Some middling shows I forgot about

Let’s start with Yakumo.

It’s still a storytelling mess. Yeah, I dunno, when crazy girl showed up armed with a crossbow and there was half of episode nine remaining, I expected something interesting to happen. What followed was Yakumo’s mom playing the role of deus ex machina and eight consecutive minutes of uninspired exposition. And here’s the sad thing: Yakumo’s mom went to all that trouble to disable crossbow chick and it’s all for naught. After Yakumo’s mom dropped Nanase, nobody made a move to take the crossbow away or handcuff her. They did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So Nanase just calmly stood up and shot some conveniently located gas tanks. Slick shot. Our heroes then probably thought “Oh well, gas never killed anyone!” They must have been thinking that because they just stood there. Again. Crazy girl got the chance to then grab her stun gun, rear her arm back, and throw it at the gas tanks.

Helluva toss. She threw it in just the right way to cause a spark and blow everything up. Of course she did. Girls in both anime and video games have arms that would make Rex “Sex Cannon” Grossman weep. Naturally, the villains escape.

Don’t we have better stories to adapt? Don’t we have stories that don’t rely on a series of amazing coincidences one after another? Do they really expect the DVDs to Yakumo to sell? Hell, I don’t even like harem shows, but they at least fulfill a market demand. Who the hell’s demanding stuff like Yakumo? Well, Mashiro and Takagi are in luck ’cause shit, all of their concepts have been more interesting than “sarcastic jerk can see dead people.”

Speaking of electric fires…

Nao’s story in Yosuga no Sora wraps up without Haruka having to do a damn thing. Well, he almost got himself drowned. Almost. So how did Nao solve the “psychotic twin sister” problem? By going all action hero on some Japanese architecture for a stuffed animal:

I really love what the studio feel. did here: a deliberate homage to one of the most touching movies in Western cinema.

If there’s anything worth risking your life for, it’s appeasing some brat so you can jump her loser brother’s bones.

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