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Sacred Seven Ep. 7: Transparent villainy

We’ve discussed one-dimensional villains before. Now, let’s talk how “Sacred Seven” doesn’t even try to conceal Kenmi’s evilness and why this is detrimental to the storyline. Continue reading

Sacred Seven Ep. 6: Why?

After two weeks of nothing happening, “Sacred Seven” gets right back into the thick of things: a no-stakes duel between two ugly combatants. The question we should be asking, however, is “Why?” That’s right — just ‘why.’ Continue reading

Maids, butlers & anime: the need to serve

I was watching the third episode of Sacred Seven and it opens with Ruri buying a jewel for a ton of money. She immediately gets on a private jet to head back home. At this point, I start wondering how on earth can she afford so much free time? Isn’t she still in high school and doesn’t she have classes to attend? Doesn’t she have any other obligations to fulfill as the only remaining member of her family?

Continue reading