Saturday’s Other Pile of Junk: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Ep. 4

It’s only 10am. Why do I feel exhausted already?

— So what’s the deal with the two sisters? Ivis did something to a fetus which split the original person in twain, and when they both turn 15, Misha will disappear. As a result, Sasha will become a more fitting vessel for the founding ancestor. Yeah, something like that. If you want a more detailed breakdown of how the process works, you can watch the episode for yourself. I’m just not interested enough in the minutia of this series’ magical mechanics. In any case, the literal Demon Lord is standing right before them, so Ivis’s efforts are all for naught.

— I also keep forgetting which twin is Misha and which twin is Mischa. Who’s the hot one again?

— Misha tells Anos that she’s accepted her death, because she was never supposed to exist in the first place. Not only that, she made up with her sister, and made a friend. Apparently, that’s enough for her. I guess you could say that her mentality is warped by fifteen years of abuse and isolation. Naturally, Anos isn’t going to let her die. I wonder if he’d feel this strongly about it if she was a guy. Just saying…

— Like I predicted last week, it’s futile for Sasha to try and escape. This is Anos’s castle, so he can literally erase its doors. This would be scary if he was actually evil.

— Sasha still thinks she can pull a fast one over Anos. Again, I’m not here for the nitty gritty details. I just need to get the gist of it, and apparently, the girl challenges Anos to a match where she’ll always get the desired results no matter what… kinda. Her grand plan is to take Misha’s place, but it’ll only work if her sister hates her. To nobody’s surprise, Misha doesn’t hate her. Womp womp.

— The Demon Lord proceeds to explain that no one has to disappear at all. They’re two halves of a soul, right? Well, what if we just send them back in time so that they can fuse with their former selves. This way, they’ll become two souls! It’s that easy!

— Ivis isn’t about to let Anos ruin his plans, so he stabs the Demon Lord right through the heart! But the joke’s on him! You fool! You’ve fallen for one of the classic blunders! Everyone knows you can’t kill a hero by crushing their heart!

— Alright, you know the drill. The enemy thinks they’ve won, Anos surprises them, they yell “BAKANA!”

— Even though there’s barely any time left in the day, Anos isn’t worried at all. He knows he can send the girls back in time and save both of them. But wait, not if the GOD OF TIME has something to say about this! Hm… so the god of time is just the grim reaper? That’s lame…

— Even lamer, he won’t fight Anos directly. Instead, he lends his powers to Ivis. Why? Shrug.

— Even now, Sasha doesn’t believe in her master. Tsk tsk tsk.

Once again, Ivis thinks he’s killed Anos. But once again, he’s fallen for yet another classic blunder! You can’t make someone die by killing them. Ugh, try using your brain for once!

— With no other recourse, the time-empowered Ivis has only one trick left: stop time completely. But look! Anos can still move even though time has literally stopped! BA-KA-NA!

— But seriously, how are future fights gonna top this? How do you make Anos overcome a challenge greater than time itself?

— The twins are stopped dead in their tracks, but somehow, Anos can still communicate with them. I mean, if he can still move, I guess anything’s possible. So he tells them to believe in him, and that’s it. That’s all it takes. By believing in his ability to defy fate, they too overcome the stoppage of time. As a result, Anos can then save them by proceeding with his original plan.

— With the twins saved, Anos can turn his full attention on Ivis. How do you kill a time god? By whipping out a a very special sword. It’s just one of those things you gotta have in your back pocket. It’s one of my everyday carry essentials. Let’s see, wallet, keys, watch, water bottle… and of course, my reality-shattering sword that can sunder time itself and defeat a god.

— What’s hilarious to me is that Anos can be this strong, but he can’t achieve world peace. After all, this is why he sacrificed himself, right? He was tired of all the wars, so he decided to basically slumber for 2000 years. In other words, you can kill a god, but you can’t stop people from killing each other. How fucking depressing is that? Racism is stronger than god!

— Apparently, with Ivis’s defeat, the real Ivis is now back. He’ll now follow Anos’s orders and investigate the other emperors.

— As for the girls, everything is back to normal. Misha is happy, and Sasha is tsuntsun. Anos then invites them over for probably yet another goddamn mushroom gratin.

— Man, I wish I could stop time. I would take so many naps.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Other Pile of Junk: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Ep. 4

  1. 67dreams

    I mean Soul Calibur has a sort of Grim Reaper-meets-Timelord character too but at least Zasalalamlel has a more unique design than just basically the Reaper with a mask.
    also lol stopping time to take naps sounds like something an OP shounen character would do. I wonder why there hasn’t been a character like that for gags in anime, at least not that I can think of.
    As a rambling aside, I think more over powered characters should be used as plot devices and comedic relief. When they become an active part of the main cast they escalate the power leveling of the story too much and leave other characters behind. Then you get DBZ syndrome where a cast of 20 is whittled down to really just the main three that do anything of importance.

    1. Sean Post author

      I haven’t touched a fighting game since SF3: Third Strike, so anyone or anything in them is way outta my radar.


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