Anime Potpourri


Alas, the beautiful masterpiece you see above is not my work. I typed “anime potpourri” into Google Images and shamelessly ripped the picture off this brilliant site. Forgive me for violating important anime blogging copyright laws… Ew, something smells.

Bet you were expecting an Aoi Bungaku update huh? Instead, let’s take a quick look at anime that usually wouldn’t get much attention around here.

Miracle Train 04

I wonder how our anthropomorphized train stations are doing. You remember them, right? These guys:


It must be easy to animate a show like Miracle Train. Half of every episode takes place on the same damn train car. I tried to watch episode four, I really did.


Are you serious? You cannot be serious. Who the hell finds these dorks hot? No, really, explain it to me. They’re not even drawn well.


Soooooo… I dunno what happened in this episode ’cause even at 3x playback speed, I saw nothing but people talking on a train, presumably about awesome goatmen cosplaying. That crab’s probably, well, crabs.

Letter Bee 05

Last time I tuned in, some guy and his dingo were fighting giant CGI beetles. Thankfully, there were no CGI beetles this time. We just hav-


The Sacred Blacksmith 05

Oh man, what doesn’t Aria do?


She wakes up early to do grocery shopping,


she cooks,


she apparently does the heavy lifting in their smithery,


she’s even an alarm clock and,


of course, she does laundry. Man, Luke’s a lazy piece of shit. What does Luke pay her? Does he even pay her? Apparently not since he has to buy her clothes too. But don’t you just love how anime always seem to have one or two servants who just LOVE their menial jobs?


Nothing could be further from the truth, milady! I just love groveling after your metal tits.


Cecily’s one to talk.


Oh shut up.


What would happen if metal tits and perma-thong here wanted to give someone a makeover?


Kampfer 05

It’s the obligatory school festival episode!


Ah yes, tentacle rape… a staple of all Japanese schools.


How else are they gonna get people to buy this crappy show on DVD?


Funny, I feel the same way. And last but not least…

Nyan Koi! 05


This is a fast moving harem. Not only does Mizuno already know that Junpei likes her, she might reciprocate! Too bad the show is still about coupling the two densest, dumbest people together.


Their offspring would probably resemble this defective straw. Naturally, everything around them is funnier and far more entertaining.


Like Nagi.


Some thigh-high wearing twintails show up at the end to add intrigue or something, fuck if I care. Where are the goddamn cats? As usual, I’ll fix this problem myself.

2 thoughts on “Anime Potpourri

  1. KizukuKanshi

    Cat personification is a whole lot more interesting than a harem, since the former is not overused in anime. I honestly wish they’re realize that we don’t care very much about Junpei and a lot more about his cat problems.

    I do like Letter Bee, so far and I’m not too sure where the story is going. I just don’t really know what’s going to end up resolved in the end, really. Maybe Lag’s mom, maybe Gauche’s whereabouts, maybe the whole problem of the world being covered in darkness…maybe the CGI beetles…I just don’t know, so I’m interested enough to want to see the end, by now and I like some of the characters they’ve introduced as well….Some of them.

    I am watching Blacksmith, but I may not if they keep doing virtually nothing, which is becoming a pattern. (Not that that matters or that it will hurt them at all if I stop watching. XD) They should not be trying to pull this filler crap so early in the series, I think. Woot. Lisa got clothes. Luke cares somewhat about Lisa. How very nice. Was there a storyline to this to begin with, really? I mean there was a backstory and there’s some stuff about contracts and demons, but…does that even count? Where are we going, here?

    Oh and no comment on Miracle Train. I haven’t started that yet.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I honestly wish they’re realize that we don’t care very much about Junpei and a lot more about his cat problems.

      That about sums it up for Nyan Koi!. I don’t even hate it. I just don’t care about the romantic bits. We’ve seen it a thousand times before so just get back to jerk cats making ridiculous demands and Junpei failing. It reminds me of how I used to enjoy School Rumble until it started to get serious about the romantic side plots I just don’t give one damn about.

      I do like Letter Bee… I like some of the characters they’ve introduced as well….Some of them.

      Everyone looks like they’re five in Letter Bee and, yeah, I know that people tend to be younger in anime, but blech.

      Blacksmith will be forgotten as soon as it ends. It wants to be an action slash comedy slash harem kinda deal but half-asses all of it. I remembered how Zero no Tsukaima tried the same shit in the first season but just said fuck it for season two and turned to comedy ecchi full blast.


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