Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S2 Ep. 12 (Final): One step closer but still miles apart

Let’s put a bow on this season.

— The first season ended with Kaguya sneaking out of her mansion in order to do something that any normal teenager could do: see the fireworks with her friends (though she ended up staring at Miyuki the whole time). It’s thus only fitting that the second season ends in a similar fashion.

— So what’s the problem now? Well, Kaguya still has her ancient flip phone from a bygone era. Nevertheless, she cherishes it because it contains pictures of precious moments — they’re so precious that she really should’ve backed up her data…

— Miyuki sure has a lot of patience, ’cause I don’t think I could work in a room this noisy.

— The principal shows up with a camera, because he wants photos of the student council for the yearbook. Kaguya has to sit out, however, because her family won’t allow her face to appear in any public photos. There are a lot of things I could say about that, but it would just disappear into the ether. It’s not like her family is real and can therefore be reasoned with. I guess I just feel like it doesn’t even make sense to let her become a vice president if they’re so concerned with her public image. Hell, I’m surprised they didn’t just force her to go to a girls-only school.

— Ah yes, every old man in anime is kinda skeazy.

A small change can go a long way.

Meanwhile, these two dorks…

— The principal tries to push Kaguya’s buttons by having Miyuki and Chika pose as if they’re a couple, but can you imagine the latter getting into a lovey-dovey relationship? I bet the series ends with her being the odd one out. She’ll probably go enjoy a bowl of ramen while everyone else hooks up.

— When it seems as though Kaguya’s ire is about to rain down on the principal, he quickly does an about-face. And since the girl is so easy to placate, all of that anger she had previously held just goes poof into the air. I wonder if he knows something about these two. I mean, it’s kinda like the worst kept secret.

— Towards the end of the day, Miyuki suggests that they all take private group pictures so that Kaguya can feel included. Unfortunately, when the girl tries to hand her flip phone over to the principal, a gust of wind ’causes her to drop it. A gust of wind, man. Then it somehow bounces off of the ground and over the railing. By the time it hits the ground, it is utterly demolished. Amazing, isn’t it?

— The sad part is that the phone is so old, it can’t be repaired. Even worse, the data can’t be extracted (I wonder about that, but whatever). This means that all of her… um, precious photos are gone. Kaguya is so forlorn that she doesn’t even react to Ai’s teasing when they go and buy a new phone.

— Still, our heroine tries to put a positive spin on things. With a new phone, she can finally start using modern social media apps that secretly spy on us and sell our data to other companies. Hey, I’m just sayin’…

— It’s interesting how Miyuki is the last person to notice that Kaguya is feeling down, but he does quickly realize why his partner is bummed. The others, however, are just making blind stabs in the dark. For example, Chika thinks that maybe her friend has a stomach flu. On the other hand, Yu projects by suggesting that maybe Kaguya stayed up late playing games. I can’t picture Kaguya with a Switch in her hands. C’mon, she just lost her old phone. Is it really only obvious to Miyuki?

— In the end, it’s up to Miyuki to solve the problem, so he organizes a group chat for the entire student council. Apparently, he’s been holding off on this just for Kaguya’s sake. As a result, everyone starts sharing photos.

— Kaguya ends up with more photos than she previously had on her old phone. Unfortunately, Miyuki wusses out and didn’t share everything in his possession. Boo this man. Booooo.

— So yeah, Kaguya gets to act more and more like a normal teenager with every passing day… but compared to last season’s fireworks, this climax gets a meh from me. I mean, it’s a cute story, but not really a climactic way to end a season.

— There’s actually another short story right afterwards to cap off the season, but I really don’t have anything to say about it. Basically, the kids play a game in which they each try to pump up a balloon. The person who makes it burst is obviously the loser. For some reason, however, the balloon ends up destroying the school, and this somehow segues into our main couple staring into each other’s eyes. Um, alright… I guess we got a non-canon story to fill up some time?

— We’re one step closer to these two confessing their love to each other, but still so far, far away. A third season might eventually show up in about a year (i.e. the same amount of time between the first and second season), but even then, I don’t think we’ll reach that pivotal point.

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