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newborn shoujo

If the harem lead doesn’t pick her, she’ll just shrivel up and die. Or fade away if you want to be less dramatic. Honestly, that’s what she was born to do. If she doesn’t get the guy, she has no life.

No, you’re wrong.

If a girl loses, she moves on, have to get over her crush, and find a new purpose in life. I don’t think they will be nothing if they were to lose.

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Ore no Imouto Ep. 9’s Missing Footage

This video doesn’t exist

My dad gave me this short footage from my favorite anime of all time, OreImo!

He is such an awesome dad. He works in an anime factory. He brings home anime for me to watch everyday. I say to my dad, “Dad, you are so sugoi and kakkoii. One day, I’m going to grow up and make anime just like you!”