Fall 2009 Predictions

The unambiguously-named chartfag has been kind enough to draw up a visual guide to coming events in the wide world of anime, and to put it bluntly, things look bleak. The Moe Sucks staff today convenes to make our guesses about the season’s hits and misses.

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Cosplay Smackdown

Somehow Japan makes professional wrestling even less believable than it is in America.

Tell Me It Isn’t So!

“I do not want to be a harbinger of bad news, nor a premonition of doom, but this has me grimly worried for the folks in Tokyo. May we actually see a real TM8.0 even before the show is over? Is the show itself a sign? It seems very much coincidental that we are seeing a series about a quake (based on actual statistics, facts and representations at that) and then we have all these quakes occurring together in one shot.”

No.... it can't be...

Bakemonogatari Ep. 6


I hate turning these episodic updates into massive screencap galleries, but honestly the richness of Bakemonogatari‘s visuals makes me feel helpless to avoid it. And as much as I try to keep my critic’s impartiality, something about the show encourages fanatacism. Senjougahara fascination is catching on fast, but, happily, Bakemonogatari doesn’t seem to be willing to rest on its laurels.

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