Listeners Ep. 8: Aw, it was Mu all along

Well, I was dead wrong about what happened last week. And even if she didn’t mean to, it’s a bummer that Mu was forced to kill two people.

— In fact, Echo and Mu were in Londinium at the same time as Nir. How did they get there? With a little help from the bad guys.

— When the duo gets to Londinium, they’re immediately separated. Tommy, the leader of this joint, wants to speak to Mu without Echo, and I feel like that alone should give the kids pause. They’re partners, so they should try to do things together. I certainly wouldn’t just believe whatever a random stranger tells me. But who knows? Maybe I’m just paranoid and distrustful of people in general.

— Sally, one of Tommy’s underlings, tells Echo that Londinium is attacked by the Earless at a much greater frequency than any other place on the planet. That’s curious, isn’t it? Maybe it’s due to all the weird experiments they’re conducting here.

— When Mu inquires about Jimi, an old man in a wheel chair shows up to deliver more exposition. According to him, they never abducted Jimi. They only took his Equipment. Instead, what happened during Project Freedom was that Jimi came into contact with a certain Earless before disappearing through a gate. Oh dear, don’t tell me that Mu is really that Earless.

— So what’s the grand ol’ plan? Londinium thinks they can reconstruct that same gate and summon Jimi back. They just need Mu’s help, because… I guess because she’s so similar to him. It’s a plan that’s just crazy enough to work! Or so you think. Again, there’s really no reason to believe these guys. There’s no reason to think if this contraption will work or even that Jimi will listen to their summon. Most importantly, there’s really no reason for Mu to believe that Tommy has her best interests at heart… and maybe she knows that.

— Ah yes, we can’t have London without the classic English breakfast. Honestly, I don’t get the beans. Everything else looks delicious, but why the beans?

— When Mu sees Echo again, she’s a bit distant. She asks if he truly, truly wants to meet Jimi. It seems like a silly question on the surface, so Echo naturally takes it at face value. Of course he wants to meet Jimi! Jimi is his childhood hero! And isn’t that why they’re on this journey? To find Jimi and learn more about Mu’s origins? Ah, but therein lies the problem. When a question has such an obvious answer, the person who asks the question actually has a different question in mind. Why can’t she just ask Echo what she really wants to ask? Well, no one wants to make themselves vulnerable. These are awkward teenagers, so they’re either too afraid to say what they really want to say, or too clueless to say what they really want to say.

— To be fair, she does kinda hint at what’s bothering her, then Echo follows this up by trying his best to be supportive… but it’s just not enough. After traveling together for so long, they both really need to be more direct and honest with each other.

— So we get to see scenes of Mu rehearsing for the play. She also gets Echo to help her practice their lines. In a way, they’re expressing their feelings for each other. Too bad it’s just acting, so the distance between them remains.

— Echo ends up needing guidance from a familiar face. And what’s the key to solving this problem? Ah, just communication. Unfortunately, our hero doesn’t feel any sort of urgency. He tells Mu that he has something he wants to say to her, but it can wait until after the play. Do it now! Why wait? I mean, just listen to her! Normal people don’t say this! You only say things like that if you have serious existential angst! Mu disappears for a meeting then comes back a bit distant and slightly depressed? Bro, step up!

— But again, I can’t blame him. He’s a kid.

— Right before Mu goes on stage, she hands her pendant over to Echo for safekeeping. Welp, he’s probably gonna need that to save Mu since we already know what’s going to happen to her.

— The play proceeds normally until we get to the very end. When Mu goes backstage, Tommy sprays her with that drug we saw episodes ago. When she returns to the stage, he jacks her into Jimi’s old equipment. See, Tommy has other plans. Old Man Ace wanted to call Jimi back from god only knows where, but Tommy would rather just have Mu become Jimi.

— Right before she commits last week’s tragedy, Mu reflects on what she’s known for a while: that she is an Earless. And because she’s an Earless, she probably feels that she can’t truly be with Echo. Their journey will have to come to an end, no human can truly love her, blah blah blah.

— Why did she and Jimi trade places? Was it to bring about understanding between humans and the Earless? He went to live with them and she went to live with humans? Eh, who knows.

— Almost every week, we learn something new about that fateful day. The story changes depending on who ends up being the storyteller. My problem was that I thought Roz knew what happened to Jimi. She said he had been abducted, and I mistakenly assumed that she was right. But she, too, has only one perspective of what happened. There are a lot of unreliable narrators in this series, and who knows? Maybe we’ll learn something next week that’ll contradict this week’s retelling of Project Freedom.

— Alright, time for Echo to start the “Free Mu from the bad guys” arc.

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