Seikon no Qwaser Ep. 1 & Censorship

This could have been funny in an ironic way. It’s so over the top, it can’t not be funny. Too bad almost all the ridiculous scenes were censored out.

Don’t get me wrong — I think this anime is trash if taken seriously, but regardless of what I think of it, censorship is silly. When it comes to Seikon no Qwaser, censorship makes it so that you can’t even understand what’s happening onscreen. After all, wasn’t Queen’s Blade even more risque than this? Maybe Seikon no Qwaser is being shown at an earlier time slot or something, but even if that’s the case, why make a show based around a breast-feeding premise if you want to appeal to a larger crowd?

At the end of the episode, Sasha, our hero, uses his iron manipulating power to cause a table to tip over and stuff to happen. I literally mean stuff because that’s how confusing the censoring is.

Hey, that’s a good question. Why are we zoomed into your face?

In your mind, picture a girl falling down and tipping over a table in the process. How does anything get stuck in her? We could ask the anime, but apparently it’s too scared to tell us. Christ, what happened to her forehead?

The following is the most confusing scene in the episode. The villain, some serial killer who has been murdering virgin schoolgirls for their “soma,” launches an attack which involves bending backwards in a real painful way while kissing a ruby on a cross.

Maybe that’s the only way for her to summon up magnesium. Oh wait, she’s done it before casually… We cut suddenly to Sasha’s closed lipped face but we distinctly hear his voice call out to Teresa.

Maybe he also has telepathy along with his iron powers, I dunno. So what happens next?

…wha? Why are they floating? How are they avoiding those rings of (I presume) magnesium? Why do they need to spin? It’s one thing to be absurdly unrealistic, but the censorship hides everything so now the anime is just downright confusing. We then pan skyward.

Before we can see the projectiles shatter the huge glass window in the ceiling, we suddenly cut to a painting of (I’m not religious but I think) the Virgin Mary. Why?

Only to then cut back to the giant sky window.

Which proceeds to shatter despite the fact that we don’t see anything hitting it. Hm. And how does that help our band of heroes anyhow? By directing the magnesium rings up into the window, the shards of glass will just fall down onto them-

No… no, apparently the window shards will just rain softly around them as Sasha continues breastfeeding peacefully. Ah fuck it.

But the one thing they don’t bother to censor is the shounen hero mindlessly groping a girl.

Misc. Other Nonsense

— Where did Dad go?

Oh. I guess we’ll just go on with our lives. With no money, no guardians…

— More than a handful is too much.

Poor girl’s gonna have serious back issues. So far in the anime, it seems like the bigger the breasts, the dumber the girl.

— “Soma from virgins is definitely more powerful.”

Uh, why? How does having had a dick inside you suddenly turn your “soma” weak? Is it magic? Magical milk weakening powers of the penis? By the way, how do you even know this, Mr. Pirate Priest?

16 thoughts on “Seikon no Qwaser Ep. 1 & Censorship

  1. LostMarbles

    How does anything get stuck in her?

    I think he melted the table leg in the middle breaking it into two halves…so I guess one half of the table leg is stuck in her vagina or something or IDEK.

    – “Soma from virgins is definitely more powerful.”

    Uh, why? How does having had a dick inside you suddenly turn your “soma” weak?

    I’m sure they’ll explain this at the same time when they tells us why women who have not recently been pregnant would be lactating. Is there an order of nuns that undergo wacky hormone therapy to give people super powers? Is there something in the water at this academy?

    Can I mention the voice acting for Tomo? That is the single most annoying voice I have ever heard. It’s bad enough that Tomo acts like a not so bright 5-year-old, but that “cutesy” voice makes me want to hit my head against the wall until it turns into a Jackson Pollack painting.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I guess one half of the table leg is stuck in her vagina or something or IDEK.

      I thought this initially but having half a table leg stuck in her vagina should hurt, but her face is all “uguu *blush*” nonsense. Then again, everything is slightly tinged with eroticism for no reason. The little shoving match between the three girls in the classroom looked more like sex than a fight.

      Can I mention the voice acting for Tomo?

      I guess it’s supposed to be cute, but what I find more annoying is how she has to be dumb at the same time:

      Although the gaze we turn on the cute thing seems maternal and solicitious, it is in actuality a transformative gaze that will stop at nothing to appease its hunger for expressing pity and big heartedness, even at the expense of mutilating the object of its affections. — D. Harris, “Cuteness”

      No doubt she’ll get into lots of trouble later and will require constant rescuing.

    2. NinjaYali

      Pleased to be of service.

      Tomo is voiced by Aki Toyosaki who in real life sounds just as annoying and should be gagged. It comes as a surprise that she established a singing career. You may recognise her as the same annoying cutesy voice of Yui.

      Oh well, I can always listen to Sphere and pretend she’s not there.

  2. A-chan

    I LOVE THE MANGA AND THE ANIME! Call me eechi all you want but I dont care because go to and youll be just as happy as I am to find that in April the uncut dvds will be released! CHEA!

  3. Shanny

    Nice, breast milk sucking show only with the exception that there’s no breast milk sucking. There was that uncensored trailer where they showed tits, so I wonder – is there going to be uncensored version as well? …

    .. Meh, even if – just like you mentioned in the post – It’s hopeless from the serious point of view, all we can do is laug at the stupidity of that serie.

  4. nXc

    I believe that sucking breast while spinning is some kind of a shaker replacement. Everyone knows that unshaken milk is disgusting and drinking it would put you at tactical disadvantage.

    Source :
    ‘If you feed the baby unshaken milk he’ll get a cream, will get full, and may not get enough overall fluid’.

    No sane man would dare to fight while ‘beating the cream’ and being unhydrated and full.

    Common knowledge pretty much.

      1. nXc

        I wouldn’t say that penis kills milk in every possible scenerio. You see it’s very closely related to’ Schrodinger’s cat theory’. Basicly we do not know if milk is either alive or dead (even after being splashed by semen/penetrated by penis), until someone decides to unbutton breast-containing-shirt.

        In Qwaser it’s impossible to give exact answer because of censorship, so the only thing left for me to say is that milk is BOTH alive and dead (to the universe outside of bra).

        That is, until someone gives us possibility to take a look at breasts.

        So for love of science, we need uncensored version.

  5. GPrieto

    ‘Seikon no Qwaser’ is (one of) the worst series of the last season. Leaving aside the euphemisms (fanservice, ecchi, etc), this series can only be described as PORN. That is the kinda crap that makes me ashamed to like Anime.

  6. Hypoderma Bovis

    I know of a good use for Sasha (and that’s his only application)- let him breastfeed off the female commanders of Galaxy Online II (thankfully on the rich hire them as prostitutes), particularly Sandora and Penni. Why? He gets his powers from breast milk, and they become too weak to command their stacks properly. :) Sadly we can’t do it. But I think he’ll be literally drooling at the sight of Eveline’s or Annata’s boobs… and he’ll thank you.


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