My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 9: Catarina’s revolutionary fervor

Come, comrades, let us don our revolutionary garb, work the fields, and build our social character through honest labor!

— A good chunk of the episode is actually from Maid Anne’s perspective. Maybe she’s in love with Catarina, too. Well, that’s probably going too far. From what I can tell, Catarina seems like a daughter that Anne has come to deeply cherish.

— Anne has had front row seats to Catarina’s romantic cluelessness, so she proceeds to tell us all about it. We go through this every week though, so this is nothing new. I mean, how many damn times do I need to be told that Nicol smiles exclusively for Catarina?

— Our heroine stuffs her mouth with donuts just like Homer Simpson. There’s no finer lady in all the land!

— Amusingly enough, even Catarina’s mom is against her engagement to the prince. I guess she’s afraid that her daughter would embarrass the family, but I mean, if Geordo doesn’t mind, then who cares? Ah well, I guess when you’re rich and pampered, you can afford to worry about stupid nonsense.

Ugh, today’s cancel culture is just getting outta hand!

— Towards the middle of the episode, Catarina decides to throw a slumber party with her girlfriends.

But you guys do this every week…

— In preparation for said party, she tries to get Anne’s opinion on some rather unique pajamas. I think the eggplant one is cute… plus it’s extra funny because the eggplant carries a certain connotation with young people these days. Though I suppose not in Japan, huh?

— Where does she even find these crazy pajamas?

— Sadly, our heroine ends up wearing boring ones to the party. In general, sleepwear in this universe appears to be very matronly. Sophia looks like she’s cosplaying as a fairy tale grandmother.

— Time for girl talk! Like, y’know, what sorta things you might wanna do with your future SO!

— Oh c’mon, what’s with the eggplants again!

— Maria’s answer is as boring as her personality: she would just make sweets for her beloved. On the other hand, Mary is quite bold. There’s a reason why I would root for her out of all of these dull side characters. Hell, she’s not even hinting that she has a crush on Catarina. She’s taken her confession, written it onto a hammer of love, and is now bludgeoning our poor heroine over the head with it… to no avail, of course. It just goes in one ear and out the other with Catarina.


— The girls ask Anne to join in on the discussion, but the maid would never wanna get married. After all, this would mean leaving the Claes household.

— We proceed to get Anne’s backstory, which is huge tonal shift from the lighthearted slumber party. Apparently, the poor girl was the product of a baron’s affair with one of his maids. Then to pile on the feels, her mother died in a tragic fire. As a deeply scarred heart wasn’t enough, Anne also got a burn scar on her arm that no good person would really give a shit about. To the baron, however, she might as well be trash. Y’see, it’s all about establishing political connections through loveless marriages, and I guess rich guys can’t possibly overlook the scar.

— Afterward, Anne joined the Claes family, and over time, she came to love Catarina. When her father suddenly announced her betrothal (I guess there’s a man who can overlook the scar after all), Catarina came to her defense. This thus gave Anne the courage to finally stand up to her evil father! So what’s the lesson here? Well, our heroine treats everyone equally, which allows her loved ones to be themselves. This is especially meaningful in a society that is obsessed with appearances. Even among the rich, there’s a hierarchy wherein the lesser rich try to kiss up to their superiors. No such thing is necessary around Catarina, though. She is the people’s harem lead! Status doesn’t matter to her! Love for everyone! Rich or poor, man or woman, it doesn’t matter! All you gotta do is roll up your sleeves, pick up a farming tool, and get to work with the rest of your comrades! Why the revolutionary bent? Well, you’ll see.

— Shortly afterwards, Geordo gets a handwritten letter from Catarina. She probably sent the letter to everyone, but he’s giddy with delight anyways. C’mon, our girl is never gonna put the moves on anyone.

— Sure enough, everyone got the same damn letter. Maybe Catarina isn’t the only one who’s stupid.

— Geordo wanted to give Catarina an exquisitely fancy pair of gardening shears, but of course, everyone had the same idea. They all know her equally well, so they all need to dig a little deeper to set themselves apart. Like, I dunno, find her some fancy manure or something. Buy her a book on agricultural science. Use your imagination, people. Look alive.

— Catarina also has presents for her friends: this lovely green coat for working in the garden! Doesn’t it look like a uniform straight outta some communist country though?

— Unfortunately, storm clouds are brewing. Catarina thinks she’s avoided triggering all of the doom flags, but the mean girls at school are about to set her straight.

1 thought on “My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 9: Catarina’s revolutionary fervor

  1. El cagüai

    I love this Harem, but the problem with a Harem story is that in the end they only have to choose one “I mean, it’s the sad reality, you won’t be able to keep everyone.


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