My waifu~

That top 10 waifu stuff is just a joke right? Just tongue in cheek. Well, maybe, maybe not.

“I am surprised that Yui’s on the list. Hun? You’d rather have the evolutionary Fuko as a bride than the vastly more waifu material Ui?”

Heh, wimmen and their kitchen, I get it. I’ll give you the Yui point though… she’s pretty retarded. But hell, at least we know something about her. What do know about Ui other than that she’s the show’s surrogate mom but in a tantalizing loli package that nerds just can’t ignore?

“Just remember that Mikuru eventually morphs into Mikuru Prime. Though I’m not sure which I prefer more… the baby-faced, cowering Mikuru, or the confident, mature Mikuru Prime. Surely there’s a time paradox waifu ending possible with Mikuru.”

A grown women or a cowering child? That really IS a hard decision, you’re right!

The best woman is one on her knees!

The best woman is one on her knees!

2 thoughts on “My waifu~

  1. Robin

    Lol, I shouldn’t overgeneralise, but I so many women in anime seem to be infantile (even in shoujo’s seem kind of baby-ish in their behaviour),
    It seems that mature, “more realistic” women/girl are too scary. I think it is says something that mainstream anime continues to infantilize women, The secret fantasy of otakus, their dreamwife: a woman who has the mind and acts like a child…


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