Black Bullet Ep. 9: Still just pitching tents

Black Bullet - 0901

I’d believe it. Rentaro will naturally try to deny it, but don’t believe his lies. Anyway, I’m too lazy to write a normal post, so I’ll just write down a bunch of scattered observations.

— As you can see from the screenshot above, Rentaro takes Tina Sprout to go see Sumire. The girl is sure that Ayn Rand will come after her, so she seeks Sumire’s counsel. Is it really safe for Tina Sprout to stay with her newfound friends? After all, the dangers of objectivism are quite real, I can assure you! Nevertheless, Rentaro promises to protect his blonde loli and that’s that. Crisis over, guys!

— Rentaro and Sumire discover that someone is concealing precious information about the history of the Gastrea war. The funny part is when Sumire clicks on a link only to find out access has been denied. If the information is supposed to be concealed, why are there even links in plain sight for people to click. Nuh-uh, man, your rank isn’t high enough to see the body of the article. But we’ll let you see the title of the article ’cause c’mon, we’re not that mean!

— Our hero’s adjuvant can’t even get a proper-sized tent because they’re not… officially registered or something? This is the case even though Rentaro received orders from Seitenshi herself to create his adjuvant? I guess Seitenshi’s words don’t mean shit in this universe. Still, there’s something funny about how Rentaro’s pitched tent is too small because his harem of little girls isn’t quite big enough. Actually, maybe it’s less funny and more sad, hm…

— There’s this campground for civil officers and their lolis. It’s even complete with shopping stalls and everything:

Black Bullet - 0908

It’s amazing how relaxed the atmosphere is despite the upcoming threat.

— The episode tries to introduce a bit of a murder mystery into the story — someone has murdered a Promoter-Initiator pair in cold blood — but other than having Rentaro question his Shoma-nii about it later on, this side plot pretty much fizzles out.

— Rentaro is having trouble recruiting more Promoter-Initiator pairs to join his adjuvant. Apparently, there are other adjuvants snatching candidates away as well, but why? Why would you have multiple adjuvants instead of having everyone work together to deal with the latest predicament?

— Shoma’s precious loli is a Model Cat Initiator and that’s why she can extend her nails out like claws. Not only that, she has cat ears. Great, they are Pokemon. Except, well, if there are different models, why is it that I have yet to see two of the same models in one place? Ah well. Midori can be identified by her ridiculous get-up. She’s wearing a sailor shirt, but also one of those silly witch’s hats as well. It’s like someone was dissatisfied with Touhou because it lacks men bossing little girls around, so thus Black Bullet was born.

— I like how Rentaro’s adjuvant is near complete with just a total of three Promoter-Initiator pairs. Ideally, Rentaro wants five pairs, but gosh, it’s just been so difficult to find worthy candidates! Even at ten members, however, I find this woefully small for a task force that will supposedly defend Tokyo from an entire army of murderous Gastrea. After all, the show made this big deal out of Seitenshi giving our main character this all-important task, and all he does is recruit a couple of friends. Plus, maybe the recruitment process wouldn’t have been so difficult if he hadn’t dragged his feet and went shopping with his blonde loli.

Black Bullet - 0909

— So Rentaro needs two more pairs, right? Wait, no, just one more pair, because Kisara — with her diabetes, weak kidneys, etc. — has decided to join the battlefield. Yay! Wait, does she even have an Initiator? Oh, don’t tell me… yeah, it’s Tina Sprout. And this rank bullshit is so dumb, because Tina Sprout will now start out at rank 9,200. C’mon, man, it’s just completely arbitrary and a waste of time. Does anyone believe Tina is that weak?

— Kisara joins the group without even realizing Shoma is there. She is then shocked to learn that he’s there. Great writing.

— Rentaro is naturally concerned for Kisara’s health. This is where Tina Sprout steps forward to emotionally manipulate him: “Onii-san… Do you not want me to be on your team?” Right, ’cause that’s really the issue here, and not the diabetic girl who has to undergo dialysis. Nevertheless, Tina Sprout’s bullshit tactics work, and Rentoro’s too flustered to come up with a reply. So much for that overclocked brain of his…

— Here’s the commander addressing all the civil officers:

Black Bullet - 0903

Yep, it’s 2031 and I’m fighting against a bunch of weird mutations. Time to break out the samurai armor!

— If there was a commander all along, why wasn’t he around to deal with the Kagetane problem?

— Here’s Rentaro and Shoma standing right next to each other:

Black Bullet - 0904

Here’s Tamaki suddenly in-between them for some reason:

Black Bullet - 0905

Those silly rascals.

— Kisara confesses that she’s only joining Rentaro because she’s worried about him. But he’s worried about her! I’ll protect you! No, I’ll protect you! Rawwwrrwwarwwarwwrr!

Black Bullet - 0907

But don’t get any wrong ideas as Rentaro’s harem immediately interrupts the private moment. Enju even accuses Kisara of seducing Rentaro. Oh, those precocious lolis!

— For some reason, Rentaro feels the need to make his team reintroduce themselves in a circle. They also have to stick their weapon of choice up into the air:

Black Bullet - 0906

You have my sniper rifle! You have my tiny-ass cat claws! Yeah, it’s not quite the same, is it?

12 thoughts on “Black Bullet Ep. 9: Still just pitching tents

  1. kaoknight

    This show is pretty much pokemon in disguise but with lolis instead….I knew it! Ever since that episode where I saw all the those pokemon trainers-I mean “Promoters” in line with their loli’s I burst into laughter.

    I know black bullet isnt trying to be subtle or anything especially with the whole loli harem and all but I thought this show at least had the decency not to go into the cat-girl-thing route.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Just another reason to exclude boys from being Cursed Children. After all, we wouldn’t want to see a catboy. That would taint this show, somehow.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree the entire thing has flaws, but some of the points you addressed didn’t happen in the source. For example those aren’t links in the original source, but encrypted documents that Sumire hacked from broken databases that were not completely wiped in time by the government. Plus the crisis with Tina never resolved, currently the novel makes it clear that Rentaro can’t protect shit (by taking away everything he hold precious and shoting his old friend, who he promise to protect, in the head). I agree with you shitting on the adaptation, but please don’t shit on the whole thing, some fans who actually read the source can be annoyed by anime only people talking like they know everything.

        1. E Minor Post author

          but please don’t shit on the whole thing,

          Am I referring to the source material? Do I ever quote it? No. This post is about the adaptation and the adaptation alone, so I don’t even know what your point is.

      2. Anonymous

        No need to be so aggressive, just saying. You can say whatever you want about the adaptation, the thing is shit the moment they decided to squeeze four novels into 12 episodes anyway, so really it would only get worse. If you dislike it you really should just ditch the whole thing, it will only get worse performance-wise anyway. Good job pointing out adaptations flaws, once again not picking a fight, just saying.

        1. E Minor Post author

          No need to be so aggressive, just saying.

          No need to complain about me shitting on the adaptation when I haven’t mentioned the light novels even once, just saying. You should realize every single time I blog about an anime adaptation, people seem to conflate my criticisms of the anime with the source material. I’m merely pointing out to you that this is an anime-only blog. It is annoying to have to repeat the same thing to everyone, just saying.

      3. Arp2345

        No need to be aggressive, just saying, not trying to pick a fight. You did a good job pointing out the flaws, and as a novel reader, I personally recommend you abandon the rest of the show since you are going to have no idea what happens next because of the lack of explanation.

  2. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    “You have my sniper rifle! You have my tiny-ass cat claws! Yeah, it’s not quite the same, is it?”
    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Clearly this is shaping up to be a tale rivaling Tolkien’s master work. Just wait until you get to Black Bullet’s singing segments.

  3. eternia

    Tamaki walked in between them later, because there is a brief time period where the bald samurai explained their current position. It’s not like he’s suddenly there in a neighboring scene.
    Also, I only remember Kisara having kidney problem. More sickness are welcome, though, since sickly girl is so moe. LOL

    1. E Minor Post author

      So while the commander was talking, Tamaki was like “Yo bros, separate so I can stand in-between you guys.” No, no, I think I’ll stick to my criticism.

  4. Marcomax

    It’s probably already been brought up, but this show sounds like a weaker version of Gunslinger Girl. If you remove all the class and elegance from Gunslinger Girl and replace it with stupidity you get Black Bullet. If that’s the case then I’m ok skipping this show.


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