Plunderer Ep. 22: Too many love confessions

Kids these days fall in love too easily.

— When we last left off, Doan wanted to kill Hina and friends because he intends to protect Alcia no matter what. It’s a complete surprise to find out that he is so attached to this country. It’s almost like he hasn’t had any character development whatsoever!

— Thanks to her friends’ help, Lynn manages to crawl away and escape on horseback. Unfortunately, Doan starts pelting her with rocks. One of them hits her hard enough to go right through her abdomen. I’m sure that’d probably kill me, but I guess it didn’t manage to hit any of Lynn’s vital organs.

— Doan could just kill Hina and Pele right now, but he lets her talk. Our heroine insists that Licht can’t possibly be dead. In fact, he’ll come and save them! Doan is so confident that Licht is dead, however, that he makes a bet with Hina. If Licht doesn’t show up by sunrise, then he gets to… kill them? You were already going to kill them!

— Apparently, Nana has just been hiding behind a wall. Odd but okay.

— When Lynn gets to Licht, she notices that he’s clean. Somehow, that means he’s not really dead. His heart has stopped, but that only means he’s… asleep? Don’t look at me. I don’t understand this shit.

— So of course, Lynn tries to wake the Legendary Ace up. She even tries CPR at one point, but she apologizes to Hina for doing so. ‘Cause y’know, her lips has to touch Licht’s lips! Anime can be so stupid sometimes.

— Lynn is losing energy thanks to all the blood loss. At one point, she tells herself that she can’t die before she tells Licht how she truly feels. But when she remembers that he already has Hina, she decides to give up. That’s so dumb. I thought she came here to try and save her friends. Is she honestly going to give up on saving her friends because her love confession wouldn’t matter? What?

— All of a sudden, everyone from Homhough is here. Why? How? No, really, how did they even know that Lynn was here and in danger? Why are the kids here as well? Why did this lady drag her fucking infant child here in the middle of the night?

— The villagers encourage Lynn to confess her to the “dead” Licht anyways. Again, I’m not really sure why her goddamn feelings are relevant. Priority one through a billion should be “Save your goddamn friends.” Then all the way at the bottom — at priority one billion and fucking one — is where Lynn’s love for Licht should be. But oh well, here’s the confession anyways!

— Unsurprisingly, Licht still doesn’t wake up. One of the ladies proceed to slap him around. Cool.

— Ultimately, Lynn tells Licht that she knows he loves Hina, so he should wake up and save her. Shoulda just started with that from the beginning.

The sun comes up and Lynn falls backward only to find herself in Licht’s arms. Oh, now he wakes up. They just had to make it look as dramatic as possible.

— Back with Hina, she says to Doan, “So in your heart, you’re actually waiting for him to come back…” Huh? I guess Licht and Doan became buddies during the war. Nothing brings people together like like murdering millions of people, I suppose.

— So again, Doan is about to severely hurt Hina when Licht shows up at the most dramatic moment possible. Before they start fighting, however, Doan is nice enough to let Licht take care of a few personal affairs. Maybe I have the ugly bastard wrong. Maybe he’s actually a nice guy after all… nah.

— First things first, Licht hands Lynn over to Pele, because the girl needs a blood transfusion badly. Pele plays dumb at first, but Licht implies that he knows that the former is hiding his true identity. True identity about what? Are we really introducing this at the 11th hour? I guess so.

— Next, Licht turns to Hina and apologizes for ditching her. He even throws in a love confession for good measure. I like how Doan is just patiently watching from the sidelines. Yup, go ahead murder buddy, pour your heart out to the woman you love, ’cause I’m gonna kill you right afterwards.

Hina kisses Licht — again, Doan is sitting through this nonsense — then doubles down on Licht being her Legendary Ace, because she chose him. Well, putting aside the fact that he’s hundreds of years old — and since he was her father’s best friend, she’s almost like his niece — it’s not like Hina really had a choice. Up until last week’s episode, Licht was literally the only male Ace that our heroine had ever met. So unless she is suddenly bisexual and wants to choose Sonohara instead, she had nobody else to choose from.

— Welp, I gotta give Hina credit for at least acting like a horny teenager when anime is typically full of prudish heroines. Her only problem is her timing.

— When Licht turns to fight Doan, he reveals that he was never alone during the war. Essentially, he’s only confirming the fact that he and Doan had some sort of working relationship. Were they close friends? Who knows? But they were close enough for Licht to make a promise to Doan — a promise to never bring down Alcia.

— This time, it seems as though Licht will have no problems beating Doan. So much for the latter being a hard counter, huh? But it makes me wonder why our hero is now having such an easy time with his opponent? Is he now powered by love? It’s love, isn’t it?

— Unfortunately, things are never quite so simple, because Sonohara finally shows up… as an enemy. You just can’t keep a yanderekko down. Oh well, I guess we have a 2v1 to look forward to next week. Then our hero still needs to confront Schmelman.

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