Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S2 Ep. 8: More trivialities

Laugh all you want, but this is what peak male performance looks like.

— In the first story, Miko wants to get on everyone’s case for not being the exemplars of virtue that she desires. Unfortunately, she has a soft spot for Chika, which we already know about but it disappoints me nonetheless. If you want to be generous and kind to Miko, I guess you would say that even the strictest disciplinarian has their weak spots. But from a another point of view, Miko’s fondness for Chika just makes her come off as a hypocrite. This is especially true when she admits to having double standards.

— This becomes amusing, however, because Miko’s idol ends up spending the rest of the story trying to corrupt her. Chika ropes the girls into snapping some cute pics for Instagram, which means Miko can’t complain because they’re in this together. Oh, I’m sure Chika would never dream of blackmailing her kouhai, but she now technically has photo evidence that Miko has broken a school rule.

— Meanwhile, Kaguya can’t make a cute face.

— If Miko somehow falls in love with Yu, she’s gonna look back on these moments and cringe.

— In the second story, Miyuki and Kaguya find themselves in the classic “trapped in a sports equipment shed” trope. So what’s the small twist on the classic? They each think that the other person engineered this little scenario. Well, whatever works. If this leads to them making out, so be it.

— But of course, they’re not actually gonna make out. When these two finally kiss, it’ll be huge, momentous event. There’s gonna be a build-up and everything. It’s going to the climax to a multi-episode story arc… so yeah, I fully expect someone to interrupt these two right before they actually do the oh-so-dirty deed.

— Aw snap, a Dark Souls 3 reference. Not only that, a reference to the “Ashes of Ariandel” DLC. Cool. I loved the Sister Friede fight. I mean, c’mon, it’s a killer nun dual-wielding scythes!

— Anyways, Kaguya eventually serves herself up to Miyuki on a silver platter. DO IT, YOU COWARD! KISS THE GIRL!

— Imagine staring up at these eyes and trying to feel amorous, though. I know Kaguya loves the president’s strained, tired look, but sheesh…

— As they say, “He who hesitates is lost.” So naturally, Miko walks in on the two lovebirds right before anything juicy can happen. Ah well, you’re not gonna see the big kiss this season anyways.

— I can’t believe Miyuki couldn’t break this twig.

— In the final story, Kaguya collapses shortly after Miyuki got up close and plucked a piece of lint that was stuck in her hair. According to Chika, not only is Kaguya frail in general, her family has a history of heart disease. Luckily (and naturally), she can afford the best doctors in Japan.

That… doesn’t sound like a disease. That sounds like she’s just in love.

Sure enough, the top doctor agrees.

Oh no, here comes the tsuntsun side of the girl.

And once again, another medical professional agrees.

— Imagine spending a ton of money on highly expensive medical equipment just because you don’t want to admit that you’re in love. Ah, the privileges of the filthy rich.

— I can’t tell if Ai is genuinely embarrassed or if she’s secretly laughing at her lady on the inside.

— In the end, there’s nothing wrong with Kaguya… except, y’know, her somewhat cute, somewhat exasperating innocence.

— Oh, I guess Ai really is embarrassed. Hm.

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