Saturday’s Other Pile of Junk: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Ep. 6

As soon as the episode begins, Izabella, Anos’s mama, is all over him. Aw, just look at her fawn over her lil’ newborn.

— As an aside, I just realized I don’t know what her last name is. Sure, he’s Anos Voldigoad, but I doubt his parents are Voldigoads as well. In fact, what did happen to the Voldigoads? I’m sure he must have originally had parents.

— Anyways, to continue from where we last left off, that new girl is now one of Anos’s subordinate. Sadly, I’ve already forgotten her name. It’s fine, though. After all, it doesn’t look like she’ll be joining his harem. I’m actually surprised that Mr. Lay over here will get to woo a girl. Usually, the Bromantic Foil is the butt of the joke and never gets to see any action.

— Izabella reveals that she’s been visiting the castle of a demon lord in order to study more…? What would she need to study? Said demon lord is also related to Emilia, i.e. Anos’s hateful teacher. Welp, that just means Emilia’s gonna try to do something to our hero’s mother, which is obviously a foolish idea. Still, doesn’t it seem like there’s always at least one female character who is the target of the author’s pent-up rage in these stories?

— There’s an upcoming magical tournament, and Lay deservedly gets one of the two spots to represent his class. To everyone’s surprise, however, Anos is also picked. Sure, he also deserves it, but Emilia also hates him. As a result, our hero quickly discerns that the Royalists may have laid a trap for him.

— We then meet Milhaze, another Demon Emperor, and this one apparently still remembers Anos… kinda. I mean, he says he doesn’t, but his source does. Don’t ask me what the distinction is.

— Milhaze advises Anos to withdraw from the tournament just to play it safe. So what we get here is kind of a mystery. What happened after Anos sacrificed himself 2,000 years ago? Who attacked the Demon Emperors and erased their memories? Why did the Demon Lord’s name change from Anos to Avos? In other words, this is how the story intends to keep things tense even with an overpowered hero. Anos is practically omnipotent, but he isn’t likewise omniscient… I think. While he can probably defeat everyone in direct combat, maybe the bad guys can outsmart him. In the long run, probably not, but his current investigation is nothing compared to, say, defeating the god of time without breaking a sweat.

— Afterwards, our hero comes home to yet another home-cooked meal, but this time, Misha made everything. I guess she’s already training to be his future waifu. I mean, she’s even hand-feeding him. If Sasha doesn’t watch out, she might get left behind.

— I just can’t believe this guy eats mushroom gratin everyday. For someone so overpowered, he sure doesn’t have a sophisticated palate. C’mon, live a little. Grab a taco or something. And if they don’t exist in this universe, use your demon lord powers to cross dimensions and order one from a street cart.

— During the meal, Izabella mentions Emilia once again. Obviously, the instructor is up to something, but the sad part is that she’s not even being particularly sneaky about it. Anos is overpowered, but he probably doesn’t need to be. His foes are bumbling fools.

— Anos then takes Misha out on what is essentially a date, but they refer to it as an “outing” or an “excursion.” Yeah, yeah, use all the euphemisms you want. Well, maybe Misha doesn’t want to admit she’s dating a baby.

— She takes him to a workshop where you can use magic to create snow globes. To demonstrate, she creates a miniature replica of everyone eating dinner together. She probably has no happy family memories of her own, so this is the closest she’ll ever get to that.

— Anos decides to flex his muscles, so he recreates the entire town. What’s apparently impressive about it, however, is that it’s a replica for ants. Why did he make it so small? So he can turn it into a ring for his first waifu. Oh ho ho, what a casanova. This baby must have read a book on how to be a pick-up artist.

— Misha doesn’t understand why Anos needs her because he can do everything. She doesn’t think that she has anything to offer him. Well, he corrects her by saying that he can’t do anything. She’s a natural at Creation magic, and she might just surpass him at that one day. But even if she doesn’t, can’t we just want to be with someone because we enjoy their company? Obviously. But this girl hasn’t had a single friend until just recently, so she probably doesn’t get that.

— They eventually hit up a cat cafe, but it’s just an excuse for Anos to link up with Ivis. Yes, that’s right, Ivis Necron is now a kitty cat doing spy work for our hero.

— Eventually, the couple visits a hospital where Lay’s terminally ill mother is staying. Our overpowered hero offers to heal the woman back to tip-top shape, but Lay turns it down because it would make… her… too healthy? What does that even mean? A normal person would then ask, “Why wouldn’t you want to save your mother?” But no one here is normal, so the question goes unasked. Sigh.

— Anyway, the day of the magic sword tournament finally arrives, and Anos’s first round opponent is none other than Emilia’s brother. At first, our hero intends to withdraw from the tournament in order to lure his enemies out. But when the Royalist crowd starts to heckle him, his mother tearfully jumps to his defense. His poor father then arrives with a magic sword. Apparently, Gusta nearly killed himself just to craft it for his dear son. Man, not only are both of the main character’s parents still alive, they are so goddamn doting. I don’t think I’ve seen this in an anime in quite some time.

— Welp, Anos can’t withdraw now. How can you possibly let your parents down? Of course, this means he’ll walk right into his enemies’ trap, but he’s overpowered. He’ll be fine. And ultimately, his mother will probably be fine as well. Even if anything happens to her, he can just heal or resurrect her. His foes, however, will probably be degraded and humiliated beyond belief if they lay a finger on Izabella.

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