My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 8: Yo dawg, I heard you liked isekais

So I stuck an isekai in your isekai!

— Like usual, Katarina is struggling with her studies, so she enlists Mary’s help. Before you know it, everyone else invites themselves to the party. Well, everyone except for Nicol. He does come along, but when the anime cuts to him, he just gives us his patented blank stare. I admitted laughed when this happened. In any case, the harem is as strong as ever.

Fight, fight, fight, fight… no, really. They should all just get into a ring and have a deathmatch for Katarina’s hand in marriage.

— That’s a rather bold neckline for a young girl.

— In the middle of the study session, Katarina’s insatiable appetite for sweets rears its ugly head, so Maria and Mary offer to grab some for her. In their absence, our oh-so-lucky heroine stumbles upon a magic book that draws her and everyone near her into its world. Thanks to Maria, we quickly learn that the magic book feeds on people’s desires. How does she know this? I dunno, she just heard it from somewhere.

— So if you try and read the book while its ocupado, you get to watch everyone’s deepest desires play out. Wow, how embarrassing. Hey, I daydream a lot, and the last thing I would want is to let everyone see what goes on in my head.

— In Geordo’s fantasy, I love how Katarina just randomly falls backwards. Then again, this would probably happen in real life too.

— Clearly, Geordo thinks of himself as a very suave young man.

— Next up is Keith, and uh…

— …yeah, that’s some cringeworthy incest shit right there, adoptive brother.

— I expected to see Alan next, but we get Sophia instead. She’s normally shy and meek, but in her fantasy, she pulls off the super double kabedon! So this is what it looks like when a short stack tries to wall slam someone…

— Nicol got pulled into the book as well, and in his wildest dreams, he’s not a wooden plank! Wait, is this the same guy that we saw two episodes ago? Hmm, their outfits are slightly different.

— In any case, I guess Nicol is a huge romantic, but he’s too self-conscious to be himself in the real world.

— Had it not been for Maria, Mary might have just murdered all of her friends.

— We get Alan, who just plays the piano. I mean, maybe something juicy would’ve happened, but Mary slams the book shut before the rest of his fantasy could play out. I guess I can’t blame her. Nobody wants to be NTR’d by their own fiancé. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type out, and yet here we are.

— Well, there’s only one fantasy left to explore, and of course, it belongs to our heroine. Unlike her friends, the only thing Katarina is lusting for is sweets. As a result, she gets her own “Hansel and Gretel” fantasy minus the cannibalistic witch.

And boy does she gorge herself.

— I like to imagine that Mary and Maria are watching this and thinking to themselves, “Yep, that’s the adorable girl I love!”

— All of a sudden, the book explodes and thus frees its inhabitants. Maria comes to the conclusion that Katarina’s desires for sweets can never truly be sated. Instead, it just grows and grows and grows until even the book can no longer contain her gluttony. Can God create sweets so large that even Katarina can’t finish eating? Ah, deep questions to think about…

— For some reason, we get an extensive after credits scene. Since Alan didn’t really get to do anything romantic with Katarina in the book, I guess he gets to have his lil’ moment in the real world. I don’t know of many tree branches that can support the weight of two older teenagers, but the average trees in this world are pretty big, I guess.

— Well, not if his fiancée has anything to say about it.

— We’re two-thirds of the way through the series, and I’m not exactly sure if the show is headed towards any particular conclusion. It just seems rather aimless. There aren’t any story arcs per se. Random shit just kinda happens and we get to see Katarina roll with the punches. Hell, wasn’t a shadow stalking her in last week’s episode? Well, that sure as hell didn’t come up in this week’s episode.

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