirius, of course. He’s pretty much the only person not in Catarina’s harem. I wonder if he’s gonna be a villain then…

— All of the girls love Catarina, but Mary is the only person who is actively gunning for the heroine. I guess if I had to root for one of the girls, she’d get my vote. I prefer characters who take the initiative. Plus, both Sophia and Maria seem very meek when it comes to their personalities. I typically don’t gravitate to girls like that.

— What kind of picnic has the boys and the girls sitting separately? Boo. Boo you boring children!

— Sophia insists over and over that her brother is smiling more these days. The potential for a good joke is there, but the execution is off. I think it’s because the animation isn’t very expressive. Honestly, the animation just isn’t very good.

— What is this? Untitled Goose Game?

— On the way home, both Keith and Geordo remark that Catarina is always leaving herself defenseless. On the other hand, if a girl can’t feel safe around her brother and her fiancé, then that’s kinda fucked up.

— I feel misled by the eyecatch. Where were the sand castles?!

— In Catarina’s head, most of her personalities are too lazy to continue being diligent during the summer. That’s fine and all, but then some random Tuxudo Mask cosplayer (but without the mask) shows up. Unfortunately, his sudden introduction to the story isn’t brought up again for the rest of the episode.

— Next up is Nicol… who goes wherever Sophia seems to go. So is he really taking his shot? Well…

— At one point, Sophia can’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu. Welp, that seals the deal; she’s that girl in the OP. Y’know, the one holding Catarina’s hand on the beach. Somehow, two girls have gotten isekai’d into this universe, but for some reason, Sophia has no memories of her previous life. I wonder if the mysterious man in Catarina’s head is somehow responsible at all for this situation.

— Since Sophia is the former BFF and all, she should have the leg-up in the Catarina Sweepstakes. But at the moment, she’s more concerned with playing wingwoman to her expressionless dullard of a brother. Even when he tries to be intense, he puts me to sleep. Nevertheless, the story acts as though he’s just oozing mysterious charm from every pore. Yeah, okay.

— Look at Sirius’s baby face. That level of innocence must be hiding something!

— Finally, we get to the last bishie. Since it’s Alan, he puts in one hell of a performance on the piano… at least, that’s what I assume. I’ve no clue if his playing skills are actually exceptional or not. His fan club certainly approves. Good lord, look at those “letters” on that sign. Is this really what the language looks like in this stupid game?

— Alan reveals the name of the last song he played. Look at Captain Subtle over here. But of course, Catarina doesn’t have a clue that the song is meant for her.

— But Mary knows. And Mary is not happy. Again, out of these currently very boring characters, Mary is my begrudging favorite. Everyone else is just so flat and uninteresting.

— At one point in the night, Catarina has a short conversation with Sirius. In a universe all about romance, the guy beams as he declares his non-preference. Calm down there, evil guy. The show even gives us a slight Dutch angle to emphasize the moment. Ooh la la.

— Then right before the episode comes to an end, we get a glimpse of Catarina’s previous life. Yeah, Sophia and her former best friend pretty much look the same. The latter just needs to put on a wig and some colored contacts.

1 thought on “My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 6: The boys take their shot

  1. DerekL

    I’ve seen that exaggerated leg kick in quite a few anime… I think you’re right, it’s reference they expect Japanese viewers to get.


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