Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 9: Have another waifu

Waifus are like potato chips. Betcha can’t marry just one… or two… or even three…

— First things first, Wendelin and his party gets a very handsome reward for their efforts in the ancient ruins. They each get two million gold coins. So, uh, do Louise and Iina even need to become Well’s concubines anymore? They just wanted him for his money and influence, right?

— Our hero is quickly informed that someone has been spreading greatly exaggerated rumors of his demise. As they say, the more you win, the more haters you’re gonna get. So what does his harem do? They decide to not take the money. 2 million coins? Forget about it! Just give it all to Wendelin! Welp, that answers my previous question.

— Even though the kid has returned relatively unscathed, the evil mastermind Ruckner isn’t phased about it. He thinks that just because he’s gathered a bunch of Wendelin haters to the capital, they’ll surely figure out a plan to eliminate one of the strongest mage — if not the strongest — in the kingdom. Hilarious, isn’t it?

— There’s also the fact that he’s almost always surrounded by his party members. I suppose Wendelin can’t take down an entire army on his own, but it’s not like these guys have one in their back pockets.

— A girl in a black cloak starts snooping around Wendelin’s estate. Since she’s cute, however, we know she can’t be evil. That’s just how it is. Cute = waifu. Ugly = evil.

— Wendelin plans on leaving the capital, so he wants to have someone look over the mansion while he’s gone. His party has a bright idea: what about that silly spear guy!

— After all this time, he finally gets to work for Wendelin, so it’s no surprise that he is as happy as anyone can be.

— The new waifu isn’t particularly very talented at being sneaky, but at least we get a funny scene out of it. Yeah, I laughed once… outta nine episodes.

— Halfway through the episode, Wendelin pays a visit to a magic research center. At this fancy joint, you can use a device that will allow you to summon anything from your imagination!

— Like… panties from one of the nearby researchers. Meh, Konosuba did this joke better.

— Oh no, holy waifu is concerned about her future husband’s depravity.

— Well blames his perversion on Er and tries again. His waifus grab their crotches in order to protect their panties, but I mean, that’s probably not gonna stop magic from doing its thing.

— In any case, Wendelin ends up summoning something that bleeds. Knowing this guy, it’s probably some kind of Japanese delicacy. We’ve seen him make miso, so this’ll probably be raw fish or kobe beef. I’m betting the former.

— Meanwhile, spear guy is conducting his own investigation on the side, and he instantly pinpoints Ruckner as the evil mastermind. It’d probably help if Ruckner didn’t look so evil, but oh well. In any case, spear guy sure is useful! It’s his first day on the job too! Maybe he should join the official harem! Oh wait, someone has to watch the mansion. Darn. Well, the least I can do is learn his name. It’s Roderich.

— Our hero throws a lavish party to curry favor with society’s elites. Since some people want him dead, he might as well make sure that his allies have a vested interest in keeping him alive. Makes sense.

— And to blow them all away, he introduces everyone to tuna sashimi. Ah, so it was raw fish after all.

— But don’t forget the soy sauce! All he needs to do now is go back to the summoning circle and conjure up some wasabi. Still, I wonder why no one has asked Wendelin how he even knows about these “exotic” dishes.

— Roderich delivers his report and more! He counters rumors of Wendelin’s death with another rumor. Well, is it really a rumor if it’s true? Either way, the evil mastermind is now under investigation. They doubt he’ll be punished, but at least he’ll be off Wendelin’s back for a while. More importantly, Rorderich reveals that he’s actually Ruckner’s illegitimate son. It’s all connected!

This sounds like we’re just talking about Kurt.

— Eventually, the new waifu can’t take it anymore, so she dramatically rips off the doors and crashes the party. She’s so strong that she can flip Er over her shoulders like a ragdoll. Luckily, all she really wants is, well, food.

— So her father casually walks up to Wendelin and is like, “Yo, wanna bang my daughter Wilma?”

— It turns out that Wilma has magic constantly coursing through her veins. The upside is that she’s very, very strong. The downside, however, is that she constantly needs to eat. Shrug, there’s always at least one waifu with a voracious appetite. Persona 5 was missing one, so they added Kasumi. Anyways, since Wilma is so strong, she gets to join the team as a bodyguard… even though Wendelin is already surrounded by fighters.

— It’s a good thing that none of Wendelin’s waifus are the jealous type.

— Anyways, Kurt pretends to be sad over the news of his brother’s death, but he’s not-so-secretly laughing to himself. Unfortunately, his happiness is short-lived, because all of a sudden, the whole gang is here. Teleportation sure is useful.

1 thought on “Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 9: Have another waifu

  1. Narrator 1 (@Narrator1)

    No isekai is complete without the transplant from Japan wooing the natives with some food, though points for it being something relatively exotic like fatty tuna sashimi. Usually, it’s just mayonnaise or sweets or an omelet.


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