No Game, No Life Ep. 9: Geniuses at work

No Game No Life - 0901

Oh boy, it’s my favorite day of the week: the day I get to blog about No Game, No Life! I’m just going to do quick observations this time, however, because I don’t feel like composing paragraphs for this anime at the moment. Or possibly ever again. We’ll see.

— “The girl was sent to an orphanage before she was one year old because of her superhuman intelligence.” Are you serious? Yeah, man, Asian parents totally don’t want a genius for a baby. And you know the rest of the story. She insulted Sora simply because he tried to placate the people around him. Y’know, his legal guardians. Now, why would you want to do a thing like that? Anyway, the two kids bonded over something like that. Oh, and their love of games of course. Uh-huh. Don’t worry, guys, this show isn’t taking itself seriously.

— Shiro freaking out over her missing brother is hilariously dramatic. Still not taking itself seriously, I suppose.

— Stephanie and Jibril come to the brilliant conclusion that Shiro must’ve had her memories altered. Well, someone’s memories are being altered, that’s for sure. Stephanie and Jibril then speculate that Shiro’s memories have been altered in a way for her to think that she once had a brother. Yeah, that makes total sense. You will now have these oddly specific memories of this brother that has never existed! I worked really hard on these fake memories, so I hope you enjoy them. Anyway, maybe Jibril isn’t so smart after all.

— More scenes of Sora pontificating about life.

No Game No Life - 0903

Still not taking itself seriously, though.

— I’m not sure if I prefer the anime to be overly saturated in color or stay in black-and-white.

— Stephanie backs Shiro up, but you know Stephanie isn’t smart. So she’s just doing it out of dumb faith, which I suppose is consistent with her characterization.

— To prove that Stephanie wasn’t forced to fall in love with Shiro, the little girl motorboats Stephanie. It’s to prove a point, guys! Calm down! It’s okay if you’re proving a point! Wait, no, it wasn’t even to prove a point. After all, Shiro is already adamant in her belief that Sora exists. She simply molested Stephanie to thank her. But it’s to thank her, guys! If you want to thank someone, it’s okay! Look at the way Stephanie beams afterward! Obviously, she wants Shiro’s gratitude.

— Eventually, the girls work their way to the conclusion that a game is the culprit for their current predicament. Still, I’d be pretty cheesed if my brain was fucked with just so that one of my leaders could play a game or two.

— Shiro starts to hear Sora’s voice. He needs her to hold him before he goes insane. It’s true love, guys. He’s able to communicate with her out of their pure sibling love for each other.

— Great, nice panty shot of a little girl even though she’s busy freaking out about her brother. Hey man, no emotional scene is complete with a little girl’s crotch. Have some respect.

— When Shiro finally realizes what Sora’s up to, she passes out. Must have thought too hard. After all, that was a lot of difficult guesswork.

No Game No Life - 0904

— But yeah, Sora is playing a game with Kurami to steal Fi away. Gotta add more to the harem. Oops, wait, it’s not a harem ’cause the girls aren’t in love with him. It’s just a large collection of hot babes surrounding one guy. Beep beep boop boop, if definitions are not 100% exact, they do not apply. After all, words can never change their meanings nor be used figuratively in order to draw comparisons between two similar situations.

— So anyway, Sora is deliberately giving up his memories to prove to Kurumi that he isn’t actually subordinate to any other race. But what if he had been given new memories by the Eastern Federation, and as a result, Kurumi’s just getting his fake memories? Of course, this isn’t actually the case, but how can Kurumi be so sure? If she’s so suspicious before, she should still be suspicious now. Memories aren’t exactly ironclad, or anything. But oh well, no need to worry about that, because it’s now Shiro’s turn to take over the reigns of the game, and win it for her brother. Hmm…

“…he probably has it all laid out for her to win as well, because Sora is just that many steps ahead of his opponents.”

Well, that was predictable. And people across the internet seriously wondered where Sora had gone. Where else could he have gone? He is playing a game. It’s always going to be a game. The whole basis of this anime is to play games. Nevertheless, idiots actually tried to come up with some brainless theory that Sora was all a figment of Shiro’s imagination. Please, guys, don’t pull a Stephanie. You’re just proving Sora’s point that the masses are all plebes.

— Newsflash: Shiro wins the game for her brother, and he thus re-materializes in front of her.

— Finally, the siblings are finally reunited! On the other hand, I’ve heard enough of Kayano Ai’s high-pitched squeals to last a lifetime.

No Game No Life - 0902

— Hmm, we barely even saw any part of the game this week, but oh well! After all, haremettes get! Oops, wait, we just discussed how this is totally not a harem. Two unquestionably devoted girls get! There, much better.

11 thoughts on “No Game, No Life Ep. 9: Geniuses at work

  1. Don't hurt me no more

    It’s funny to see how MAL has a raging hard-on for this show, I didn’t know the vast majority of MAL users were so easly impressionable, seeing how it keeps getting higher in rank.
    Or maybe they are just many lolicon on MAL.

    It’s too bad that all the entertaining forum topics filled with the rare people questioning the show and the crazy fans defending it have been locked in ngnl MAL forum by request of said fans…

    Taken as a whole, I find ngnl awfully similar to Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari:
    They are both wish-fulfilment show with a harem of “special girls” with all the fetishes the pseudo intellectual otaku love (loli, incest, …) and with many references.
    The difference is that monogatari is for chuunibyou I’m-a-vampire-but-not-quite and ngnl is for arrogant “gamers”.
    But all of this is dismissed because they are suposely serious, intelligent, witty and beautilfull to look at. Sure.

    1. Anonymous

      people are impressed by it because it is the best among all the crappy shows coming out now where there is only moe or ecchi because it mixed moe with brains. overall the tricks/thoughts used by him are simple or may seem lame but i am sure you wouldn’t or can’t do what he did, so instead of bitching about why can’t you enjoy it.

      if sword art online a.k.a bull crap mixed with horse crap can gain so many fans and be so popular then ngnl deserves far far better…
      and bakemonogatari nisemonogatari both have dialogue or rather monologue which is nice.
      don’t tell me you are impresses by sword art online…if so this discussion is pointless. i am talking to a totally helpless homo sapiens.

      1. Don't hurt me no more

        If you have only seen moe and fanservice in all the spring 14 shows, I suggest you to look a little harder.

        Where did SAO come in all this? I find SAO to be an insult, it’s utter garbage.

        It seems that what I wrote here :
        about fans defending tatsuya is also revelant for sora in ngnl:
        You are so amazed by sora that any amount of criticism is seen as jealousy(“i am sure you wouldn’t or can’t do what he did”)

        The only things I said about ngnl fans is that they have an unconditionnal love for this show and they are easly impressionable.
        Did you find this so offensive that you had to call me a stupid jealous person (“i am sure you wouldn’t or can’t do what he did”) and a “helpless homo sapiens”?
        Do you realise how much you make a fool of yourself?

        Perhaps you identify yourself so much into Sora that you see any criticism toward the show as criticism toward your person?
        Did I struck a chord or something?

        If you need more fuel for your unjustified hate for me, please go read what I wrote here about ngnl :
        You seem to be exactly what I call a rabid fan, the only way you have to back up your points is to post insults and to directly attack people. Nice.
        you tarnish the image of the decent ngnl fans.

        For that, I won’t bother answering you again, you already proved my point.

        Like I said in the mahouka article, if you find that ngnl is a show with brains and you enjoy it, good for you, this take me aback because I personnaly don’t find ngnl clever at all. But don’t go around insulting people because YOU find it clever and not them.
        I only criticised the show, if you personaly feel offended, tough luck.

    2. Vorth

      Got that shit right. No game no life is far from being Clever. At first I liked the show but then the Chess fight happened… Just wtf was up with that? What the hell man it was so fucking cheesy.

      Then you had a kiddy game where they take out oxygen and whatever. I mean wtf is this shit??

      It had potential but it’s just cheesy.

      Bakemonogatari is simply put boring. Characters talk during the whole show and almost nothing happens. Pseudo intelligent conversation that are interesting for say a 16 years old kid.

  2. elior1

    i have to say that if shiro would not win in the chess game against jibril in this episode sora woud lost the game becouse she would think it a fake sora won only thanks to shiro wining in the chess game

  3. eternia

    It’s really disappointing that this anime is, after all, nothing but otaku pandering, instead of any clever mind game. It’s implied that Sora had set up a great trap for Kurami, to turn the table around and win the game with only three remaining pieces (which he left for Shiro to finish).
    How is this set up? Do we get to see the game at all? While an anime shouldn’t go into long discussion about Othello strategy, they can at least show us a full view of the board. But that’s probably beyond the writer’s intelligence.

  4. tf5f89

    “Great, nice panty shot of a little girl even though she’s busy freaking out about her brother. Hey man, no emotional scene is complete with a little girl’s crotch. Have some respect.”
    But it doesn’t take itself seriously.

    Man, I hate the look of this show. I don’t understand why the visuals get praised to high heaven when Meganebu! got so much crap last season. I didn’t like how that show looked either, but they do the same weird obnoxious saturated color thing that apparently makes a show look cool without having to actually make it look cool. If it’s because of the story, then it’s hard for me to understand why Problem Children didn’t get this kind of praise either, since that was a really similar premise. I didn’t like that either, but it didn’t raise as much vitriol in me as No Game No Life.

  5. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    “I’m just going to do quick observations this time, however, because I don’t feel like composing paragraphs for this anime at the moment. Or possibly ever again. We’ll see.”
    haha Why bother when the studio clearly doesn’t feel like using a color pallet that doesn’t sear your eyes out of your skull?
    Seriously, every time you return to this anime my eyes cringe. It’s a bad sign when people would prefer your anime to be in black and white because of how senseless your color work is.

    Anyway, I think shows that offer little work best as being reviewed like this. Your call, of course, but it just fits.

    I don’t even know what to say about this myself. I have no idea why this has a following, and why this is given any respect. It’s a show about gamers in a game world overcoming gaming kings through games, which then proceeds to
    – feature nonsensical games
    – feature games in which a child could play them
    – feature games that are won via “my enemy is dumb as bricks” plots
    – feature games that are won via “Kirito Sue” methods
    – ultimately feature no games

    I wonder how this show would’ve been if it’s color pallet wasn’t garbage and if it was written by someone who loved Chess. Why even have those pieces in the landscape if it’s not a thing?
    But could you imagine? Each episode would be devoted to new styles of play, methods of distraction and even some underhanded methods for the more sneaky foes. It’d also make more sense for Kirit-I mean Sora to get his harem that way since he’d be “capturing queens”.
    Get it?


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