11Eyes Ep. 1: ‘Cause we all know visual novels make great anime.


What is this deja vu I’m feeling?

Emo-looking protagonist with blue hair… often enters a “dark world” that few people around him are aware of. How peculiar…


On the plus side, I finished the episode so I suppose that counts for something. I just couldn’t help but feel like my brain was melting for the first ten minutes of the show. Oh here’s the obligatory character intros:


the dumb childhood friend who’s attached to the main character no matter what,


the best friend who happens to be a pervert too,


and last but not least, a pinch of tsundere to round out the group. This is as derivative as you can get. I went into 11Eyes as blind as I could; the only thing I had heard about it was Fin complaining about every girl wearing corsets. That sounds like a hassle to get in and out of every morning, but golly, girls must have nothing better to do. But I digress… the biggest fault about 11Eyes, aside from the rampant fanservice…


…is that the anime lacks any sort of build up. Things just sorta happen, and as soon as any tension or suspense tries to mount, 11Eyes cuts away. By the time we got to the cliffhanger at the end, there was no reason to be invested in any of the characters. Maybe I’m giving this anime too much credit by even seriously critiquing it, to be honest. Let’s just laugh at the ridiculous boob physics.


In the end, I looked up 11Eyes on Wikipedia and it all made sense: it was originally an eroge. Why else would the school nurse wear a garter belt?


Can you imagine watching a porno with all the sex cut out? But here’s where people chime in with “I’ll have you know Kana’s Little Sister was a powerful and touching story!!!”