Anime Series Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Battle, battle! Battler-kun!


Battle-ready Battler-kun! Prepare to battle with battling spirit!

Anime Series Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Ep. 4


I feel like I don’t “get” Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. In the aftermath of a huge earthquake, a bunch of flat, uninteresting characters wander around and evade danger by a small margin once per episode. Even if I could be persuaded to care about how Mirai is predictably maturing from a boring, whiny girl to a boring, slightly less whiny young woman, what exactly does the earthquake have to do with anything? I thought the show was about the disaster, but as E Minor has complained before, all we’re getting is one small story about 3 incredibly ordinary people living in a country that is probably the best prepared for a large earthquake in the entire world. People shove each other while waiting in line for free, plentiful food and supplies, oh the humanity. And the only insight that painstaking research we’re informed about at the beginning of each episode seems to have given the writers is that after a massive earthquake, large man made structures may collapse.

The show doesn’t really delve into the specifics of an earthquake’s physical effects, and if they wanted to paint a picture of the human drama associated with a natural disaster they couldn’t have picked a worse setting (imagine if this were set in L.A.; people would be shooting each other dead in the street over bottled water if it went anything like New Orleans). On top of that, the three characters we’re supposed to give a shit about are basically static and unappealing; the perfect mommy figure and two crybabies who are slowly growing up. What am I missing?

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The Collected Animations of ICAF, 2001-2006


I recently sat through this in a span of a few days.

Anime Bakemonogatari Series

Bakemonogatari Ep. 4

5-3 represent

Gushy McGush here, ready to get excited about Bakemonogatari!?

Well actually not a lot is happening in this episode, it seems the solution to the lost loli’s problem will be forthcoming next week. Sadly, a lot of Bakemonogatari’s charm is in the wordplay, both the dialogue and the many references to different reading of kanji that is likely to zoom right over the heads of anyone who isn’t a native speaker (or require lengthy explanations that dull the effect). It can still be fun to watch, and the show’s visuals are still amazing, but it’s annoying to realize that you’re not really getting the full experience. The new OP and ED are very entertaining though, and it seems we’ll be getting a fresh OP for each arc as this one is specifically about Hachikuji. By the way, expect rave reviews from previously disinterested bloggers who will be getting hot and bothered about the grade school-aged character and her cutesy antics. Comes with the territory I guess.

(By the way, sorry to the people in the comments section of the Aoi Hana entry, I promise I’m not ignoring you, just a little busy today. You should hear back from me later tonight or tomorrow.)

Anime Series Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Ep. 3

Still a bitch.

I wish they’d redeem Mirai already.