Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 11: Best-laid plans

You can’t always have what you want, kid. Especially when the other side refuses to work with you.

— Wendelin finally learns the truth: the king wants him to take over simply because his family has been wasting the land that they’ve been living on. Still, I don’t really understand why a complicated plot is necessary. He’s the king. If he wants to replace a useless lord, he should just do so. Brantag says that doing this would strike fear into the other lords, because the king will go for them one day too. But so what? Isn’t that what meritocracy is all about? If you don’t perform, you get fired. Just fire Arthur and Kurt. But no, we gotta instigate a rebellion and then assassinate Kurt for some reason. Yup, that’s much less scary somehow.

— Amusingly enough, Brantag has remained sober in order to protect Well from any potential assassination.

— You normally add colored syrup to mizuame, right? Otherwise, it kinda just looks like eating glue.

— Wendelin obviously doesn’t want Kurt to die despite all of their differences. Not only that, Kurt’s death means Well’s nephews would also be stripped of their nobility. What I find most confounding, however, is that Amalie and her children will be kicked off of the land. Why exactly does this need to happen? Don’t families live together all the time. Hm, I guess this isn’t possible in this universe.

— Later that night, the villagers intend to confront Kurt, because they want Wendelin to be the heir. Even without the village chief’s meddling, the people have had enough. To me, this is the most compelling argument. I don’t really care what his family wants. I don’t care what the king wants either. But these villagers have suffered long enough. Wendelin doesn’t even know what to do with all his money. Meanwhile, these people live a wretched life in the boonies. I obviously don’t support a society with nobles and lords, but if that’s what we’re gonna have, then we need to talk about noblesse oblige.

— Wendelin tries to find a compromise that won’t require Kurt to lose his authority. I think that’s just stupid, though. Unless Kurt undergoes a complete personality change, he’ll just keep abusing his people. Ultimately, the compromise goes down in flames anyway, because Kurt is far too blinded by paranoia to understand that his younger brother has his best interest in mind. Honestly, Wendelin is being far too gracious. His brother has always treated him like shit. I don’t think Kurt deserves to lose his life, but he certainly doesn’t deserve to remain in power either.

— Still, I don’t know why Wendelin doesn’t just flat out tell Kurt that he’s going to die if he keeps this up. Ah well, I doubt Kurt would believe him anyway.

— Amalie proves to be far wiser than her husband; she understands where the wind is blowing. She confesses that she’s been taking the kids to see Wendelin so that he might protect them if worse comes to worst. Oh, I’ve read spoilers, honey… you don’t have to worry about Wendelin protecting you and your children. Still, I wonder if she’s tried to talk some sense into her husband. He seems like he’d be abusive, though. Probably best not to even bother.

— Eventually, our hero decides that he has no choice but to just take over the land completely. Again, I can’t argue with that. Do it for the villagers. They deserve a better life.

— Wendelin and his team kick things off by opening a bazaar full of “exotic” goods. Like, y’know, mayonnaise. I like mayo just fine if applied lightly to burgers, but not used like this. The thought of eating all those veggies slathered in mayo makes me wanna gag, but to be fair, I haven’t tried Japan’s sweeter take on the condiment.

— There’s also fine clothes and farm equipment that probably doesn’t break after a day. Again, Kurt brought this on himself. He didn’t even attend the funeral in last week’s episode. He deserves to be overthrown.

— Wendelin also wins his brother’s most loyal followers over by offering them free training in the capital. That’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t know why he had to approach them like this in the dead of night. Way to scare the shit out of them.

— With Roderich’s help, our hero secures a house for Amalie and her children in the aftermath. Again, I don’t know why she can’t just live on the estate. Those are his nephews. Why would anyone object to an uncle letting his nephews live with him? Oh well, I don’t really understand nobles and how they operate.

— Last but not least, Kurt would hide out in this church to prevent the king from executing him. That’s assuming that he would even come peacefully. We all know he won’t.

— With nobody left on his side, Kurt decides to try and kill Wendelin himself. This is a rather foolish move considering how his younger brother is one of the strongest mages. Not only that, he’s surrounded by his retainers and yet another mage. But hey, cornered animals tend to do stupid things.

— Luckily, the bad guys will give him a helping hand. Apparently, this ocarina can help Kurt defeat Wendelin. Our hero have taken down dragons before, though. This ocarina better summon an army of dragons or Wendelin won’t even break sweat.

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