Plunderer Ep. 24 (Final): The tables have turned

Now it’s Licht’s turn to be victimized.

— When Licht wakes up, he finds himself in an endless expanse of human skulls. Just human skulls, though. No other bony structure. Doan’s “black hole” tears everything up but human skulls. Just accept it. You must also accept the fact that this scene looks like a shitty version of Berserk‘s eclipse event.

— Doan doesn’t really matter. He’s not even the final boss. What Licht has to do is confront himself. As a result, he finds himself taunted by masks. They’re trying to make him give up and quit on life. It’s weird to have this conversation now, though. After all, Licht went quiet for 300 years. Why didn’t he spend that entire time reflecting on his own sins?

— Plus, like everything else in this series, Licht’s true conflict is as generic as it can get. He initially tries to resist, but he eventually succumbs to his “opponent.” Then outta nowhere, he hears Hina’s voice calling out to him, and as a result, our hero finds the strength to pick himself back up. Yawn.

Thanks, Webster.

— Back in the real world, Hina continues to believe in Licht. Even Jail has a nice word to say about the hero. Ah, friends coming together.

— So Licht emerges from the “black hole” and goes right back to fighting Doan. He doesn’t want to simply defeat his old partner, though. Rather, he wants to recruit the former high school bully to his cause. After all, they really bonded over murdering a good chunk of the world’s population. Great. If there’s ever a sequel, I’m gonna have to see Doan’s ugly mug again.

— Also, he’s literally a child murderer. I like how Licht just glosses over that fact. Well, y’see, the kid was brainwashed by evil people to kill me, so Doan just had to do what he had to do! There were no other options! There’s no possible way two super powerful Aces could stop a kid with a knife without murdering him!

— Doan eats a punch, then just decides to walk away. He won’t join Licht… yet. But he will give back the Ballot that he stole from Hina, ’cause… I dunno… maybe he actually thinks Licht has a ghost of a chance at saving the world?

— So the episode isn’t even half over, but all of the fighting is over. Yep, Doan was the last boss. For this season, anyways. Isn’t that a letdown? Schmelman is just chilling some church out there.

— When Lynn wakes up, she finds herself in just her underwear. They had all sorts of medical equipment that they needed to save her life, but a hospital gown is too much to ask for. Plus, if you’re gonna go this route, you might as well just make her go topless. Nobody keeps their goddamn bra on when they go into surgery. If you’re gonna give me fanservice, at least have it make sense.

— Lynn thinks her confession to Licht was a dream. After all, why would the villagers from Homhough be there? Y’know, I asked the same damn question!

— But not only were they out in the middle of nowhere that night, they’re also here to visit Lynn. Why? Beats me. As you can see, however, that mother never leaves her baby at home.

— Even when they rush off to beat Licht’s ass for rejecting Lynn, the baby comes along. Hell, that baby is pissed. It wants in on that ass-beating.

— Elsewhere, we see Jail get quite saucy with Nana. I guess since both Nana and Lynn lost out to Hina, they will just have to settle with their backups.

— We quickly learn that the villagers practically violated Licht. He’s an Ace too, so he could’ve stopped it if he wanted to. But no, he let someone shit on his head.

— Pele then goes and confront Licht about how the latter knows all about his secret identity. Apparently, he gave himself up episodes and episodes ago. No matter, though. As long as Pele continues to worship the ground that Lynn walks on, Licht will continue trusting him. Great.

— With that out of the way, Pele goes to pay Lynn a visit. Along the way, he gets some really questionable advice

…which he seems more than happy to follow.

— But like they always say, at least buy the poor girl dinner first! Or in this case, make it.

— Even though Pele already confessed his feelings to Lynn, he’s all shy about it now. When she asks if he’s one of the people she could date in Homhough, he decides to neg her instead. Why? Because he’s a stupid dumbass. I dunno, what do you want from me?

— Lynn then goes, “Oh, Sergeant Pele, I didn’t think you’d be so good at cooking. You’d actually prevent women from wanting to marry you?” What? A guy who knows how to cook is like one of the easiest ways to impress a girl. Did the near-death experience destroy her brain?

— Finally, we get to the main couple. Hina is still as horny as ever. And even though Licht spent most of the series perving on girls, he’s now a gigantic prude. He’s like a dumb dog that chases after cars. Now that he’s caught one, he has no fucking clue what to do with it.

— Apparently, Hina’s mother also likes to dole out questionable advice.

This… sounds kinda rapey. Even in the best case scenario, someone did not have very good sex.

— In fact, it appears as though Hina would’ve raped Licht had she not been cockblocked by the rest of team. But hey, we have important plot matters to discuss.

— There’s nothing too complicated here. Licht simply tells everyone that he’s going after all of the Original Ballots. Initially, he intended to bring Alcia down, but he’ll now do it with a twist! He wants to get rid of the Althing so that humanity can go back to controlling their own fates. Yeah, yeah, yeah, real original.

— Meanwhile, Schmelman is still just chilling in his church, but he still has surprises in store for Licht. We’ve been told that everyone else in Class 1A had committed suicide. Well, maybe our evil mastermind went and revived them from the dead.

— Still, Plunderer is over for now, so let’s just end on a happy note.

— Phew, even for a shounen, this show was lazy. But would I blog a sequel? It depends. This season, I didn’t really have anything else to blog on Wednesdays. If the same thing happens again with the sequel, then sure. It’s like fodder.

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