Plunderer Ep. 21: Hina is back to being a damsel in distress

I thought Schmelman sent Doan to get Licht back, but apparently, the latter just flat-out murdered Licht. Oh well, time for another amazing episode of Plunderer.

— Obviously, the show’s primary protagonist isn’t going to stay dead, but I’m still confused as to what Schmelman was and still is trying to accomplish.

— In any case, when the gang finally catches up to Licht, they get captured.

— Elsewhere, Jail pays his adoptive dad a visit in a dramatic fashion. Simply opening the door would’ve sufficed…

— Alexandrov actually has flames on his shades. I guess he takes fashion tips from Guy Fieri. Anyways, he tells Jail that the kid no longer has to worry about how they broke the law by attacking the Althing episodes ago. Why? ‘Cause Nana somehow went to the city and begged for mercy? Forgiveness? Who knows… she must’ve done it while everyone was in the past. Nevertheless, if it is this easy to overlook a crime, I’m not sure why Alexandrov didn’t just do this in the first place for his son.

— Unfortunately for Alexandrov, Jail isn’t here to have a happy reunion with his dad. Instead, they duke it out. Jail starts yelling at his father for betraying everyone. After all, when he used to be Captain Alan, he helped bring about Alcia. At the same time, however, Jail had a chance to change the past, but he chose not to. So what exactly is he whining about now? The argument is that preventing Alcia’s creation would’ve erased the lives of all of the people living in Alcia right now, but I think it’s a weak one.

Jail lands a few hits, but in the end, he’s no match for his father. Alexandrov then proceeds to give us his sob story all about how he lost his two children. Some guy murdered them to get for his own child, and as a result, Alexandrov couldn’t pull the trigger and avenge his kids. He instead came to the the conclusion that Alcia is a necessary evil. Basically, you can screw over most of the world as long as some people get to live in luxury. Fantastic morals. Absolutely stunning.

— Jail, however, isn’t happy with the sob story. After all, Nana could’ve sent Alexandrov back to the past in order to prevent his two kids from dying. So why didn’t the man take that option? Well, apparently, it was all for Jail. Somehow, saving his two kids meant Alcia never would’ve come about, and as a result, Jail wouldn’t have existed. Alexandrov couldn’t make that sacrifice, so he chose not to use Nana’s powers… which is dumb to me. You can’t possibly know that saving two kids’ lives would somehow totally prevent Alcia’s creation. C’mon, it all hangs on the balance of two kids’ lives? Gimme a break.

— In the end, Jail is fired from the military, but as a parting gift, he gets to wear the uniform. What does this mean for him and LIcht, though? Is he still gonna defend Alcia from Licht if necessary?

Geez dude, just put on your jacket like a normal person.

— Back to Hina and friends… Nana is oddly missing. I’m not sure where they took her. Maybe Schmelman has other plans for her.

— Doan starts torturing the trio over Sonohara’s whereabouts. Maybe Schmelman also wants her back… or maybe Doan has other ideas of his own. Can’t really say, because we hardly know a thing about Doan and what makes him tick. After all, you might think he shouldn’t care about Hina and friends, but he actually warns them to watch what they say around Schmelman. Maybe the uggo actually has a heart.

— Speaking of Schmelman, he finally shows up and explains that his personality from 300 years ago was all a farce. He never once cared about the children. He never once took the whole “an army that never kills” idea seriously. He just played along in order to weed out the weaklings. I wonder if he’s lying now, though. After all, I still want to know where Firenda has disappeared to. Schmelman can claim whatever he wants, but it sure looked like she was manipulating him back then.

— Before Schmelman leaves, he orders his men to turn Hina, Lynn, and Pele into Aces. All you need to do now is just take a pill. Surprisingly, Doan ends up preventing this from happening. He claims, however, that he doesn’t actually care about them. He just doesn’t think they deserve to be Aces without going through the great war. In fact, he’s just going to let them go. Um, okay.

— Unfortunately, clumsy ass Hina drops her Ballot when trying to pick up her staff (what does she even need the staff for?). When Doan sees it, it really pisses him off for reasons unknown, so now he wants to kill them again. Talk about bipolar. The problem with Doan is that he isn’t just ugly. He also has no character development. I have no clue what his motivations are, but because he has no backstory, I also have no reason to care. All I know about the guy is that he’s a jerk. Not a very compelling villain, huh?

— Welp, Hina is back to being a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, Licht is still “dead” as of now, so I wonder how these kids are gonna get themselves out of this mess.

— And that’s it. Seems like kind of an uneventful episode outside of Jail confronting his dad, but I guess that was supposed to be a big deal.

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