Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 12 (Final): One super anti-climactic ending

Even though I already know that this anime sucks, this ending really takes the cake.

— What do the bad guys want in return for Kurt’s assistance? Just favorable negotiations when it comes to parceling out the undeveloped land. Yep, it boils down to real estate. This reminds me of how the central conflict in Yakuza 0 was over a super tiny plot of land.

— The next day, Wendelin confronts Kurt in the forest. Y’know, away from everyone who might get hurt in the ensuing battle. Except, however, there is no battle. You’ll see.

— Kurt rants and raves about how he should be able to call the shots because he’s the eldest son. The problem, of course, is that he has been calling the shots. They’ve been letting him call the shots for years now, and all he’s done is screwed himself. The sad part is that it doesn’t seem like anyone has even bothered to sit the guy down and reason with him. Not his dad, not his wife, not the king, and certainly not Wendelin. Well, I suppose our hero did try, but it was a little too late.

— Still, you can’t even get invested in this story, because the anime takes the lazy way out by making Kurt comically evil. Wendelin asks if Kurt is willing to put his own family in harm’s way. The answer? Yes, yes he is. Kurt replies that he can simply marry a new wife and pump out more children.

— Brantag sure is nonchalant about a flute that can apparently summon an army of dragons.

— The guy starts playing the flute, so you might wonder, “Why not just stop him now? Why not prevent him from playing the magical flute?” Well, they can’t. Kurt is magically protected by the very same flute. Like I said, this story is very lazy.

— Instead of dragons, however, Kurt ends up with a bunch of silly-looking ghosts. It feels like I’m watching Scooby Doo.

— It turns out the flute summons malice or whatever — dark energies that can turn you into a zombie. As a result, Kurt essentially kills himself to become this hulking monster. He has been led astray.

— For some reason, Wendelin is frozen in place. He initially can’t bring himself to act against his brother, which is just plain stupid. First, it’s not even his real brother. Lest you forget, this is a fucking isekai and Wendelin isn’t actually a 16-year-old kid. He’s a salaryman from Japan. Second, Kurt has treated him like shit from the very get-go. There were never any fond moments to look back and reminisce upon. The idea that Wendelin is emotional here is just ridiculous. It has no grounding in anything.

— It’s up to Elise to step in and protect her future husband. This seems to knock some sense into Wendelin, so he eventually joins her in purifying Kurt or what’s left of him. They don’t really finish the job, though. For some reason, Kurt’s hateful spirit turns into this sperm-like thing, invades the bad guy’s lil’ shindig, and proceeds to murder everyone. And that’s that. In a span of five minutes, all of the villains go down. That’s it. No more conflict left.

— In the aftermath, Wendelin learns that all of his planning has gone to waste. Because Kurt just had to go and murder all of those nobles, all of the blame has fallen on his shoulders. As a result, his wife and children can’t even live peacefully in the capital. Gosh, if only a high-ranking noble would just marry her and protect her children! Oops, we’re outta time though!

— All of a sudden, Wendelin decides to become class conscious. All of a sudden, he now feels like a stranger in strange land who can’t believe that nobles would treat others this way. Later that night, he even tells Elise that he feels as though he hasn’t accepted this world. This pisses me off. For eleven goddamn episodes, Mr. Salaryman barely even felt a culture clash when this should’ve been an ongoing conversation from day one.

— Wendelin, however, isn’t going to do anything revolutionary. He isn’t going to upend society or even challenge it. After all, that would take conviction, which he does not have. Like every other braindead story out there, the solution to bad nobles is to simply replace them with good nobles. See, the system isn’t bad! It just has bad people. Uh-huh.

— The king will grant Wendelin another reward in addition to the undeveloped lands that Kurt had previously presided over. As a result, Wendelin wants the ability to bestow the rank of nobility to two people of his liking. See, I thought our hero was gonna find two deserving people. But no, he intends to bestow those titles to Kurt’s two sons once they grow up. In other words, nepotism. Like I said, not a lick of conviction.

— In the end, we’re right back to the very beginning, i.e. watching Wendelin and friends work on that undeveloped land.

— For some reason, Wilma went and found a giant banana.

— Last but not least, a big feast is the fitting way for every isekai to end.

— This was a boring show with even more boring animation. I would not lose any sleep if it never got a sequel. Funny enough, the light novels have some ardent defenders, but I’m not gonna bother with that.

2 thoughts on “Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 12 (Final): One super anti-climactic ending

  1. dsprizer

    I can forgive a show for being bad, but not for being bad AND lazy. This series was about as lazy and awful as it gets.


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