Saturday’s Other Pile of Junk: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Ep. 3

More family drama.

— As you might have already expected, Sasha is your typical tsuntsun heroine. She basically fell in love with Anos because he can look into her eyes and compliment them, but she won’t admit it. Nevertheless, the only other person who can do this is her sister. So why does she hate Misha so much then? Well, the obvious answer is that she doesn’t.

Some dude shows up to teach the class all about fusion magic. He looks like he just walked straight out of the Overlord series, but nevermind that. In any case, his name is Ivis, and he’s supposedly one of the seven emperors created from Anos’s blood. So he should remember our protagonist, right? Well, apparently not. Anos wonders if Ivis’s memories have somehow been erased. Maybe. Or maybe it isn’t even Ivis. You never know. It’s been 2000 years, so he might be talking to an imposter.

— Anos tries to retrieve Ivis’s memories by… I dunno, facepalming the guy? Needless to say, everyone including the instructor is beside themselves over Anos’s impropriety. But does Ivis, one of the supposedly fearsome emperors, bother to punish the protagonist afterwards? Of course not. And it’s probably because he knows he can’t. So does anyone else now believe that Anos might be the real deal? Nope, they won’t. That’s the funny thing about superpowered heroes. Naturally, I don’t like them at all. I absolutely think dorks like Anos are really boring because they just steamroll over everything… and yet, what’s even worse than this is when everyone around said overpowered heroes is so stubbornly and willfully blind to the obvious truth. Whether or not Anos is the actual founder, it’s pretty damn obvious that he’s stronger than everyone here. In fact, why is he even enrolled? Just for kicks? Does he just want to observe for himself the sorry state that demons have found themselves in?

— There’s another boring exam for the students to take. This time, they have to plumb the depths of a castle and retrieve magical artifacts for points. Luckily for Anos’s group, this is his castle, so he knows exactly how to retrieve the best artifact. Ho hum.

— It’s clear that this series has settled into a comfortable routine. Every week, the girls will come across a problem, and Anos will follow up with a solution that sounds oh so simple. “Oh no, this door has powerful anti-magic protections! Whatever shall we do?!” “Just open it, dumdum! lulz”

— The major drama of the week still concerns the two sisters. In fact, they’re twin sisters, and Misha wants to give Sasha something nice for their upcoming birthday. With Anos’s help, she settles on a robe blessed with fire magic. Anos wants to give Misha some ice ring, but the girl turns down the offer… probably because she knows what’s coming up.

— Back when they were children, Sasha couldn’t make friends because she had no control over her demonic eyes. Nevertheless, Misha was always there for her. And with Misha’s help, however, Sasha eventually got over that lonely phase of her life. And yet, one hates the other. Hm.

— When Anos steps out of the room to let Sasha put on the robe, he returns later to find a knife in Misha’s chest. Oh no, the evil sister is back! Or is she? See, Anos isn’t just overpowered magically. He’s also overpowered in every other category, so he can tell right away that Sasha doesn’t actually hate her sister. The knife in the chest seems mighty convincing, but these are powerful mages. If Sasha really wanted to kill her sister, she obviously could’ve done a lot worse. What’s funny, however, is that Anos kinda goes overboard with his example of what she could’ve done instead. Alright, chill out, psycho. But I digress. The point is that Sasha is practically begging Anos to heal her sister, because by now, we all know that our hero can do this easily. So what is Sasha really up to?

— Plus, all of the promo stuff firmly establishes Sasha as the other heroine, so even as a viewer going into this series blind (after all, I would never willingly read a light novel), there’s no reason for me to believe that the girl is actual evil. I have to imagine that she has to hate her sister or something bad will happen. I don’t know what, but you know how lame these anime twists are. In any case, my point is that the story pretty spoiled itself.

— Our hero was about to force the truth out of Sasha when Misha begs him to spare her sister. As a result, Sasha gets to escape, but probably not for long. After all, our demon lord can probably just track her down in an instant or whatever. Maybe close the doors so she’s trapped in some room. But that’s for next week’s episode.

— If he can’t get any answers out of Sasha, then maybe he get the truth from Misha instead. Unfortunately, the episode is just about over, so we’re simply told that Misha will disappear at midnight. Apparently, she was never supposed to exist in the first place. Who knows? Maybe she’s gonna fuse with Sasha or something. After all, they did very conspicuously introduce Ivis, the guy who is supposed to be an expert on fusion magic. I’m sure Anos will show up him very soon, though.

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Other Pile of Junk: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Ep. 3

  1. Calvin Johnsonz

    this is the worst anime ive ever seen, none of the buildups make any sense. why the hell does everyone keep doubting the MC even though he has already proven how OP he is. Dude made a spell that was passed down for thousand years 2x stronger in a second in front of the class and the teacher still treats him like a class clown


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