Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S2 Ep. 7: Back to silliness

After all the election drama, it’s back to some silly antics that don’t really go anywhere plot-wise.

— So we kick things off by having Chika walk in on Yu changing in the student council room, and he’s apparently a tighty-whities man. Ah well, every boy grows up that way until they decide to switch over to something else… unless, of course, there are moms out there buying boxers for their 3-year-olds. That’d be nutty.

— So Yu gets on his soapbox and starts ranting about how guys who wears boxer briefs are manwhores just because the underwear accentuates your buttocks. I thought briefs did the same thing.

— Speaking of manwhores, I love how Chika hands Kaguya her phone and just starts giggling. The vice president is way too innocent.

— Next thing you know, Kaguya is now obsessed about Miyuki’s undergarment of choice. After all, she needs to know if the guy is a manwhore! But really, there isn’t much to talk about here. Miyuki simply misunderstands her, so he thinks she wants to know what type of underwear she should wear.

— And in the end, Miko is the one with the biggest misunderstanding of all.

— Oh hey, Yu folds to peer pressure like the rest of us.

— Disappointed to discover that the president is a manwhore, Kaguya goes to her best friend for advice. I love Ai’s sass. She’d probably be my favorite character in the series if it weren’t for the fact that she’s also this super maid who can do it all. I kinda hate that trope in anime. Just gimme a deadpan, sarcastic BFF. I don’t need the rest.

— Ai suggests that getting Miyuki to secrete happiness hormones will dampen his desire to be the manwhore that we all know him to be. As a result, Kaguya offers to give him a hand massage, which he happily accepts. Unfortunately, she’s terrible at it, but he endures because he can’t bear to make her feel bad. After all, she’s so sheltered and isolated from the world in general that she’s never been able to do a lot of normal things. And just being able to do said normal things is enough to make Kaguya as happy as a clam.

— Eh, I still think there’s a way to give her constructive feedback. Something like, “Oh, this feels great, but if you did this, it’d feel even better!” Ah well, maybe Miyuki is in too much pain to think on his feet.

— Personally, I’ve never liked massages of any kind. They just feel weird and awkward.

— In the end, Miko once again walks in at the most inopportune time.

— In the third short story, Miyuki really gets into a shoujo manga at his sister’s recommendation. He then thinks that getting Kaguya to read the manga might make her confess her love to him. Ah, another harebrained scheme.

— Even the jaded Yu can’t help but blubber over the manga. Eh, it’s not that hard to get someone to get emotional over a story. I think Fruits Basket is overwrought trash, but even I will tear up when the characters give their sob stories. That doesn’t mean that the writing is good. It’s simply called having empathy.

— Kaguya initially shows no interest in the manga, so everyone tries to get her onboard. Unfortunately, Chika is one those people who can’t help blurting out spoilers, so the boys have to silence her. Naturally, Miko walks in on this. It’s funny how she keeps coming back even though their antics constantly freak her out. At this point, she’s just doing this to herself.

— Yeah, this manga sounds terrible.

— Kaguya and Ai eventually read though the manga though, so they become victims as well.

— The last and final short story is viewed through Kaguya’s now shoujo-addled brain. It’s really quite frightening. I guess what makes me slightly uncomfortable is that even Yu has been given the bishie filter. Obviously, she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him, but she still wouldn’t mind having two hot, young men fighting over her. Yep, that’s your brain on shoujo.

— In the end, the president takes charge and summons enough courage to invite Kaguya to the aquarium. Y’know, the classic date destination in every anime ever. But for some god forsaken reason, Kaguya turns him down because she’s just happy to be in this position. Good lord, girl. No wonder you’re so sheltered.

— Ah well, at least the bromance lives on.

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