Togainu no Chi Ep. 9

Don't ask me why. I got this from Danbooru.

For once, Togainu no Chi actually had a focused episode. Instead of dilly dallying about in a war zone like some slice-of-life anime except with more bondage freaks, the show actually had a direction. Was it an effective episode? Ehhhh, I dunno. It’s full of magical blood and angsty flashbacks. Keisuke seemed to return to his natural self a little too easily — well, why don’t I just let the anime do the talking. I condensed the episode down to just the most essential scenes. ;o

This video doesn’t exist

Yep. I left out the whole Rin thing, but who cares about Rin? Am I right or AMIRITE?

2 thoughts on “Togainu no Chi Ep. 9

  1. adaywithoutme

    Its sad, but I can’t even get myself to watch this any more. It was fantastic crap for a while there, but now its just gotten unbelievably dull. But it sounds like this episode may’ve been better? Uhhhh I don’t know if even that can draw me back in…


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