Sakura Wars the Animation Ep. 9: The obvious truth

My posts on this show probably gets the least views out of all the spring anime, but since I liked the game, I may as well see this through to the end.

— It’s odd to see so many people working under Reiji. The game gave me the impression that he pretty much did all of the maintenance work by himself.

— One thing the game never bothered to explain was why WLOF, the organization that the Combat Revues report to, is so overrun by demons. I thought we took care of this problem in the game, but the demons are now back. Hell, I still don’t really know what demons are. It’d be nice if Sega would port the older games to modern consoles, but who knows what’ll happen…

— I let the OP run today, because I was busy with something else at the time. Listening to the song, I remembered how annoyed I was that beating the game didn’t unlock some sort of music player. For instance, the German team has their own song that plays when you talk to them in the ending, but you can barely hear it. It would’ve been nice just to listen to the song by itself. I also thought I would see more scenes of the girls performing on stage.

— Anyways, Leyla is now having second thoughts about forcing Klara to work for Valery. Without any hesitation, the guy whips out some sort of crystal that can control her. It’s probably a demon thing. I find it a bit odd that he doesn’t try harder to convince her with his words, but I guess it goes to show you that he doesn’t really care about Leyla. She’s just a tool for his ascension.

— Klara wakes up to find herself at the orphanage that Hakushu runs. We quickly learn that the place serves as a social experiment to see if humans and demons can coexist. Naoya is one of those demons. Considering Hakushu’s unnatural strength, I wonder if she must have demon blood in her as well.

— Seijuro checks in from Europe to tell us what we have probably come to suspected since the start of the series: the actual Moscow Combat Revue is dead. It’s really quite ridiculous that it has taken so long for the good guys to realize that Valery and Leyla are nothing but imposters.

— Anyways, Leyla and Klara were essentially created in a lab. I love how in these stories all you gotta do is stick some cells in a human child, and all of a sudden, they’re half-human, half-whatever-you-want-them-to-be. Plus, this has to break some sort of ethical rule, right? You want coexistence between humans and demons, so you just decided to create demi-demons? That’s your bright idea?

— The best part is how Valery just showed up one day and volunteered to work at the research lab. Yup, nothing suspicious here at all. They don’t do very good background checks in this universe.

— A bunch of Valery’s mechanical dolls show up to try and assassinate Seijuro, but he takes them out with ease. Either these dolls are junk compared to the one that the girls fought, or the girls are really weak.

— Hakushu eventually convinces Klara that she belongs with the Imperial Combat Revue, but of course, Leyla immediately shows up to kidnap the girl. Still, we got to see her do a ballet move before bitch-slapping Naoya.


— Alright, it’s time for the obligatory action scene.

— Even though Sakura and team have had issues with the bad guys in the past, they are suddenly much stronger in this week’s episode. I guess they’re finally back to the fighting strength that they showed at the end of the game. I think this is lazy writing, but oh well.

— Japanese bad guys and their true forms… yawn. Nothing new here.

— Hakushu also reveals that she was White Cape all along. What a shocker! Who knew?! I mean, sure, they have the same hair, the same skin color, the same fighting style (which Sakura honestly should’ve recognized), the same voice… but other than that, I had no clue!

— Again, before Klara can officially return to Sakura’s loving embrace, the bad guys intervene. This time, Valery snipes Sakura from his floating fortress, and our heroine is not doing so hot. Klara tries to save her, but I guess her powers take more than a day to recharge. Luckily, Hakushu is here to rescue her disciple. Again, I really think she must have some kinda demon strength in her. Oh well, we’ll probably find out soon.

— The girls take more heavy fire from Valery, and in the ensuing chaos, Leyla is finally able to complete her mission. This just means that the girls will have to go on a rescue mission. I bet Seijuro returns by then. I’m not exactly sure what else he needs to do in Europe. Maybe get rid of the demons within WLOF? Eh…

— Considering Sakura Wars‘ overall lighthearted tone, I think there’s a good chance Leyla might survive the story along with her sister. I wonder if she would then also join the Imperial Combat Revue. Ah well, we’ll find out in about a month or so.

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