Captain Earth Ep. 4: Operation Trojan crepe

Captain Earth - 0401

Man, I deserve a slice of watermelon after every Captain Earth episode.

Episode Summary
Amara and Moco pay Teppei a visit, but Daichi prevents Teppei from leaving with the Kiltgang.

• So much for Daichi being different from other mecha protagonists:

Captain Earth - 0402

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to get out of this scene. Is it supposed to be funny? Is it a sign of the girl’s brimming libido? Or is it just a silly throwaway scene so we can look at a young girl shake her ass at us? When I think libido, I do not think of a belly button.

• Westvillage comes to the conclusion that Teppei wasn’t merely controlling the Kiltgang Type-3 that had appeared at the end of last week’s episode to save Daichi’s life. Rather, he was the Type-3. But hey, after the way Amara recognized the Type-3 as Albion, none of this should come as a surprise. What we do learn, however, is that Teppei was secretly taken from the Macbeth Enterprise. As such, he’s probably one of those designer children that they keep talking about. We also learned in last week’s episode that Salty Dog (I think) can “[sell] the the basic theory behind the Machine Goodfellows and the designer children would be enough to earn a fortune.”

In the previews for next week’s episode, some lady aboard the Tenkaidou is supposedly responsible for giving Teppei his genes. From this, I would have to assume that this Macbeth Enterpise has been developing designer children much like Teppei, and these designer children can interface with the Machine Goodfellows to not just operate the Kiltgang robots, but become the Kiltgang robots. Are Amara and Moco designer children as well? I get the impression, however, that they are robots first, and humanoids second… if that makes any difference.

Aaaaah, whatever. I hate these types of shows.

Captain Earth - 0404

• Alright, the Kiltgang decides to infiltrate the base with a crepe truck. What’s odd to me is how they actually have ingredients to make crepes on said truck. What’s odder to me is that they even bothered to stop and sell crepes to random customers before infiltrating the base.

• I like to think Daichi just goes around telling people how awesome the wind feels over and over.

• A security system based around a computer analyzing a person’s face alone seems a bit iffy to me, but hell, not like anything else in this anime has made any fucking sense.

• I wonder if the rainbow is also a gay pride symbol in Japan. Oh, I’m just thinking outloud…

Captain Earth - 0405

In any case, Teppei is confused by his identity, but like most upbeat protagonists consoling a depressed friend, Daichi is a master of tautology. And so they continue to exchange that silly pendant for the umpteenth time.

• I’ve heard of a rabbit virus before, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So I Googled it and got this:

The Rabbit (or Wabbit) virus, more a fork bomb than a virus, is written. The Rabbit virus makes multiple copies of itself on a single computer (and was named “Rabbit” for the speed at which it did so) until it clogs the system, reducing system performance, before finally reaching a threshold and crashing the computer.

Makes sense, I guess. I just love how fancy viruses are in fiction. They even come with a neat little logo. And just in case you don’t know what is happening to your network, the word ‘virus’ spins around the logo.

• Amara now refers to Teppei as Alaya. Albion is the name of the Kiltgang Type-3. Alaya is his humanoid name. Teppei is what his friends call him. And people think Russian novels are confusing.

Captain Earth - 0406

• Amara: “That’s impossible… He abreacted into the Kiltgang.” Abre-what now?

“Abreaction (German: Abreagieren) is a psychoanalytical term for reliving an experience in order to purge it of its emotional excesses; a type of catharsis. Sometimes it is a method of becoming conscious of repressed traumatic events.”

…oh. Well, whatever you say, man.

• Not surprisingly, the two Kiltgang members hesitate to kill anyone on the base. After all, you can’t feed off of a corpse’s libido.

• They then introduce themselves as Planetary Gears Amarok and Malkin respectively. I think we’ve already known that they are robots that can somehow take on a human form though so none of this is anything new.

• Despite all the destruction and subsequent explosions, I don’t think a single person ends up dying. Everyone always magically escapes from a targeted vehicle just in the nick of time. I guess the Kiltgang duo are serious about not wasting food.

• So is it designer child or designer’s child?

Captain Earth - 0403

Ah well, who really cares?

• So let me get this straight. Amara jumps into his mobile weapon and starts wrecking the base. Out of nowhere, Teppei appears in the middle of the beach. No one is even near him. How did he get there? Did he walk there? Why didn’t anyone in Globe stop him from leaving their supervision? Then just as Teppei is about to give himself up to the Kiltgang duo, Daichi’s hand comes out of fucking nowhere and lands itself on Teppei’s left shoulder. Where the fuck did Daichi come from? How did he manage sneak up on everyone? He doesn’t even look winded. The last time we saw Daichi, he was in that woman’s (I’m bad with names) care. The next time we see the woman, Daichi is nowhere near her. Like with Teppei, did she just let an injured child walk away from her? And again, did none of the other adults bother to stop the kid? Oh wait, the Livlaster can just materialize in his hands, so obviously, Daichi too has the ability to warp around. Yep, that’s the most plausible theory at the moment.

• Apparently, Daichi’s ability to summon his Livlaster makes him a “neoteny.” What this means is anybody’s guess! I just refuse to play. At this point, I do not want to entertain this anime’s speculation game any further.

• Amara doesn’t think Albion, a.k.a. Teppei, will betray him and Moco in the long run because it feels awesome to be a Kiltgang member or something.

Captain Earth - 0407

• According to Tsutomu, “if their Kiltgangs reach Earth, we lose. But that’s the thing I don’t get… what happens if they do reach Earth? What supposedly happens when a Kiltgang feeds itself upon our libido? Do we become a soulless husk or what? It just feels like we’re assuming something bad will happen if the Kiltgang members get what they want, but there’s no “face” to that threat, so to speak.

Closing Thoughts
Same ol’ Captain Earth. For every answer you get, two more questions pop up. Even the action doesn’t make much sense anymore. As far as I’m concerned, I’m free from this show for at least another week, and nothing could make me happier.


7 Replies to “Captain Earth Ep. 4: Operation Trojan crepe”

  1. The question that occurred to me while watching this was … If you know where the command base that is stopping your forces from landing and winning is and you can infiltrate it undetected with ease, corrupt its computer systems and do so with enough fire power that the defenders are powerless, then why don’t you just destroy the base and land your forces? There are several billion of us on the planet after all. What’s a few casualties?

  2. Ok this show is just simply stupid. You know I don’t see this show getting magically better and the fight scenes suck also which is pretty hard to do in a mech show. All the the stupid tech talk behind their world has zero deposition and is just random word after random word each freaking ep.How the hell does Daichi just go where ever the heck he wants each ep pretty sure he can’t teleport, but some how he can just waltz around a super secure base even when in critical condition while inside a base and he always know exactly where trouble is.Oh and the equivalent of mall cops guarding super secure base. Screw it bashing this shows flaws is a waste of braincells I am just dropping this now.

  3. Them lewd rainbows man. ”I became ashamed of it”

    Girl showing off her belly button could be to show off her innocence. She claims its magic and doesn’t really know why but it makes people ”happy” when they see it. She also didn’t reacted much when tan girl showed up naked other than comparing her bust size.

    This show just screams puberty.

    1. Girl showing off her belly button could be to show off her innocence. She claims its magic and doesn’t really know why but it makes people ”happy” when they see it. She also didn’t reacted much when tan girl showed up naked other than comparing her bust size.

      I guess I have a hard time seeing kids going through puberty acting like this.

  4. My favourite line has to be that one where the Gear guy said that them feeding off Earth’s libido “is what the humans want too”. They’re basically rapist-Galactus, and our planet, with all its blue oceans and seven billion of sentient beings, is clearly asking for it.

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