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Bakemonogatari Ep. 5


I’m really happy with this week’s Bakemonogatari, especially after a couple of relatively slow episodes. I’m going to talk about specific events in episode five, so if you plan on watching it you should do so before reading further.

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Bakemonogatari Ep. 4

5-3 represent

Gushy McGush here, ready to get excited about Bakemonogatari!?

Well actually not a lot is happening in this episode, it seems the solution to the lost loli’s problem will be forthcoming next week. Sadly, a lot of Bakemonogatari’s charm is in the wordplay, both the dialogue and the many references to different reading of kanji that is likely to zoom right over the heads of anyone who isn’t a native speaker (or require lengthy explanations that dull the effect). It can still be fun to watch, and the show’s visuals are still amazing, but it’s annoying to realize that you’re not really getting the full experience. The new OP and ED are very entertaining though, and it seems we’ll be getting a fresh OP for each arc as this one is specifically about Hachikuji. By the way, expect rave reviews from previously disinterested bloggers who will be getting hot and bothered about the grade school-aged character and her cutesy antics. Comes with the territory I guess.

(By the way, sorry to the people in the comments section of the Aoi Hana entry, I promise I’m not ignoring you, just a little busy today. You should hear back from me later tonight or tomorrow.)

Regarding Bakemonogatari’s Art Direction

…and Shaft in general. I found this in the comments section of another blog.

Really… again lots of long shots, shots that don’t show details, random quick cuts, long winded discussions, “Artistic” moments… Let’s see how many eps before it becomes too painful to watch.

Either people are afraid of change or this just reflects the current anti-intellectualism in the world nowadays. I love the word artistic in quotes, implying that Shaft is either trying to be elitist or pretentious (or both). Let’s just have the same old shit stories drawn in the same old shit ways because I can’t handle all this weird cuts and stuff! String along some retarded romance subplot for fangirls and call it a day huh?